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I've had an idea for a supernatural RP where the 2 main characters are friends and they're a half-human half-supernatural creature. However, the human race doesn't know the supernatural races exist since they're good at fitting in. The main characters were born from a couple who didn't know the other was a supernatural creature, but as they found out about their supernatural abilities, they wanted to explore them more. Unfortunately, the majority of the supernatural races are against humans because they believe the humans took their land as they were the first ones on the planet, which lead to a lot of unexplainable deaths and kidnappings.

The friends find each other and decide to stop the supernatural creatures from harming humans and stopping humans from ever finding out the supernatural creatures exist. They travel countries together investigating unusual crimes and killing supernatural creatures. It's literally the show Supernatural but with different main characters and set in a more historical fantasy setting.

About me: I'm under 18 so I'd prefer to have someone also under 18, but that's not necessary. I don't do smut, but I will do romance. I'm more comfortable playing female because that's what I am and I post a couple of paragraphs about once a day to once every two days. I'm also a bit of a stickler for good grammar and spelling. I'd love to hear any ideas and suggestions you have and I'm in this for the long run so just a little heads up.