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  1. The president picked up his phone and dialed the number he had been given only a week ago, it was his last chance to find his daughter. "Hello? This is president Acer. Is Elia there?"

    Jae gagged on the rope in her mouth. "Wet ee oo." She said angrily.
    Violet laughed. "Yeah, I'm so gonna let the wittle giwl go." She said sarcastically. "The great Vi will demand surrender, or die!" She kicked over a lamp post.
  2. She stared intently at her disposable cell phone, as she had been for the last hour. He had to call. He had to. Eli knew all about the kidnapping. Well... A lot of stuff about it. Basically what they would put on the News. Not that she'd let that stop her! Her phone finally rang.

    "It's Eli. Elia is so girly... " She lounged at her computer desk, then a second later against her door frame, phone against her ear. "I see all of your reinforcements have failed. It was a good decision to call me... Sir." Her bravado reached only her voice. In truth she was buzzing with excitement. Literally. Eli almost dropped the phone multiple times from jumping up and down so much. Her first real mission. She could hardly believe it.

    In the blink of an eye Eli hung upside down from her mattress. "Just say where and when Mr. President! I'll be there!"
  3. "10:00 the abandoned carnival. Please..Please save my daughter." President Acer pleaded.

    Jae winced as Violet kneed her back. "thtop."

    Violet laughed again. "Just wait. Your little daddy will have to come!"
  4. Eli dropped the phone for real this time, effectively ending the call. Finally! A real mission! She zipped over to her closet, which was definitely not as cool as a secret lair for super suit storage. Maybe the President will be so grateful I won't have to live in this stupid apartment anymore...

    The suit was a bit tight, and the mask was sorta uneven on her face, but it served it's purpose. As an afterthought Eli grabbed a boombox before hurtling though her door. All the way to the carnival, "Eye of the Tiger" blasted at full volume.
  5. Violet looked up at a noise, and upon seeing Eli, stepped in front of Jae. "Who are you? You are NOT the president."

    Jae kept her head low, a silent tear staining her face from the pain in her spine. Violet had cracked one of her ribs by kneeing her, her super strength very painful.
  6. Eli examined herself. "I'm not? Are you serious?" She smirked. She had the whole witty banter thing down. Now she just had to save the helpless citizen and maybe she'd be considered a real super hero.

    "An who do you think YOU are?" Eli set the boombox down, flicking a red curl out of her face.
  7. Violet growled. "I'm your worst nightmare, and I demand to see the president!" She pulled Jae's head up by her hair and held a knife to your throat. "Or his precious daughter will see her mom."

    Jae winced, but instead of resisting, she started grinding her teeth to break the rope in her mouth. She pleaded Eli with her eyes. me..
  8. Where is the stupid president, anyway? This was definitely the only abandoned carnival in town. Eli doubted that he was the type of guy to show up late.

    As Violet put the knife against Jae Acer's throat, Eli swallowed a screech of terror. This was definitely not how tonight was supposed to go! "I- Um, I told the president to hide behind that tent over there, so he could be safe...! Just... Just let me bring him out and you can put the knife away, okay?" Making like she was starting towards the tent, Eli kicked the forgotten boom box like a soccer ball, straight towards Violet's face. As it homed in at an incredible speed, so did she. Eli dove straight towards Jae.
  9. Violet dodged to the left to avoid the boombox. "YOU'RE LYING!!" At that exact moment, several police cars pulled up and aimed at her.

    As soon as the pressure was released, Jae rolled forwards, spitting out the rooes in the process. She coughed a little and tried to stand, fighting the ropes around her hands and feet.

    Violet pulled out a small button and pressed it. All the lights around them went out and the carnival gates swung shut. "We're CLOSED." She said with an angry, acidic voice.
  10. "Could you maybe stop moving around like that?" Eli hissed, huddled in the new found darkness with the president's daughter. "You're making it kind of hard to save you and all." As Violet shouted 'We're CLOSED' she scooped up Jae in her slender arms, grunting with exertion before she hurried away, not quite as fast as normal but still a barely visible blur.

    In two seconds Eli was working at the ropes on the girl's wrists behind the old ferris wheel. There was no way she could go any further carrying Jae bridal style. "Do you have any idea what the hell is going on?" Eli whispered urgently, worried that Violet would hear.
  11. Violet spun around. "WHAT?!" She screamed. She stalked around, growling and looking for them.

    "Sh-she wants c-control and us-used me to g-get at my father." Jae spluttered quietly.
  12. "I figured," Eli whispered sagely, even though she hadn't. She wasn't one to think ahead, really.

    "Well, whatever it is that she wants, she's not gonna get it tonight. Can you walk?" Eli started to pull Jae to her feet before the girl could answer.
  13. Jae took a staggered step and nodded. Maybe.

    Violet looked around and pulled out a knife, swishing it through various tent fabrics. "Come out! I'm tired of GAMES!"
  14. "Hurry up," Eli whispered, dragging Jae by her arm. She didn't want to hurt her but a little jerk on the arm was nothing compared to what that psychopath would do if they got caught.

    Distantly, she heard the sound of ripping fabric and Violet's angry whisper. "Come on!"
  15. Jae took a deep breath and stumbled after Eli, wincing as Violet sounded closer. "We've got to h-hide.." she said in almost a silent mumble.

    Violet kicked a metal beam, causing it to groan and fall over. "GET OUT!" She yelled. "Show yourself!"
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