Supernatural Beings Role play anyone? ( MxF )

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  1. Hello everyone, I have to let you know this is just an idea. I have plenty of details hashed out, but not an actual plot. Hopefully you will get what I am trying to say and you will be interested.

    So, this particular role play has many different creatures in it, but they are not like the typical ones we hear about in fairy tales. There are vampires, Werewolves, Werecats, and Skin-Walkers. Along with witches and things like that.

    So I am going to split them up into spoiler tags that way you don't go cross eyed.

    Vampires (open)

    Just like many of the legends say vampires are immortal, inhumanly fast and strong, heal quickly and suck blood. However, in this world Vampires are not affected by the sun. The only ways to kill them are by beheading or a stake through the heart. Not because the heart is vital to them, but because a stake through the heart would kill any one.

    On top of all of this most vampires have some sort of ability. These will be explained later.

    In this world Vampires are only male. They are born not made. What makes them a vampire is a specific chromosome called the V-chromosome. The V-chromosome takes the place of an X-chromosome. Since males only pass on an X-chromosome all vampires are males.

    Vampires like many other creatures in this world mate for life, but they can have sex with women before they "mate". This will be explain later.

    Skin-walkers (open)

    Like Vampires Skin-walkers are inhumanly fast and strong, they are immortal, and they do heal incredibly fast. They do not however, drink blood. Skin-walkers get their name from their ability to transform into anyone they want. All they have to do is picture them in their mind and then transform into the person they desire to look like.

    The only way to tell if a Skin-Walker is in their true form is by their eyes. When a skin-walker is in their true form their eyes are very cat-like. The color of their eyes can either be yellow, blue, green, red, or purple. Skin-walkers can be either male or female. They are born not made just like Vampires.

    Skin-walkers do not mate for life unless a vampire mates with them. In which case they cannot be touched by another person of the opposite again. The same goes for a vampire, but this will be explained later as I said before.

    Werewolves/Werecats (open)

    Werewolves are pretty much the same. They can change at will, the mate for life, the are immortal as long as they change every once in a while. There really isn't much else to a werewolf.

    Werecats are literally exactly the same except they turn into Cougars not wolves.

    Mating (open)

    Almost all the creatures in this world mate for life. Of course before they find their "mate" they can have sex and such with others. Everyone can tell when they meet their mate due to certain physical reactions. For example vampires have clan markings on them that look like tattoos. When they meet their mate their mark begins to burn.

    Skin-Walkers cannot tell if they meet their mates mainly because they do not mate for life unless mated by one of the other creatures.

    Werecat and Werewolves know they have found their mates by imprinting. Imprinting is like finding the missing piece of a puzzle. One true love so to speak, but it doesn't always happen right away. Sometimes the two may hate each other and poof one day they imprint.

    So, basically the mate is like a one true love, but it can be rejected. With vampires in order to make the mating complete they must mark their mate. In order to do this the vampire must be doing the dirty with their mate and bite them somewhere during the process. After biting the mate the vampires clan symbol will appear somewhere on the mate.

    Once a vampire is mated the mate and the vampire may never touch another person in a sexual way again. If they do the person they touch gets incredibly sick and suffers from a great amount of pain. They generally break out in a rash or their skin is burned where they tried to touch the mate.

    This sickness is called the mating sickness. It is mainly there to protect a vampires mate. Vampires may only mate with humans with special abilities, skin-walkers, or werecats/wolves. This is due to the fact that a normal human could not carry a vampire.

    Abilities (open)

    Vampires and humans can have special abilities. They come from genetic mutations and are incredibly rare. Some can have multiple abilities. Some common abilities are being able to feel what others feel, seeing the future, reading minds, teleportation ( Metals cannot be teleported ), being able to sense where others are just by thinking of them, controlling elements, and many other abilities.

    A neat thing about abilities is once a Vampire mates their mate gains all of their abilities. So if a vampire with mind reading powers mated with a Skin-walker not only would the Skin-walker become stronger, but they would gain the ability to read minds.

    Generally after the mating process the abilities begin to grow stronger and develop more.

    The Villains (open)

    Every good story has a villain. This story is no exception. In this world there are several different types of Villains. You have the witches and warlocks, the bad vampires ( they can't go in the sun), and normal were creatures that only change three times then they are stuck that way forever.

    The were creatures are enslaved by the bad vampires.

    The plot (open)

    As I said earlier this is just an idea so far. I have little bit of a plot, but not much. So, I will need some help.

    I was thinking that there is a war going on and the different "countries" ( the different species ) must come together to defeat a common enemy. Skin-walkers and vampires don't exactly get along, but I was thinking that the King of the vampires would go to see them and ask for help and when he gets there he see the princess of the skin-walkers and realizes that she is his "mate".

    That is really all I have. Like I said it will need some help lol

    Rules (open)

    I do have a few basic rules for this role play. I really want it to be great so please read these.

    1) Please post at least 2 or more paragraphs. Absolutely no one liners.

    2) Please be patient with me. I have a life and I am sure you do to. I will let you know if I am busy.

    3) Please have decent spelling and grammar.

    4) Do not try and change the time zone or setting without asking me. Also, don't change the make up of the vampire or try to have a female vampire. I have already explained this does not work.

    5) Be willing to double or play the male. If you only play females I will not role play with you.

    6) Please talk to me and give me your input on what is happening in the role play.

    I really hope you are interested. Please message me or reply below. :)
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  2. Hrmm. I am interested, though my personal 'affinity' to wolves makes me wish to play werewolf... If that is okay.
  3. Thats fine but I was hoping for doubling for this role that okay?
  4. I wouldn't call me the best at it but I'll give it a try!
  5. Awesome. Would you message me?
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