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  1. (Title is a W.I.P.)

    Myth, allegory, and even fairy tales. All often include legendary creatures, usually of the hostile variety. But of course, they're fake, right? Wrong. Their presence, often written off as delusion, has existed for centuries, although in many forms; from the humanoid to the beastly to the outright freakish; from the benevolent to the malevolent, and everything in between. Few choose to show themselves to human eyes, whether the reason be fear or malice. Despite this, some humans are still able to sense the hidden ones.

    These humans are one of the main forces of the Supernatural and Paranormal Threat Reduction Force, a barely spoken of organization dedicated to reducing the numbers of supernatural threats, along with the benevolent or neutral supernatural beings. They and their recruiting practices are shrouded in mystery to most, although they're theorized to be with the government in some way. Those who have been recruited are sworn to not give information out to the public, and retired agents have an eye kept on them.

    • Feel free to add anything onto the form
    • Nothing too sexual or violent, please.
    • No godmodding, or anything of similar nature.
    • Must post in either OOC or IC at least once a week. Please tell us if you'll be gone for a while.
    • Posts of one line or less are frowned upon, but are not reason to be removed from the roleplay. If abused, will result in being removed.

    (Supernatural agents are as of now closed.)



    Nicknames/Aliases: (Optional)

    Age: (Must be at least 18)



    Occupation Within SPTRF: (Are they a hunter, or just a janitor?)

    Weapon(s): (All personnel must have at least one weapon. Pocket knives count.)

    Specialization: (None is always an option.)

    Skills: (None is always an option.)

    Appearance: (Image or description.)


    History: (Must have at least how they got recruited)

    Other: (Optional. Anything you want can go here.)

    My Characters

    Name: Patricia Geier

    Nicknames: Diminutives of "Patricia"

    Age: 20

    Species: Human

    Gender: Female

    Occupation Within SPTRF: Hunter

    Weapon(s): A single gun and an iron dagger.

    Specialization: Fae

    Skills: Ranged combat, and one-on-one melee combat.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Seemingly stoic and, due to events that happened in the past, rather distrusting. She's the silent type, and prefers actions to words, but nonetheless, listens to almost everything she's told, although she doesn't necessarily believe it. She isn't too good at speaking.

    History: From a young age, she didn't believe in monsters or fairy tales. She also wasn't afraid to speak her mind much, leading to her crushing the hopes and dreams of other kids. Only one person wanted to talk to her after that, a friendly seeming kid around her age; they became friends, although with a rather strained relationship. They grew up together, more or less, until her seventeenth birthday, on which said friend turned out to be a hostile elf. She would have been killed had she not run out into the street where people saw what was happening, including a member of SPTRF. The agent was impressed by Patricia's survival, and managed to get her a role in the organization when she turned eighteen.

    Other: Bi-romantic Asexual

    Name: Ailill Lynch

    Aliases: "Aidan Finch", among others

    Age: 18

    Species: Elf

    Gender: Male

    Occupation Within SPTRF: Spy

    Weapon(s): Pocket knife that has been “blessed” by one of the more religious members of the organization, which seems to have worked.

    Specialization: None.

    Skills: Gaining the trust of others

    Appearance: He has wide brown eyes. His fine, straight, auburn hair is long and is worn in a dignified, simple style. He is tall and has an elegant build. His skin is light-colored. He has a domed forehead and bushy eyebrows. His wardrobe is practical, with a lot of gray.

    Personality: Courteous, social guy who sometimes uses his looks and personality to woo people into thinking he's with them, although he's bound to the organization. Somewhat emotionally unstable, with an optimistic viewpoint.

    History: The son of a previous member, he was bound to the organization from the start. He was used as an experiment, but the research was quickly abandoned due to moral issues. Despite this, he was trained to gain the trust of certain creatures, which they assumed would be relatively harmless.​
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  2. Name: Narissa Alderran

    Nicknames/Aliases: Nissa, N, and is known as Vak'tain to demons.

    Age: 22

    Species: Human, demon tamer

    Gender: Female

    Occupation Within SPTRF: Hunter

    Weapon(s): Dual daggers that she straps to the sides of her legs.

    Specialization: Demons and related situations

    Skills: Demon fighting, undoing curses, and magic runes

    Narissa (open)
    Narissa is a 6' 0" girl who is lanky and surprisingly well muscled. While it may not look it, Narissa is extremely strong and capable of fighting demons with only her own strength. Narissa has had magic runes tattooed on her body, enclosing her arm and over her heart. The runes keep her safe from demonic possession. Narissa wears a pair of skull earrings in her ears, and always wears classy jackets and fedoras.

    A girl with a smirk on her lips and a quip in her next sentence, Narissa is a girl most people wouldn't want to mess with, and for good reason. While her jokes may put you at ease, if you show her that you're going to hurt her, she'll put a knife in your gut as soon as you look twice at her. Narissa doesn't like risks that are out her own control, and she'll do anything to make sure she never has to deal with threats. Most of the time, however, she is good with people and demons alike, often managing to charm both into doing what she wants.

    Narissa was left out to an orphanage at a young age, which taught her to fend for herself and only herself after one of her friends turned on her after she decided to stay out of a ouija board game they wanted to play. She knew not to join them to provoke the spirits that were around nor to question the strange creatures she'd seen. She'd managed to stay away from the ouija ritual until she went up to the attic one night to steal extra blankets and discovered the poorly drawn pentagram her friends had drawn. Too late to talk her friends out of summoning the demon, her first instinct was to fight the demon on her own terms and keep her friends safe.

    She almost destroyed the orphanage trying to lure the demon out of the attic and into the street. As she stood her ground, she realized that she was out of option and was going to die. That is, until an agent of SPTRF managed to banish the demon and save her. Narissa had been thrilled to have been saved by the man and he offered her a job at SPTRF when she was eighteen.

    Eight years later, Narissa's powers had grown and she'd learned more and more about the demon world and it's inhabitants. As she grew stronger she earned the name among demons, Vak'tain, which meant slayer. The name allowed her to disguise her true name and summon demons of her own to do fighting for her if need be.

    Other: Pansexual
  3. Accepted.
  4. Grim, #808080
    Name: Unknown

    Nicknames/Aliases: Grim

    Age: Appears 23, likely much older, estimates put his existence starting around the advent of the Dark Ages.

    Species: Reaper

    Gender: Male

    Occupation Within SPTRF: Liaison to the SPTRF for Death, working voluntarily under the SPTRF as a hunter.

    Weapon(s): Fair warning, the image IS GRAPHIC. --- wields a Scythe as his only weapon. His scythe however has a full black snath (The long pole) that is made out of an unknown extremely durable metal, not the vertebrae in the picture.

    Specialization: The Corrupted

    Skills: Close Combat, Able to summon his weapon when needed, and he has a knack for appearing when death is imminent, however he is not able to save anyone from death only move the process along.
    Experience is on Grim's side, being that he has presumably been around since the 5th century.

    Appearance (open)
    Grim is 5'11'' and average build. He wears a black suit and black tie combo with a black trench coat over it all. He has blue eyes and white hair.

    Personality: Grim is a very laid back Reaper, he enjoys talking with others and is rather sarcastic. His mind however when on a job is focused and exacting.

    History: Grim was your average solitary Reaper, working under Death and when the occasion called for it alongside many other Reapers, he spent most of his days appearing before people moments before their deaths. Heavy business, even for a Reaper death begins to grow on them. Eventually Grim found himself working another end of the spectrum that death encompasses, he found himself dealing with the souls of the wretched, those who had lost their way and taken too many wrong turns.

    Murderers, Rapist, Undead, the Possessed. The Reapers call them The Corrupted. Those who have lost all grasps on their humanity, their souls changed from that of a human to that of something... Other.

    After life times of reaping Grim found himself in a changing world, the Humans had finally began to realize that the fairy tales and myths of old weren't really stories to scare kids from the woods but rather to keep them alive. At least a few humans began to take notice, and it wasn't long until rumors of Reapers began to spread through the small groups of Humans that had taken it upon themselves to rid the world of the supernatural horrors it had hidden for so long.

    It was Grim's own choice to walk into the middle of a fight between the humans and a group of the undead, and he left in chains. That group of humans was the first to ever see a Reaper and live to tell the tale also managed to bring him back to their Headquarters, willingly.

    Since his capture Grim has been working under the SPTRF voluntarily, helping them to fight the Supernatural.

    Other: Grim still works for Death. He merely "volunteers" at the SPTRF, this means that he still has to reap souls, and more often than not entirely disappears from the SPTRF HQ without permission, he then reappears when the job is done. SPTRF Command has stopped attempting to limit his disappearances.

    I think that's it, if there is anything you want me to change just say so.
  5. Accepted. Great!
  6. Somehow I think Grim and Narissa might be not on good terms.
  7. Why's that?
  8. Hmm, just an offhand feeling really. But she does work with demons, which won't exactly get her on good terms with a reaper who might not like them I suppose.
  9. I can see that, should be an interesting dynamic.
  10. Name: Cara Felan

    Nicknames/Aliases: Fox, Patch

    Age: 21

    Species: Half-Elven Descent

    Gender: Female

    Occupation Within SPTRF: Hunter / Field Doctor


    Chakram. It's sort of like, to quote Sherlock, a "Death Frisbee". It can be thrown like one, or spun on the finger before being flung at the target. It can remove limbs if used correctly. She typically carries two.

    Katar: Also considered a punching dagger, this is a personal favorite of hers. You hold it by the H - shaped part, and sometimes they split into tiger claws (pic below). Typically used in pairs.

    wea032-1.jpg 2014-12-27-19-24-53--109195909.jpeg

    Specialization: None

    Skills: Close combat and Medicine/Healing.


    Personality: She's clever and quick, and she won't hesitate to call someone out if they're wrong. This typically gives her an air of arrogance. She doesn't like being uncertain, and she will often snap at someone if they interrupt or pester her while she's in deep thought. She's not much of a people person, and leaves charming other people for information to other, more charming people. Cara also isn't very empathetic.

    History: Cara lived with her mom and dad in a decently sized city. She was half-elven on her father's side, while her mom was surprisingly unaware of it. She grew up and lived a fairly normal life, where she'd climb trees and run around town with her friends from school. While most students didn't like her for her tendency to show off, they typically left her alone after she snapped at one kid and punched him. So, yeah, fairly normal.

    That is, she did until the night at the park.

    One thing that had always fascinated Cara was the stars, and one night when she was fifteen, she snuck out of the house to go to the park and stargaze. Her parents had told her multiple times not to go out past curfew, though he wouldn't say why. So she climbed out the window. She had been at the park for about an hour and was about to go home when she heard a growling from a nearby patch of forest. Before she could think about it, a werewolf charged out, and she ran as fast as she could. Not her best idea, but it was worth a try. When Cara tried to climb a tree, the werewolf scratched the back of her left leg. That's when a member of SPTRF showed up and neutralized the werewolf, then checked the scratches, informing her that she'd be ok, though there'd be scars. The member was intrigued by her calmness after having just been chased by a werewolf, and gave her some information on the SPTRF to think about, and she ended up joining when she was 18.

    Other: If I think of something...

    (I'm apologizing now in case the pictures don't work...)​
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  11. Accepted.
  12. Name: Thomas Ezekiel Baker

    Nicknames/Aliases: "Bloodhound"

    Age: Biologically 27, but was born in 1736

    Species: Vampire

    Gender: Male

    Occupation Within SPTRF: Hunter

    Weapon(s): Carries his personal Smith & Wesson Model 500 holstered somewhere on his body, and is known to use an SSG 3000 for long-distance work. If it comes to hand-to-hand combat, Thomas relies on his vampiric strength and speed to defeat his foes.

    Specialization: Physical Supernaturals, particularly Vampires and Werewolves. Thomas isn't particularly suited to fighting Metaphysical Supernaturals if he can't shoot it or rip its arm off.

    Skills: Centuries spent hunting supernaturals for personal reasons has given Thomas a wealth of experience, plenty of marksmanship practice, and the near-legendary title of Bloodhound; the vampire who kills his own people and is nearly ruthless in his pursuit of other supernaturals.



    Standing at what was fairly average height for the 1700s, 5'5", Thomas is not the most immediately intimidating man, but he is definitely unusual. His characteristic vampiric loss of pigment has given him incredibly pale, white skin, as well as platinum hair that he wears fairly haphazardly with a beard that is a few inches long at all times. Despite his small stature, however, his body ripples with muscles that lend him even more strength than would be expected of even a bodybuilder. While his vampirism allows him to recover, reconnect, or regenerate his body parts better than most humans, it isn't perfect, creating scars that adorn his body; a mixture of bullet wounds, cuts, explosions, you name it, Thomas probably has a scar for it. In terms of clothing, he usually wears either inconspicious, fairly normal garments or black, hooded clothing. Thomas almost always wears clothing that covers most of his body including gloves and sunglasses.

    Personality: Having lived centuries can easily turn a man (or vampire) into a cynic, and Thomas is no exception. He has come to expect little of most beings, though he tends to keep such thoughts to himself. In his eyes, everyone is out for themselves, most are hypocrites, and few display true selflessness. Still, he tries to remain somewhat optimistic even in the face of having seen history repeat itself time and time again. In his off-time, Thomas enjoys reading and thinking about the world, trying to still enjoy the glory of Earth in spite of how long he's lived on it. Deep down, he fears becoming one of the millennia-old vampires who seek to kill and murder everything, having run out of anything else that appeals to them, though most of them have long since been entombed or destroyed.

    History: Born in 1736 in the British Colony of Virginia to a family of tobacco plantation owners, Thomas was taught from an early age that he would inherit his father's lands and property. But it was not to be, as in 1758 a rebellion by his father's slaves lead to the entire family's death and the burning of the plantation. Thomas barely escaped, receiving three bullets and a few cuts in the process. At least, that's what everyone believed happened. In truth, the slaves had rebelled, yes, but he had seen his family's true murderer; a pale man who moved like lightning and ripped out the throats of men with his teeth. The Pale Man was inhuman, a demon, surely, Thomas reasoned, one that had instigated the rebellion as a cover to kill his family. But why? He spent years digging for the truth, until he finally found it and the Pale Man.

    Using a carefully orchestrated plan combined with extensive reading on Vampires, Thomas hunted down and slew the Pale Beast, purposefully drinking its blood as it died in 1763. He awoke days later, naked and covered in human blood along the side of the Potomac River. A newborn Vampire, Thomas combined his intense drive and thirst for revenge to root out and slaughter most of the American Vampires over the course of the next century before expanding his bloodlust to other parts of the world and types of supernaturals.

    Eventually though, his kill rate slowed as he began discriminating between malevolents and benevolents, before he almost totally disappeared from the world around 1890. Occasionally, rumors of supernaturals dying here and there would be attributed to "Bloodhound" as he had come to be known, but nothing definitive. That is, until the SPTRF first came into contact with him back in 1995, when he had just finished executing a number of malevolent Vampires when they busted in. Bloodhound escaped from their clutches, wounding a number of agents in the process, before disappearing once more.

    The organization would continue to have run-ins with Bloodhound until they finally came to the conclusion that he meant humans no harm and managed to convince him to join forces with them fairly recently.

    Other: As a Vampire, Thomas is subject to all the strengths and weaknesses of those creatures: Inhuman strength and agility as well as greatly heightened senses (excepting sense of temperature, which is almost completely dulled) to allow him to hunt prey. Pigment loss afflicts Vampires with a natural sensitivity to light, though it isn't deadly as modern myths would have one believe, nor does it cause him actual pain that isn't sensory. Vampires are also ice-cold to the touch. Silver is particularly useful against Vampires; just touching it does cause severe pain, and being shot with a fragmenting silver bullet can be enough to nearly immobilize one due simply to how much pain it inflicts.

    However, fire is not useful against Vampires due to their extremely cold nature; their tissues simply refuse to become hot enough to burn. The sure-fire way to immobilize a Vampire is brain trauma with a solid object, preferably one that will stay lodged in the wound, such as an axe, knife, or pole. But a bullet will do for a short period of time, until the wound naturally heals. Impaling the heart is ineffective as Vampires have no actual use for their hearts anyway.

    Ultimately though, the only way to almost-permanently put down a Vampire is decapitation, with complete separation of the head and body (most importantly, cutting the brain off from the body). It is recommended that the head be hidden away somewhere where it is unlikely to be found and reconnected with the body.

    Finally, there is the intense desire for human blood, for which there is no substitute. Attempts to turn Vampires into "vegetarians" have completely failed, as neither animal blood nor blood taken by medical means satiates a Vampire's thirst. In truth, their feeding has less to do with the blood than it does with taking a living human's life force through biting them and drinking their blood. The more a Vampire uses up their reserves of energy, or life force, the weaker they will become until they turn into a shriveled, near-skeletal husk driven mad by thirst.

    Thus the existence of a Vampire comes at a severe cost to someone. For a Vampire to live and move, it must shorten the lifespan of another human in accordance with the amount of life force the Vampire needs or uses. This means that while a Vampire could sprint tirelessly, it could easily burn through multiple human-days worth of life force within hours or minutes depending on energy expenditure. Everything has a price measured in the lifespan of another human.


    I hope you all enjoy reading that. If accepted, it will also set the mythos for Vampires in this universe.

    As to a name for the agency/team, I think something like Supernatural Operations Group or Supernatural Operations Taskforce would be used. Preferably something a little more subtle that doesn't blatantly say Supernatural would be better such as Unusual Investigations Branch/Group/Taskforce.
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  13. Accepted.

    I think I'll go with Unusual Investigations Branch, with SPTRF just being a term used by certain members.
  14. I'm very excited to start this. The only things I have left are personality and history so expect my character soon. She's hanging out in the blog area if anyone wants a sneak peek.
  15. Unfortunately, no more supernaturals are being accepted.
  16. Huh... It would've been nice to know what the limit was beforehand. I'll be dropping out. Thank you for your time.
  17. Well, I kind of, y'know, put "(Supernatural agents are as of now closed.)" in the main post about a half hour before you posted. I didn't have a set limit beforehand because I didn't know how many people would be joining. (◕‿◕✿)
  18. Well, I didn't know you edited so it's not my fault I didn't know- you didn't make an announcement on the thread either. When I first expressed interest, I was set on creating a supernatural agent. I just didn't get around to posting it in time, so, like I said, I'll be dropping from this roleplay. Again, thank you for your time.
  19. I personally think playing the "disadvantaged" human character is really fun in RPs. You really have to think about the next action that is going to be taken and how it might affect your character. Honestly if I were you I probably wouldn't stay here either but I'm just pointing out that sometimes, taking the characters nobody wants can actually be pretty fun. Two of my current RPs are using the "disadvantaged" or different character roll :D
  20. Thanks for the statement, but as I've stated, I already had an idea for a supernatural agent. Once I have an idea, I stick to it. Especially if it was one I had composed beforehand.
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