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  1. I have been dying to play a Supernatural RP. Based on the show, I mean. Where at least I am a hunter. You can choose what kind of creature you are probably a human (who originally doesn't know about hunting), a vampire, or a werewolf- anything that would make it possible for our characters to work together as hunters. I don't really care what gender your character is, or any other mundane details. It's totally up to you, since we're using original characters, but I don't want the characters to be very similar to Dean or Sam.

    I am looking for a partner who won't leave for a week without telling me, I would prefer someone who could be here at least every few days (2-3 days). Any questions? Put em below! :D
  2. Mind going a little more in-depth on this? It's an interesting concept.
  3. Sure. I was thinking that my character is a hunter that somehow meets yours, depending on what species yours may be. If you're charrie is a human, I was thinking that I help you with a poltergeist in your house and then you want to be a hunter with me or something.
  4. What do you think?
  5. Alright, I'm in.
  6. Yay! go ahead and make your character, while I create the real thread.
  7. I am having serious problems making a thread, so could you make it please? It won't let me delete anything, so it's stuck on something that is incorrect...
  8. What do you mean it won't let you delete anything?
  9. Like, earlier today I was going to make a thread, but decided not to and exited out of that page, but when I went to make a new thread, the old one was still there and it won't let me delete anything in it.
  10. Have you tried using backspace?
  11. Yes, of course. It doesn't do anything.
  12. Hm. Alright, type what you were going to type here, then I'll copy/paste it into an actual thread and tag you in it.
  13. Okay.
    Welcome, to our Supernatural RP. We can make our characters, then get started, any questions, we can take about it in the partner request thread.
  14. Oooh I'm definitely in!! :D hahaha do you want the character sheets separate or within the roleplay?? And also, is your character a guy or a girl?? I'm more comfortable playing a character of the opposite sex, at least when I'm roleplaying (don't ask me why... XD hahaha) so if your charrie is a guy I'll play a girl and vice versa. lol :D
  15. I'm going to play a guy. I guess Thomas isn't really into it since he hasn't done what he said he would, so I'm going to ask him if it's okay if You're my partner for this instead! Okay? :)
  16. Wait, what?

    Oh, crap! I forgot about this... >>;
  17. Sorry, I've been busy lately, it slipped my mind.
  18. So, Thom, are you still into this, or do you not want to do it? It's fine either way. I don't want to force you into a roleplay you don't really want to do.
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