Supernatural Academy

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  1. Alik stared down at the invitation in his pale hands. At first he had thought it to be a waste of his time, why should he go to an academy for supernaturals. He was a demon what was he suppose to do at a place like that. It didn't take much to change his mind and make him eager to go. Just the thought of all the trouble and chaos he could cause had him willing to go. Smiling to himself his sharp teeth glimmered in the dark room. The shadows around him seemed to slither around him as if they were snakes. Darkness, oh how much he loved it and how much it loved him back. Standing he walked over to one of the walls, waving his hand a portal made of shadows appeared. Stepping through he walked out and ended up in front of the academy. Shadow travel, one of the perks to being a demon.

    With a dark smirk plastered on his face he made his way past the iron gates to the front doors. As he walked he passed by a few other students. All of the students where were of supernatural races. Humans didn't even know that this place was here. The supernatural society lived right under their noses and they didn't even know it. Making his way into the school he headed to the front office.
  2. Eliora couldn't remember a time in her life that she was more nervous. She had always had a very strict life plan that she followed down to the letter. From a young age, she had always dreamed of attending Morningsky Academy, a private high school set aside especially for angels. Both of her sisters had attended it, as had her late mother, and all of her friends were already enrolled. But now that the family money was gone, her father simply couldn't afford to send her.
    And thus, she was now being sent to a non-exclusive school that catered to all types of supernaturals. She was trying so hard not to care, but as almost every young angel went to Morningsky, her new school had an angel population of exactly three.
    She grabbed her bag, pushed her nerves to the back of her mind, and opened up a portal. She stepped through, and arriving on campus she adjusted her posture, held her head up high, and began the trek to the front office.
  3. The nervous look on the front desk lady's face made Alik grin, his sharp teeth shinning in the office light. Apparently this school had never had a demon attending it before. Probably because most demons were restricted to the underworld and not permitted to leaving. His father had been... high up in the underworld and he had been given permission to leave. The smell of fear in the room only made his eyes began to glow slightly and his grin to grow bigger. He wasn't even in his demon form and this was the reaction he was getting, it almost made him want to see what would happen if he were to let his human appearance melt away. The thought of it made him chuckle darkly, he knew the sight of him shedding his human form could be sick and disturbing. When he turned to his demon form it almost looked like his skin was melting off, among other things. He decided it was better to not think about what it looked like, last time he had done that he had actually turned into his demon form. Instead he held out his hand for his schedule and dorm room information. Apparently the school offered, besides the regular classes such as math, science, and so on, classes such as combat, black magic, white magic, and classes that more suited the supernatural aspect of the students.
  4. As soon as Eliora had walked into to the office, she immediately stopped dead in her tracks. She blinked a few times to make sure that she wasn't hallucinating, but no matter how many times she blinked, she could still see the demon standing not 10 feet in front of her. She knew that she should be scared, terrified even, and the her first priority should be to get out of that office ASAP. But despite all the lessons she received in her lifetime about the dangers demons posed to angels, she just couldn't seem to quell that fiery curiosity that burned deep within her.
    She'd never seen a real demon before. Actually, if she was being honest that wasn't really that surprising seeing as she'd never left heaven before. She eventually decided that the best course of action was to go sit in the waiting area to her left, out of his way but still in prime location to gawk at him.
  5. As soon as the angel entered the room he felt her presence, he also felt her shock. He wasn't exactly surprised considering demons never left the underworld, and yet here he was attending an academy for supernaturals. Holding out his pale hand he watched at the lady's eyes got even wider at the sight of his sharp black nails, they more resembled claws than nails. "Could I have my schedule and dorm information, deary? It would be greatly appreciated.~" His voice was slightly deep and like velvet as he spoke. With a shaking hand the lady gave him what he had asked for and a somewhat scared look on her face. Turning he began to walk out the office, his lace up knee high leather boots thudding against the floor. As he walked past the angel he could feel his eyes flare up slightly. Winking at her he left the office and vanished.
  6. The second he left the room, her body relaxed, but her mind kicked into high gear. What was a demon doing out of the underworld? Or perhaps a better question, what was a demon doing here of all places? As far as she knew, demons just didn't do school. They were a more "pillage and rape" kind of race.

    She shook herself out of it once she realized that she had a very unladylike look on her face. She stood up and, out of habit, brushed herself off, before walking up and handing her ID to the lady at the front desk. The elderly witch (who looked completely out of it after her not so happy encounter) wordlessly glanced at it before handing her her schedule, dorm key, and a map of the campus. Eliora thanked her politely before gathering up her things and heading to her dorm.
  7. His amusement didn't fade as he made his way down the hall. Many of the students looked at him suspiciously and some tried to hide their fear. The smell of fear was strong and he loved the scent. No mater how hard they tried to hide it he could tell that the more weaker supernaturals were about ready to wet their pants at sight of him. No one even knew who he actually was, all they knew was that he was a demon and nothing else. What they didn't know was the type of demon he was and just who his father was. He planned on keeping it that way, at least for now. But he could only do that if none of the teachers ruined his fun and told the students. It would be more fun to keep everyone on edge and have them constantly guessing.
  8. The first thing that Eliora noticed about the other students once she got in the hall was that they didn't glow. It was such a strange thing to her, since angels always had a sort of golden tint surrounding them. Now that she thought about it, the demon from the office didn't glow either, though she hadn't really noticed due to how dark his aura was.

    Once again, the reality of her situation hit her, and a deep wave of loneliness washed over her. On the outside she remained as prim and proper as always, but on the inside she was desperately trying hard not to cry. Unfortunately, after trying in vain to find her dorm room, she realized that she was going to have to ask some other supernatural to help her.

    "Excuse me." She said to fiery-red haired vampire standing by a group of lockers. "Could you please tell me how to find room 37 C?"

    The vampire glanced at her wings and snickered before pointing down a long, twisty hallway to her right. "Go all the way down and take a left. You can't miss it."

    Eliora smiled politely at her. "Thank you very much." It took three more attempts to get the correct directions.
  9. Alik didn't bother going to his dorm. Instead he decided to explore every inch of the school. Even the areas that most people had probably long ago forgotten about. Darkness crept around as he walked around, it was almost as if the shadows were stretching out and reaching for him. All around him the shadows were alive and coiling around him. After a few hours of just wasting time he finally headed back to the main hallways which were now full of more life. Seeing the time he realized that it was time for dinner and everyone was heading to the dinning hall. Sticking to the shadows he followed the flow of people and entered the dinning area.
  10. By the time Eliora finally found her dorm, there was only twenty minutes left until dinner. She slid the key into the lock easily enough, but the lock simply refused to turn, even after much coaxing and small murmurs of encouragement from her. Suddenly someone tapped her and the shoulder and Eliora produced a very unladylike shriek. The witch responsible laughed before reaching over and easily unlocking the door for her. Eliora's face flushed with embarrassment.

    "Hiya, I'm Ciralyn, your roommate." She said, blowing her cropped blue hair out of her eyes. "I'd show ya' around, but there's only five minutes till dinner. Why dontcha just put your stuff away so we can head on over to the dining hall?"

    Eliora smiled thankfully before nodding. "That sounds really nice." Ciralyn showed her her bed, and Eliora put her stuff down before following her new roommate to the dining hall.
  11. Alik made his way into the room and looked around. He noticed that everyone was heading to the lines where you would get your food. Darting to the shadows he opened up a portal with a snicker. Stepping in he walked out at the other side of the room, beating everyone to the lines. Rolling his eyes at their stupidity he quickly got his food and went to a table in the far corner of the room. His food consisted of meat so rare that it was still bleeding, probably something the vampires here ate. In reality he didn't need to eat but it was still something that he enjoyed to do. Snapping his fingers he made a gold goblet filled with wine appear in front of him. Taking a sip he sighed in satisfaction before leaning back in his chair. Seeing the headmaster step up on the small stage he looked on with entrance as the old wizard began to speak. Apparently he would call out each race of the supernaturals that were attending this school. When he called them out if you were of that race you were to stand up. The old man's voice boomed throughout the large dinning hall. "Witches and Wizards!" His eyes scanned over everyone that stood up.
  12. Once Eliora arrived in the dining hall, she and Ciralyn quickly got into the rapidly growing line for dinner. Once she reached the front, she bypassed the more exotic foods (she could swear that the eyeballs were staring at her) and simply grabbed an apple and some shortcake before meekly following her roommate to a table full of boisterous witches and wizards. Ciralyn introduced her to a lot of people whose names she'd never remember, but she smiled at them all the same. She politely listened as Ciralyn talked at her, before she noticed an elderly wizard taking the stage.

    He loudly cleared his throat. "When I call your race please stand." Eliora's stomach dropped. "Witches and Wizards!" Her entire table stood up, letting out earsplitting hollers that made her head spin. The wizard continued to to call out the more common races, like vampires and werewolves, before he finally got to Eliora. "Angels!" Mortified, Eliora, along with two others, quickly stood up, forcing herself to stay composed. Within moments she was mercifully allowed to return to her seat.

    The wizard spoke again. "And finally, Demon!"
  13. Alik sat there sipping his wine and watching as the different races stood up. When angels were called he could practically feel the shame and embarrassment radiating off of the one angel. Snickering he took a gulp of his wine, enjoying the rich taste of the wine as it slide down his throat. When the old man called out the last of the races a hush fell over the whole dinning area. Many faces showed shock having not heard that a demon was attending the school this year. It was hard for them to believe that a demon was out of the underworld and attending school. Sighing he rolled his eyes, well it looked like his fun had been put to an end before it could even start.

    He placed his goblet on the table with a clank and licked his lips. With his table being in the shadows he was hidden from view as everyone looked around trying to spot the demon. Suddenly having a though he snickered. If they wanted to see a demon he would give them a demon. Stepping out of the shadows he waited for everyone's eyes to be on him. Once they were all looking at him he began to take on his demon form. His skin seemed to melt off of his bones, only to come back paler and almost with a gray tint to it. The sounds of bones cracking could be heard as his leathery bat wings unfolded from his back and stretched out. Nothing really changed about his eyes, they were still electric blue with red flaring out from the pupil, except now they were more vibrant. The smirk on his face grew to a full blown grin, showing off his sharp teeth. He just couldn't help himself, the looks on everyone's face was just so amusing. The looks of terror and the scent of fear... he just loved it.
  14. Eliora admittedly hadn't seen many scary things in her life. Heaven just wasn't known for it's vast supply of horror. However, after watching the demon that she had seen earlier literally melt in front of the entire student body, she was pretty sure that she had witnessed the most terrifying thing in all of existence. Even the wizard at the end of her table who Ciralyn said was the top of his class in Dark Magic looked disturbed. On the plus side, she wasn't embarrassed anymore.

    She realized though, that even though she was crippled by fear, she was also extremely curious. Angels could really only perform basic charms, like invisibility and healing spells. Only the Elders could perform even basic shape-shifting, and yet here was this teenage demon morphing right before her eyes. It was intriguing to say the least.
  15. Once he was done taking on his demon form he grinned and winked as if they were all in on some big joke. Even the teachers had disturbed looks on their faces as they stared at him. Some of the people that had weaker stomachs ran out of the dinning hall clutching their stomachs with on hand and the other covering there mouth. Snickering at the sight he turned back to face everyone else. Jumping up on to his table he gave a mocking bow to everyone. "Alik Stone, son of Lucifer."
  16. Immediately her jaw dropped, practically hitting the floor. The son of Lucifer? The Lucifer?! She felt a little shiver go up her spine just at the thought of it. She subconsciously curled into herself just a bit, her body taking a natural defensive position and attempting to hide without her consent. She quickly realized her embarrassing position (and the rather improper look on her face) and scurried to right herself. Glancing at the demon nervously, she realized that he looked rather proud of himself, his mouth contorted into a cross between a cruel and an amused smirk.

    She humphed in annoyance. Well then. If he was going to act childish then there was no way that she would let him see her fear. She had too much pride for that. Taking the initiative, she turned back to her food and resumed eating, resisting the ingrained urge to cease said rude behavior. After a few moments the rest of the table tentatively joined her.
  17. Alik heard the sound of eating and he slowly turned his head to look at the table. Seeing the angel from earlier he zoned in on her realizing she had been the first one to start it. His face twisted up into a snarl at the sight. A few people that were still staring at him squeaked in fear at the sudden change. Snapping his fingers he appeared behind the angel and stared down at her.

    Putting his hands on her shoulders he leaned down so his face was next to hers. "I thought angels were the nice ones and demons were the rude ones. But that was rather rude of you to start eating while I was talking. I didn't appreciate it very much, deary~" Putting his mouth next to her ear his next words were like a hiss. "Oh and by the way, just because you hide your fear, doesn't mean I can't smell it." With another snap of his fingers he vanished as if he hadn't even been there in the first place.
  18. Her entire body, from her head to her toes was completely rigid in a desperate attempt to prevent herself from shaking. I will not react. I will not react. It was funny how much easier it was to think it than to actually do it. Eliora risked a glance down the table and a brunette warlock, who looked the least horrified of the lot, tsked at her. "It was nice knowin' ya darlin'." The rest of the table refused to meet her eyes.

    Well that was just fantastic. First day and she was already a pariah. She closed her eyes and counted to seven. She just wasn't used to people like that demon (Alik, if she remembered correctly. Who was she kidding, as if she'd ever forget.) She couldn't remember ever meeting a truly mean person back in Heaven. Sweet and polite was practically in an Angel's blood.

    She sighed. Clearly her first attempt at being rude made her feel just as awful as she had expected it to.
  19. Alik returned to his table and once again sipped at his wine. Placing his feet up on his table he sat there and enjoyed his wine for the rest of dinner. The smell of fear was just so sweet and strong as he sat there. Finishing off his drink he placed the goblet on the table and watched it disappear. Soon dinner was over and he dumped his uneaten lunch in the trash. As he stood there his demon form seemed to just melt away, being replaced with his human one. Turning into his human form was not as disturbing of a process as his demon one was. Walking out of the large dinning hall he headed to his dorm. Now that he thought about it he realized that he would be having a roommate. Grinning at the thought he strolled through the halls.
  20. The walk back to her dorm room was dead silent; this was in stark contrast with the walk on the way to the dining hall, where Ciralyn hadn't paused to take a breath. Of course that was likely because supernaturals didn't actually need to breath, but Eliora wasn't too concerned with the details at the moment. She was more concerned with the fact that, as tomorrow was Sunday, she had but one day in order to perform damage control before classes started and the entire school had ample opportunity to stare at her. This, of course, presented a major problem, since Eliora had never actually needed damage control before, and thus had no idea how to go about it.

    By the time they reached their dorm, she still didn't have a clue how to approach this. Climbing into bed, she settled to solve the problem in the morning.