Supernatural Challenge #2

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  1. Supernatural Challenge

    This challenge is set before you to find the extraordinary within the mundane. I challenge you to take my examples of every day occurrences and transform them into something supernatural. It can be the idea itself, the particular character or the event. Just let your mind wander into the darkness and embrace what goes bump in the night (or during the day).

    For example, say I give you this idea:

    You get home and check your voicemail. The first message is a telemarketer, but the second is very important.

    You could in turn write something like this:

    Example (open)
    Lukas kicked his work boots off at the door, slinging his jacket on the rack. What a long day, he muttered. He set his cell phone on the table and called his voicemail turning on the speaker. The first message was an ignorant telemarketer that had somehow got his number. He cracked open a beer from the refrigerator while mocking the person on the line. He took a long swig as he listened to the next message come on.

    I know who you are. I know what you are. You have 24 hours to get out of town before your blood is mine.
    Example (open)
    Example (open)

    He spit his beer across the room. He caught the drips dribbling down his chin with the sleeve of his shirt.Damn, I thought I had more time. He quickly walked to his bedroom and threw his small suitcase on his bed. As he had done so many times before, he tossed his clothes in, his razor and the cash he had saved from his temporary construction job. Lycan blood was in high demand and was very potent for the bloodsuckers. How had they found him so quickly? Had he left a trail somewhere? Had someone ratted him out?

    As he packed, questions flying through his head, someone pounded on the door to his apartment.Damn. They’re here. He reached under his bed and grabbed his handmade stake just in time for his front door to come bursting in.

    See how easy it is!?!

    Now ponder this idea and write the first supernatural thing that comes to your mind:

    You are walking downtown when you realize you are being followed.