Supernatural Challenge #1

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  1. Supernatural Challenge

    This challenge is set before you to find the extraordinary within the mundane. I challenge you to take my examples of every day occurrences and transform them into something supernatural. It can be the idea itself, the particular character or the event. Just let your mind wander into the darkness and embrace what goes bump in the night (or during the day).

    For example, say I give you this idea:

    You get home and check your voicemail. The first message is a telemarketer, but the second is very important.

    You could in turn write something like this:

    Example (open)
    Lukas kicked his work boots off at the door, slinging his jacket on the rack. What a long day, he muttered. He set his cell phone on the table and called his voicemail turning on the speaker. The first message was an ignorant telemarketer that had somehow got his number. He cracked open a beer from the refrigerator while mocking the person on the line. He took a long swig as he listened to the next message come on.
    I know who you are. I know what you are. You have 24 hours to get out of town before your blood is mine.

    He spit his beer across the room. He caught the drips dribbling down his chin with the sleeve of his shirt.Damn, I thought I had more time. He quickly walked to his bedroom and threw his small suitcase on his bed. As he had done so many times before, he tossed his clothes in, his razor and the cash he had saved from his temporary construction job. Lycan blood was in high demand and was very potent for the bloodsuckers. How had they found him so quickly? Had he left a trail somewhere? Had someone ratted him out?

    As he packed, questions flying through his head, someone pounded on the door to his apartment.Damn. They’re here. He reached under his bed and grabbed his handmade stake just in time for his front door to come bursting in.

    See how easy it is!?!

    Now ponder this idea and write the first supernatural thing that comes to your mind:

    You are on a crowded subway platform when you see a familiar face.
  2. "Run run run run run run run run run run run." Sheridan repeated over and over under her breath as she ran and stumbled through the crowds waiting at the subway. She could hear the sickening squelching sounds as he ran after her. She didn't dare look back, she just kept running and pushing her dark brown hair that insisted on sticking to her sweaty face out of her eyes while she swerved around people. Why of all places in the entire city for him to be at eight at night did he have to be there? She had seen his face- well, not his real face, but a favorite glamour of his in the crowd as she waited for her subway train and she had bolted as soon as their eyes locked.

    She had to get away, she couldn't let him catch her, not after she'd seen what he was capable of, what he actually was under the pretty looks. His glamour may hide his looks but it couldn't hide his stench and the sounds he made whenever he moved. He smelled like death and rotting meat and everytime he moved any part of his body it sounded like someone was moving their hang around in a can of tuna and sardines, squelching and squishing. Everyone always just assumed he was wet or his shoes were soaked because of his sounds, but his stench kept them far away enough for them to not notice he was dry.

    They had history, when they had met months ago she had had no idea what he was an he had even acted charming, he'd fed recently so his glamour had even hid his smell. But a month later, after they'd slept together it began to fade and she complained about his smell so, he snuck off one night after he believed her to be asleep to go feed, but she followed, curious as to why he was sneaking out. She had followed him that night and seen him feed, seen what he actually was. Now here she was, three months after she had run for her life since he had noticed her that night. He had been hunting her ever since, rarely feeding at all in his search for her.

    She rounded a corner and put her hand over her mouth to muffle her panting once she was back on the surface and hiding in an alley. After a while of nothing happening she uncovered her mouth and let out a sigh of relief, it didn't seem like he had found her. Yet, just before she walked out of the alley, an arm reached out and flung her deeper into the alley so she landed with a thud, her head cracking against the concrete so her vision was fuzzy and her mind was hazed over. Before the haze managed to clear she was pinned down, a stench wafting over her and a horrid squelching sound could be heard, but this time he wasn't dry, he was slimy.

    I haven't fed in a long while because of you love. always distracting me~ Look at what you've done, my good looks are all gone!" His cracking voice sounded above her and drool dripped onto her face as she cracked open her eyes. His glamour really had worn off, and what usually only flashed while he fed was out for anyone who looked at him to see, though it had just worn off in the alley, he had looked fine when she saw him in the subway. His black hair was all gone and his tanned skin was rotted and looked like it had just been placed on his flesh. He looked like a three week old corpse. When he spoke she saw, in place of his teeth there were now long fangs, a hundred at least in his mouth, meaning he couldn't close it, and his eyes...his eyes were solid black, even where the whites used to be. He looked like something from the nightmares of a horror story writer really. "Rotting corpse." She snarled as she thrashed around " The proper term is ghoul love, now, do fight back please, it adds a little something." Before she was even able to scream her throat was gone and blood gushed forward as he began tearing into her and the light faded from her eyes.

  3. No no no. Three seconds, that's all he needed. Just three more seconds! People who were quick enough stepped aside for the sprinting male, while the unlucky and slow were rudely shoved past. He needed to make this train. He could just see Vince's face if he was late again, for the fourth time, this week alone. Not counting all the days that had come before. Just one day where he'd make it on time. Terrance could see the train now, the last few remaining civilians drifting out. He could make it. He could make it! Pushing his legs harder, he leapt over the gap, through the doors as they slid shut just behind him. Catching his balance, he straightened out his clothing with a satisfied grin, ignoring the peculiar stares of the other passengers. Now it was smooth sailing for four stops. Hopefully.

    As the train began to move, Terrance spied an open seat, moving with wobbling steps to claim it before someone else got the same idea. Groaning, he stretched his legs out, settling to stare out the window. There wasn't really much else he could do to pass time. The platform whizzed by, the lights disappearing into tunnel walls. The young man's eyes widened as he saw what was now reflected in the dark. A strange child stared back at him through the reflection, their bizarre colours muted through the glass. He cast a quick look around, hoping he might spy the source of the strange image. None appeared. Again. He turned back to the window, the child's face now pressed against the glass, as though they were attempting to get a better look at him, that same twisted smile on their lips. Was he hallucinating? It didn't matter what reflective surface he looked in, he always saw the same child.

    "Maybe… Maybe I'm just stressed. Yeah, that's it. Just working too hard." He shut his eyes tight, rubbing the bridge of his nose. He'd ask Vince for a few days off after today, rest up, and it would go away. Opening his eyes again, he was dismayed to find the child laughing at him, as though the thought that it would simply leave was a terrible joke. Composing itself, it motioned with its fingers for the man to come closer. Figuring the worst that could happen would be that he prove to himself that it was all in his head, Terrance pressed his hand against the glass. It rippled underneath his touch, the child's grin growing wider, crueler. It's hand shot out of the reflection, wrapping around the man's wrist before he had a chance to even flinch away. The touch burned, Terrance crying out in pain as he attempted to wrench his arm free. The child's hand slipped, the man spinning to his feet and backing quickly away from the window.

    Where the hand had gripped him, his skin, and everything beneath it, had vanished. He stared in horror at his hand floating away from his remaining arm. Could hallucinations actually hurt him? Was it still just all in his head? Hesitantly, he reached out with his good hand, passing it through the vanished space. Other than a small tingling sensation, he met no resistance, his hand right through his arm. He suddenly felt sick. Shouldn't he at least feel his arm, if he'd only hallucinated it missing? The distant sound of laughter brought his attention behind him, to the opposite window, now reflecting the same child, laughing harder now. Why was he suddenly able to hear it? Terrance's sense of horror crawled up his throat as the child held up it's arm, blue skin now covered in a patch of tanned peach. He screamed, backing carelessly away until his back hit the doors. Doors with windows, hand reaching through the reflection to grab hold of his shoulder, lancing pain through his entire body. He staggered away, terrified eyes darting around the train, lined on both sides with large windows. He needed to get off the train.

    The first stop came upon them, Terrance barrelling through the doors and through the crowds as soon as they had opened, still screaming in terror as he ran for the stairs leading up to the surface. He could hear the laughing still, louder now, catching glimpses of colour in the marble tiles along the floor. Taking the stairs two at a time, he ran out on to the surface, a sharp pain blooming in his side forcing him to slow, panting. The rain helped him cool down after the run, bent over to catch his breath. Slowly, he opened his eyes, finding himself standing in a large puddle, the sky reflected in the water. And the child stared up at him, with the same cruel grin. It's blue arm shot out from the puddle, gripping Terrance's face, silencing his scream of pain and terror as it dragged him down. The man could do nothing as his body was torn apart and stolen by the child, crying silently until it had stolen him completely, and he ceased to be.
  4. Good couldn't be..

    'After years of hiding and laying down low HE found me! Gotta run, Gotta hide! He has come for me and will come for all in the world!' Terror overtook the man as he backed away slowly, with weak knees. A low whisper built up in his ears, and felt like ants burrowing into his skull through his eyes, he began to run. Faster, faster, faster, he shoved anyone in front of him out of the way as the subway steps loomed above him. Step after step, two at a time, he climbed up and into the busy Manhattan sidewalk. All was calm. He would catch the next train to work. The whispers faded as his heart rate calmed, maybe it was all in his head, of course! He even chuckled at his skittishness, no doubt it was just some manifestation on his childhood nightmare, after all he didn't get much sleep that night. Until..

    A built slowly, growing louder, and louder, and louder with every passing second. The people on the sidewalk were gone, nothing but empty cars and newspapers. The sound kept building from a demonic rumble to the low bellow of a thousand ram horns. A figure stood before him, he couldn't see its face but he knew it was smiling at him, it always was behind that shaded hood! The cloaked apparition pointed at him as the horn reached its ear drum bursting crescendo!


    The figure was in the mans face now, the shadows almost engulfing his head as well as the strangers. He felt the cold wind that was his breath like those many years ago as a child. Until, darkness overcame him, like a cold, wet sheet of ice encasing him as he slept.

    Arianna was bored and cold as usual, waiting for the damn bus to show, she hoped to the good lord that the bus wasn't stuck in some accident. Winter was a hard time to drive in this holly jolly month. She heard hoarse breathing and panting, like a dog, and saw a man stumbling around outside the subway station, mumbling incoherently while looking around and guffawing like some idiot.
    "Ten in the morning and drunk off your ass..typical lowlife." she muttered, startling out of the bench as the man suddenly began screaming on the top of his lungs. He was incoherent as frothy spit foamed from his teeth with each ragged breath, he turned his bloodshot eyes to her and pointed, howling another ragged lament that must have ripped something in his throat. Soon thereafter, frothy pink foam dripped from his lips as he dropped to his knees, coughing and screaming anew, this time his screams forming some bible verse she knew from Sunday mass.

    "When the Lamb broke the fourth seal, I heard the voice of -cough- of the fourth living creature saying, “Come.”
    I looked, and behold, an ashen horse and -gasp- and he who sat on it had the name, Death! And Hell followed along with him! Authority was -cough- was given to HIM over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and -wheeze- and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the Earth.."

    With that last word, he fell face first onto the frosty asphalt ground, hacking and coughing until he wheezed a final, rattling breath. Paramedics and Police arrived after the subsequent 911 call. The man was deemed a paranoid schizophrenic and had died from a tear in his lung, everyone went on about their business, lives resumed without him, none knows what he saw, or why he said what he said, but one thing remained in Ariannas memory after many-a-month had passed.
    Was that a priest, in the robe and hood, because none seemed to care about the shadow faced dude standing over the body. He wasn't even looking at the dead man. He was content at staring straight into Ariannas eyes.

    I hope I didn't mess this up!