Superhuman powered Rp (Need 2 Rpers)

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  1. This is a call to join HiPer, a superpower rp revolved around a group of humans that gained mysterious abilities spontaneously from some unknown event.

    For all interested, I have a system to randomly assign superpowers to whoever would be interested in the rp. Each person will be generated a power and will have to learn to adapt and develop their characters as well as their powers in a setting with crime, danger, and real world events just as probable and imminent as It would be in everyday life. The initial setting of the rp will take place in the fictional city of Omni City, which is placed in the middle of the USA (on the edge of Missouri). Note that this was created to house a central setting for the rp, and all other locations on Earth are based off real locations. Of course people will have to decide if they'll do justice or chaos, and know that every action taken will have consequences.
  2. I've been looking for a good superhero RP for some time, I'm interested. How dark is this game going to be, and how important will it be for our characters to know what's already happened in the game? I imagine if a single event caused all the powers it's probably been a while since that event, so they'd have had to adjust and live in secret.
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  3. The random power thing sounds interesting. What would the writing expectations be?
  4. It's pretty between Watchmen and Dark Knight Trilogy in terms of tone, (one scene a man shouted and ripped the flesh from an attacking coyote down to the bones) and the event unknown to everyone has only happed a few days prior to where we are in the rp, but yes everyone is just starting to discover their abilities and such and deal with them. No two people with abilities have revealed themselves yet but will soon. And tbh, it's a pretty strong rp, about a month made and over 10k total views, and the people are fantastic :]
  5. Sometimes it gets fast paced so if you can post at least once a day or very least once two days you're okay. People usually do a couple of paragraphs, but end up going longer because of how into the rp they are. There are many collab posts and friendships/romances too that are on the table, so there's that.
  6. Love a good solid RP--and I may not like grimdark, but if there's still light stuff like friendship and romance that always helps to balance things out.
  7. yeah it's not like total grit the entire time there are some dark undertones though (mainly from the future antagonist) everyone else is just really freaking out psychologically about the knowledge of real life abilities.
  8. I'll join in. This sounds like it could be fun.
  9. I'd like to as well. Any particular profile we should use--or at least critical info that should be on that profile?
  10. Zadok! Long time :]

    So to be accepted a CS must be made I'll provide the link below, make sure you guys READ ALL RULES when making a CS, and refer to my character for the template. After I see the CS' are legit, you'll get a cookie to mean you're accepted, and I'll generate your abilities and you can start from there!

    Link ->

  11. Ill try it out
  12. We have the two slots filled now, but you could sign up for the wait list. There are some NPCs that will be introduced as playable characters later on
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