GROUP RP PLOTTING Superhuman/sci-fi idea.

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  1. Basically you have some piece of alien space junk, maybe some kind of pod or something, comes out of nowhere and crashes into a city/town. In the aftermath, this weird dust is kicked up, exposing everyone within, maybe a mile, couple of miles. Biohazard or whatever's called in, pretty much everyone exposed winds up seriously fucked up and eventually dies.

    Except for a select few. These become the players' characters, who, like the others who were exposed, mutated as a result, but were fortunate enough to survive their mutations and the powers it gave them. Unfortunately, they wind up quarantined by the government, and when one of them starts hearing ~voices~ and doing freaky shit the government becomes very very paranoid that this is step one in some kind of invasion and decides to kill off the survivors.

    So the story would start with attempting to get the fuck outta dodge before you all get killed. Dunno what would come after that, I honestly don't know if this thing would get that far.

    Oh, and for extra fun: The players can apply with whatever kind of character they want, but they don't get to pick the powers/mutations they get. Those get picked by the GM. Think of it as an exercise in learning to roll with the punches and a GM who wants to laugh at your characters when they get powers they're probably vastly unsuited for and won't like.

    Idk I'm in a hurry and just trying to type this out as fast as possible. Would anyone be remotely interested in playing in this game (or better yet, GMing it since I'd like to see this happen but would probably make a shitty GM even if I had the time?)
  2. Edit: The GM doesn't pick the powers. What would happen is that each applicant would suggest a possible power/mutation. Then those powers are distributed at random. Easy enough to just assign a number to each power and then use one of those random number generators to decide which character gets which power.
  3. I'd love to join this, it sounds like great fun! I think I'd like to play as a convicted murderer. I also agree on the point about the players not being able to choose their mutations. If I could pick for my character I'd probably pick something incredibly unfair that would completely humiliate him. His mutation could be... pink bunny ears.

    I'm afraid I can't GM for you though, I just don't have the time.