Superhuman Academy for Abilites and Control

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    Acacia Tomlinson lugged her trunk up the stairs of the dorm building, and groaned. "Why the hell did my mother sign me up for this?" She muttered under her breath, not happy to have been enrolled in the Superhuman Academy for Abilities and Control. However, she had not had any choice in the matter, especially not after the instance where she had accidentally flooded their apartment. Now she was enrolled here, a school deep in the Yorkshire countryside, where she would learn to control her water powers, being a hydrokinetic. Thankfully she hadn't been put into the Destroyers category, since she mainly used her water for good purposes.

    The teenage girl opened the door to room 1D and sighed. Apparently she had two roommates, which she wasn't happy about. She tended to shy away from most people unless she was forced to socialise. With a groan, she sat on the bed, and took out her phone. "What?!" She exclaimed upon seeing that this place had zero phone reception. How was she supposed to contact her parents?

    This was going to be one hell of a year.
  2. Being in an environment in which he would have to be at close proximity with many other people made Charles feel a little bit uncomfortable. He wasn't an unsociable person, he just worried what might happen if he accidentally unleashed bacterial meningitis on the school. It was unlikely that this would happen, but certainly possible. He had managed to cause his entire family to suffer a nasty case of norovirus when he was a child, thanks to an inability to control his power as at that stage he didn't even know he had it. Now things were different though, he knew what was what, and so far he hadn't unwittingly killed anyone.

    He had packed lightly for the school year, all his belongings fitting in a holdall that had been battered almost beyond repair. It was a miracle it hadn't fallen apart yet, although the trek up the stairs remained to be negotiated. He dragged the thing up behind him, the case thumping up each step, somehow managing to make a ridiculously loud noise with each movement. It was funny how things worked.

    Once up the stairs, Charles attempted to find his room, walking own the hall with sligtly brutish steps that seemed to make far too much noise in the currently quiet building. Later on in the day he would feel like a mouse among elephants, but for the time being he just felt like a bull. Soon enough, he found his room, and he went to settle in as best he could. There was not a huge amount of space, but it was more than enough for a fairly practical person such as him.
  3. Ciro, arm around his sister, knocked on the door of 1D about thirty minutes after seeing Acacia walk in. The twins had been there since they were discovered, two small children, maybe 2 or 3, just standing in the woods by a small lake during a solar eclipse, looking both lost and scared and like they knew what was happening at the same time. Either way, Ciro tried hard to greet all of the newcomers and try to make them feel comfortable. He pulled his sister up close to his side and smiled at her.

    Alcmene stuck her tongue out at her brother and snuggled up against his side, her wing brushing into his. "Dork..."

    "Heyyy, what've I done to you?" He asked with a smirk. He shook his head and looked back to the door, waiting for the newcomer to open up.

    "Nothing. You're just a dork." She said, turning her attention down the hall. Something was thumping. What was thumping?
  4. Esamaiya Cabousa was standing in the bathroom of his dorm when he heard his new roommate come in. Or, who he thought might be it. He didn't mind the sound at the moment, only because he was occupied with his own hygiene. Esamaiya had been there a little over week before most of the kids, and thus, he had most everything unpacked and set in his room. He only requested that he came earlier because he wanted to take some time to get acquainted with the more 'permanent' residents of the Academy. Most of them lacked ability to do normal human things, only because they where all a little less than human. Ever since Esamaiya was a young boy, he had the ability to talk to spirits and ghosts. It wasn't something he was proud of, and that was a fact. If anyone asked him what his 'power' was, he could make up a lie on the spot. Anything sounded better than telling them, "I can see and talk to dead people. "

    Esamaiya requested that he got the bare-minimum for the dorm capacity, and with that he was allowed a smaller dorm on the fifth floor, three to the right. His room number was 5C, and he was allowed to share it with one other person. He didn't pick the person who he shared it with, only because he knew no one other than the ghosts that haunted the place. Esamaiya didn't bother picking a preferred gender of his dorm-mate, either.

    Esamaiya ran the water over his tooth brush, and rinsed his teeth once more. Once that was done, he cleaned his glasses off with a small square of his shirt. He sighed, and looked at his reflection in the mirror. Huh, that's odd. He thought. Someone was there with him. He turned around slowly, and made eye-contact with what most would think was thin air. To him, it would always be more than that. Esamaiya had grown comfortable with all of them following him to one place or another. He had befriended some of them, but the rest he absolutely detested. " Oh, it's you again. Well, long time no see! " The living being said to the less-than-living one. After a good heartfelt conversation, he shoo'ed off the ghost, and exited the bathroom. The ghost didn't take too kindly to the gesture, and Esamaiya could guess it went off to create mischief. Fifteen dollars that it's on the first floor. He said to himself, as he fixed his shirt. Well, might as well make nice with his new roommate, right?


    The Psychic flattened his hair, and then fixed his glasses. He looked down the hall towards the living area. No one, they must be in their room. Unpacking, he thought. Now or never, Cabousa. He said to himself, to pluck up and actually introduce himself. He sighed, and walked to the room that they would both be sharing. He knocked on the opened door, and walked through it, with a small wave of his hand. " Hello. " He began, with a shy smile on his face. " I'm your roommate, Esamaiya. It's nice to finally meet you. " He finished, as he put his hand back down to his side. That was easier than I thought.
  5. Hayden Payne lay on his bed, and idly flicked though the book he was reading. Having already arrived a few hours previously at the 'superhero' school- Hayden scoffed at the name- he was now killing time on his own until we would actually have to go out and meet people. With a sigh, he thought about the prospect or even having people here shun him, because of his power. Being able to take away someone's special ability, even temporarily, was not something people liked.

    He heard footsteps coming towards his room, and inwardly made a face. Time for the dreaded socialising to start. He sat up just as the other boy entered, and felt a sudden rush of energy in the room towards him. With a slight shiver, he absorbed it as usual, and nodded in greeting. "Hey. I'm Hayden. Hayden Payne."

    His eyes flickered to the corner of the room, and he raised an eyebrow, "Um, not to be rude or anything, but there is a ghost over there, who seems to want your attention." He blushed, and picked awkwardly at his cuticles. "I may have absorbed your power temporarily when you walked in...."


    Acacia heard the knock on the door, and she got up from her unpacking on the bed to answer it. The slender girl crossed the room and opened the door. Upon opening it, she came face to face with two twins - or so she assumed judging from how close they were at that moment. She smile shyly, and greeted them, "Hi. I'm Acacia Tomlinson." She ran a hand through her feathery blonde hair as she spoke.
  6. Ciro gave her a nice broad grin and held out his hand. "Hello! Welcome to SAAC!" He said cheerfully, pronouncing 'SAAC' like 'sack', partially because he honestly thought it was hilarious and partially because the name of the school was way too long and dreary to him. "I'm Ciro and this is my sister, Luna." He pulled Alcmene even closer and nudged her forward a little.

    "Alcmene." She corrected, holding her hand out when Acacia was done shaking her brother's hand...if she shook her brother's hand. "They tell us we've been here since we were three, so...if you have any questions, trust me, we know how this place is run." She turned her head back down the hallway, listening to the heavy footsteps. The feathers on her wings ruffled a bit as her blue eyes focused down the hall. "Agon, I have to find out what that noise is..." she said, wriggling away from her brother. She spread her wings and used them to propel herself down the hall a few feet before walking like a normal person.

    Ciro frowned and watched his twin take off, squinting against the blast of air her wings created. "Uhhh, ok..." He looked back at Acacia and put back on his bright smile. "Like she said, we've been here just about forever, so if you have questions or need anything, please don't hesitate to ask...well, hesitate to ask Lulu, because she's...well...she gets a little moody sometimes...." He said, throwing another glance back down towards his sister. "But me, ask me any time. Right now it's a new moon, so she's a little um...she's a little flighty...a little ornery..."
  7. Jewel Thorton dragged her travel bag up the stairs one hard clunk at a time. She hadn't even gotten to these steps before the wheels had fallen off. She hated what she could do. Especially since she couldn't turn it off. Ever. Jewel was just lucky to get a break from it when she was asleep.

    At the top of the steps she saw two people already making introductions to another new arrival. They both seemed to glow to her, but they glowed differently. She marveled at the girl with the wings. If only she could fly; she'd never have to touch anything, and therefore never have to break anything again. She'd be free. Nervously, Jewel tried to shy her way down the hall without being noticed. That wasn't easy. One, her bag was pulling apart at the seams with each passing second, in some cases making audible ripping sounds, and two, because 1D was her room.

    Oh no. She was sharing? Who was running this place? She couldn't be around people. She destroyed them! At her old school, she had met a boy who had a fix for breaking things. Someone who did it without even trying seemed like the perfect fit for him. She had her first kiss with him. She hadn't wanted it to end, and grabbed his head to keep their lips locked. All of his teeth rotted out, his jaw seized up, and her contact with his head had made him mentally retarded! She couldn't do this.

    As she turned to go, her bag finally gave up the ghost and fell apart, ripped baggy clothes spilling out all over the hall. No! She dropped to her knees to collect her clothes. As soon as they touched the floor the hard wood splintered. She jumped back and scooted into the wall. Her head only managed to tap it, but it still left a big indented crack. She looked around at everyone and curled up in the fetal position, quietly crying to herself.
  8. Esamaiya's facial expression was in complete rapture for a moment. Someone could see them too? Amazing! But, the small bliss took its course, and soon it was gone. He looked to the corner frantically, and then back to the other. He made a 'Shh' sound with is lips parted, and his pointer finger resting against it. " If I where you, " He began, in a whisper, " I would try not to... Notice them. At all. Well, unless you want them following you for a while, then you can. " He looked to the ghost, and glared at it.

    It was a skill he had taught himself- Well, what Super-Mario taught him. If you look at them long enough, they would get shy and leave you alone momentarily. It worked, and the ghost slowly faded away. Esamaiya sighed in relief, and then looked back to his new roommate.

    " Sorry about that. Because I'm the only one that actually pays attention to them, they usually... Hang around me. More than usually, really. " And that was the truth. Because of his ability, it was hard to even try to get away from them. They all had their special abilities, as in, some could talk more than others. Some could even move objects, and in once case, objects that where larger than himself! But there where also bad ones, and he tried to keep on their good side.

    " So, now that we have that covered, how're you liking SAAC so far? " Esamaiya asked him, pronouncing SAAC letter by letter.
  9. Seeing as he knew he was going to have to interact at some point, Charles took it upon himself to bite the bullet and try to find someone to introduce himself to. He really detested the idea, but someone had to do it. Seeing as his mother was no longer arranging play dates with the other mums at school, he was just going to have to do it himself. Things would have been alot easier if he'd been normal, but apparently that just wasn't in his vocabulary. The world can be cruel sometimes, but thankfully this young man had managed to get used to that fairly quickly.

    As he left his room, which he would appaently be sharing with a couple of others, Charles pinched the ends of his scruffy black hair. He wasn't terribly unkempt, but he wasn't the most suave character in the world. He was a happy medium between tramp and pretty boy, although it had to be said that sometimes he erred on the side of homeless, as illustrated by the stubble at his cheeks. He rubbed these strands between his fingers, not sure what he was trying to accomplish, just doing what he always did when beginning to feel a little nervous.

    All too soon, he came across a couple that had already made their introductions, and so with quite timid steps, Charles made his way towards them. He spoke without thinking too much, hoping that he didn't appear too rude. "Hi...uh, hope you don't mind me interrupting." He twisted his hair around his fingers, soon tugging his hand away quite violently, wincing ever so slightly as he did so. "I'm Charles, well, most people call me Chas..or whatever. Doesn't matter. Sorry, I'm babbling." He wished he hadn't bothered. This was why he didn't usually try, it was way too difficult to make a good impression.
  10. <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <w:WordDocument> <w:View>Normal</w:View> <w:Zoom>0</w:Zoom> <w:DoNotOptimizeForBrowser/> </w:WordDocument> </xml><![endif]--> Sandric had spent more time at this school than anyone would have cared for, seen classes come and go yet for some reason he felt an odd sense of anticipation about the new class this year. Of course, wouldn't anyone be interested in children who could potentially unleash epidemics or destroy the strongest alloys with a mere touch. Sandric had to watch himself though, he wasn't supposed to know anything about the class yet, course could he help it if people thought so loudly?

    He was wondering whether he should make his way to the male dorms or the female when he heard the sound of ripping fabric. A small turn of the head allowed him to see an interesting sight. A rather scrawny little girl panicking after her suit case spilled out onto the stairs. It was a typical sight buy Sandric knew what he had seen, the suitcase had been pulling itself apart at her touch. He had seen seams undo themselves and the handle collapse in upon itself. He expected this was the ‘destruction’ child he had heard so much thinking about.

    His theory was only verified as the he watched the girl with mild amusement. The holes and dents she left everywhere were amusing enough on their own, watching her jump around like a frightened rabbit might even merit a laugh. It would have had him laughing if the girl hadn't started to cry, it was too pathetic to be funny. He swiftly bounded up the stairs, picking up the discarded items as he went. By the time he was standing only a few steps below her he had managed to pick up most of her belongings. He couldn't deny that he was surprised by how little she had, especially when compared to other girls her age, but he kept it too himself.

    "Whoa there, looks like your bag spilled its guts on the stairs. Luckily none of it rolled too far, it would have been a pain to pick up. Looks like you bag had a few, er, tears in it here and there. Actually, looks like a few of your clothes could use some fixing up too. Don't you worry about it though; we got an entire department for fixing things. Us super folk go through clothes like you wouldn't believe, and other things like walls and floors. They will probably have this little hallway all fixed up before you even finish getting all settled in." Sandric said with a reassuring and kind smile. He was somewhat amazed that a small tap of the head could cause such damage, it only made the girl more interesting.

    "How about I carry this stuff to your room? You just focus on getting yourself calmed out alright? Which one of these rooms is yours? 1D right? Oh, your dorm mate is a mildly interesting one, bet you two will get along fine. Oh, and because you were wondering my name is Sandric Alta, I live here and you looked like you could use a hand." He said, glancing over his shoulder as he headed off towards her room, his arms full of her clothes.
  11. Alcmene got to the girl just about the time Sandric did. She crouched by the suitcase, a million ornery thoughts filling her head. She dug through the clothes a little, snickering a little at whatever underwear she found. Though, she did start helping Sandric put things back into the bag or into a more manageable pile. "You're the one making all the noise then." She said, looking over at the girl.

    She looked up at Sandric and grinned. New moon out tonight.... She thought, absolutely directing it at him. There was a mischevious shine to her eyes, like there always was on a new moon. "Hello, Sandric." She said, standing up. She had taken all of Jewel's underwear and put them in a pile, and was now holding all of it in her arms somewhat haphazardly. Obviously the girl's privacy was not at the forefront of Alcmene's concerns. Not on a new moon. Give it a couple days and she'd feel horrible for what she did. Would you like to come and see it with me, Sandy? The new moon? We can go walk together under it....maybe do some other things...

    Ciro's fiery gaze snapped over to lock onto his twin suddenly, then turned to shoot Sandric a warning glare. He was very protective of his sister. You know what I will do to you if you lay a finger on her, let alone anything else.

    He turned back around to smile at Charles. "Hello! Welcome to SAAC!" He said cheerfully, as if nothing had just happened. "I was just telling this beautiful thing here that I'm Ciro and I've been here since I can remember, so if you need anything..." He held his hand out to the other male. "Come to me. Alcmene over there is my sister." He said, briefly stretching his golden wings and folding them back comfortably at his back. "Don't ask her for anything during the new moon...any other time she's pretty great, just...not around the new moon. But! You should absolutely introduce yourself to this fetching young lady here." He said, motioning to Acacia. "Or, I guess I could do it. Acacia, this is Charles." He smiled. "And Charles, this is Acacia. And you're both new here, and that's great. You'll like it here, I promise."
  12. Hayden actually smiled, and he spoke, "I don't usually see the non-living, but my power-" The sarcasm was dripping from his voice when he said that word, "-is to absorb the power of other people. For the time in which I am in the company of a person, I can either share their power, or completely remove it temporarily. I hate it though."

    He sat back on the bed, and tried to ignore the feeling that he was being watched by more than just Esamaiya. "It's ok here - I'm just wondering what we will be doing in power class. I'm a neutral, so I will have Power Control with other neutrals. Also I am actually more looking forward to doing the normal classes like languages, and English Literature."


    Acacia smiled warmly when she was introduced to Charles, and she held out her hand. "I'm Acacia, like Ciro just said, and I am in the Good category, due to the fact that I am a hydrokinetic." She rolled her eyes. "Yeah, I know that water can be used as a weapon, which could make me dangerous, but when they aren't sure like that, they put you into a category based on your personality. I'm into healing." As she spoke, her blue eyes flickered over Chas, and her first thought was that he was the most good-looking guy she had seen in ages.

    Her stomach fluttered, and she felt her heart race speed up - she had a crush. This was so unexpected that she completely forgot what she had to say next, and instead bit her lip shyly.
  13. Jewel looked up at Sandric, then over at the winged girl. She was beautiful, and Jewel had to admit to feeling some jealousy. Not to mention embarrassment for breaking down in the middle of the hall. Half the time, she feared her curse was getting stronger. Her fear of that, however, actually did make it stronger.

    "Th-thank you," she said to the two of them as she wiped her eyes. She struggled to get up but refused any help. "Please, don't touch me. It's nothing personal, it's just...dangerous. And yeah, it's 1D, right there. I'm sorry for freaking out like that. I hate what I do. It's like a curse."

    Jewel went into the dorm room and sat on the floor while her clothes were piled on top of the bed. She didn't want to sit on it herself. It would break, she knew it. Hell, the bag she'd only gotten six hours ago, and look what happened to it. She figured she must look like a real mess. Bloodshot eyes from fresh crying, dirty grey hoodie with a broken zipper, worn down pants with a rope holding them up instead of a belt - anyone could guess that she hadn't come here from her parent's place. Probably the youngest hobo there ever was, picked up by a school administrator at the supermarket. She had been told she was special. Jewel looked at it as a curse. When the last article of clothing was tossed on top of her bed, she thanked them quietly.
  14. " Neutral, huh? Well, in the name of powers I'm actually on the good side. " He paused, but then finished. " Not that I'm always like that, though. It takes a lot to ruffle my proverbial feathers. But it isn't impossible, or pretty when it happens. " Esamaiya could only recall a few events when that happened, and that was when his anger set in. He wasn't one to admit he had a temper, but when he does get angry, it really is everything but pretty.

    Esamaiya didn't figure out a way to control it, only because it was out of his control. Because of his ability to talk to spirits and disembodied souls, they always followed him around. The good ones, and the bad. It was always good to have the nicer ones on his side, but as for the worse ones, those took some getting used too. The very first time he realized that his imaginary friends were everything but imaginary was probably the first day of First Grade. It wasn't his fault, it was the kid who pushed him. It was also the kid who pulled his hair, and the other kid who called him a 'mama's boy'. When the boy had enough of it, he simply let go his fires. As in, he involuntarily sicked his 'friends' on them. A few kids where knocked to the ground, and as for the others, they where having their hair pulled and being chased with levitating objects.

    It was a feeling of complete and utter loss of control. It was one of the worst feelings in the world.

    Esamaiya has kept his temper under control ever since, but has failed a small number of times. He usually didn't like giving people the entire story. " I was here a little while before everyone else, so I was able to get most of the classes I wanted. " A small smile found itself on his face, and he tried to keep from sounding rude, or even cocky.
  15. (This post will be crap, and I apologise...I'm rushing)

    Charles was unsure about touching people, but he did shake hands with those that offered, simply because it was the normal thing to do. He was unlikely to pick up any new and weird bacteria from them, he'd learned of most of them by now. He wondered what horrors he had yet to discover, and shook his head almost imperceptibly. Chas could pick up the signature of a disease or bacterium just by touching it, or inhaling it, it was how his power worked. So far he'd come into contact with far too much, mainly thanks to being ill as a child, as he was a magnet for disease. He had picked up anything and everything he'd come into contact with, and as his young immune system had struggled to cope with the load, had almost died at a young age. Thankfully, he won the battle, and the rest was history.

    "Uh, thanks. Well, I guess you all know whoI am then." He smiled awkwardly, turning to the girl that seemed to be quite talkative, and a little less intimidating than the winged guy. "Sorry to ask, but how does water heal people?" Charles raised an eyebrow, just a little confused. He didn't understand most of the stuff here, as he'd only ever known his own power, until ending up in this strange place. "Oh, and seeing as we're sharing I suppose I should say that I'm in neutral. I'm sort of a healer, I guess." He had rarely done any actual focused healing, but it was still his label.
  16. ((Alcmene needs to wait for Sandrich to respond before I can post with her, but here's Ciro :) ))

    Ciro smiled brightly. "Good! Good is...good." He nodded and slid his hands into the pockets of his jeans. "Lulu and I are neutral...They were going to put me in good and her in destruction, but ah...well, I even her out and they can't separate us or she really goes ballistic...So, together we're neutral." He turned to Charles. "And water has all sorts of healing properties. It cleans away germs and debris and anything that could cause an infection, plus the body's something like 60% water, so it's something very important, and we need water to survive..." He shrugged, then smiled. "But, like everything, it depends on how you use it. I've seen a hydrokenetic in the destruction category because he learned how to control the water inside the human body....that...that was a huge mess to clean up..." He said, looking away. "I think I had nightmares for about a week..."

    He shook his head and looked back to the group with a bright, warm smile again. "But yeah, anything can be used for good or evil, it depends on the person wielding the power. What do you do, Charles?" He asked, looking over to him. Really, it was a question each of them should get used to answering. That was the majority of small-talk at the school, especially when people were meeting. Hello, how are you? What can you do? Where are you from? He was used to it. Especially having been there for so long.
  17. Hayden smiled shyly, and ran a hand through his hair. "Well, maybe we'll be in the same classes." He softly said, and crossed his legs underneath him on the bed. He pulled his sketchbook out of his bag, along with a pencil, and idly sketched in it while he spoke again, "What sort of things do you like doing?"

    He glanced up at Esamaiya, and his brown eyes flickered over the other boy. He noticed absent-mindedly that the other lad was actually quite good-looking. A slight blush came to his cheeks once he realised he was thinking this. No, no, no - not here, not again. Not after what had happened with Nathan. The shy boy's heart ached when he thought about his ex-boyfriend, and what he had done to Hayden. He took a deep breath and tried to calm his racing heart. He couldn't get involved with a guy, because being a guy who fancies other guys is just abnormal, and nobody likes abnormal.

    He bent his head, and concentrated on his sketch, which was starting to take the form of his new roommate's face.


    Acacia's ocean blue eyes lit up when he said he was a healer, and she led the way back into the room. She bent by her bed and pulled out a small notebook from her duffel. "I've never come across any other healers before, but I think it might be interesting if we perhaps pool together what knowledge we have of healing, and improve each other's skills. I write down any instances where I have been able to use my ability."

    She glanced at Charles, and softly said, "Sorry about this - I am usually quite quiet, but somehow I feel comfortable around you. It's an unusual feeling for me since I don't usually feel comfortable around most people." She tied her hair up into a bun on her head, and smiled slightly. "You can sit down if you want."
  18. Jewel looked at the pile of clothes on her bed as she tried to consider what she should do next. Her roommate was caught up in trying to get on with some healer type. Perfect. She thought to herself. If I hurt anybody, maybe he could be damage control. It seemed they were caught up in one another's attention, so Jewel took that rare opportunity of being unnoticed to quietly step out of the dorm room.

    She shouldn't be with these people. They had such great powers, and best yet, they all had some hope of controlling them. She couldn't control being destructokinetic. How she wished she was normal, and not some freak. Hell, even if she was to be a freak, she'd rather be their kind of freak than her own.

    The wood floorboards creaked and cracked with each step she made towards the door out. Fortunately, everyone had found someone to talk to, so she assumed she went unnoticed. She made it all the way back down to the door she'd used to come in, when she stopped at the steps. Where would she go? She had left what few possessions she had in the dorm room, and if she went back, wouldn't someone ask why she was gathering up her stuff and walking out the door? Plus, she didn't know the area. How far would she get before she got lost? And with no food or money, how long after that would she make it?

    Jewel didn't want to end up dead, lost on some back road. She wasn't sure she wanted to live, but she definitely didn't want to go out like that. She dropped her butt onto the concrete step, making it crack and spray with dust. She couldn't stay, but she had nowhere to go. The paradox brought a wave of frustrated rage crashing down on her, and she slammed her fist into the concrete barrier by the steps, the one that held the painted black iron railing.

    She held her sore hand as the barrier slowly leaned back, before toppling into the grass. She looked at the fallen barrier. Why did she still get so upset when she broke something? It happened all the time, it wasn't going to stop - she might as well get used to it, right? It wasn't the first time she'd thought that, but she never could bring herself to accept it. She may have a dangerous "power" but she herself was a good person.

    Wasn't she?
  19. Well, now Charles just felt a bit stupid. He should have thought of those quite obvious statistics on his own. But, he could put this lapse in lateral thinking down to his nerves, as well as a fair old bit of tiredness. "Yeah...that makes sense." He muttered, gently pulling on a lock of hair at the back of his head. He didn't even notice what he was doing, was only aware of the gradual relaxation the action began to give him as he attempted to explain what his power really was. "I'm basically a glorified catalogue of disease. I can infect and cure...and manipulate. To a lesser extent I can heal wounds, but it's not my strongpoint." He shrugged nonchalantly. He wasn't particularly proud of what he could do. In truth, this dark haired and slightly sullen young man was here only in order to ensure he could control this potentially lethal power.

    Suddenly Charles was somewhat surprised to find himself comandeered by the somewhat overactive Acacia. He didn't resist her, but he did simply stare dumbfoundedly as she so happily produced a notepad from her bag. It took a while for him to respond, to the point that it was almost weird. But thankfully the moment just about avoided being hurtled into a whole new level of awkwardness as he finally responded, "I'm sorry, I'm not really into the whole sharing thing." He took a fistful of his hair into his hand.

    "It's not that I don't want to, I'd just rather not open pandora's box, so to speak." He was trying to be polite, though it wasn't terribly easy to do so - under the circumstances. All of them were under alot of pressure - starting school was never easy - and it was particularly difficult for those among them that struggled in such high energy social situations. Charles counted himself among them, and until a couple of minutes ago would have done the same for Acacia - but then she'd gone and changed, which was damn unnerving.
  20. Esamaiya smiled to himself. Socializing might be easier than he thought! " Well, I like taking walks and hikes, and just being out in the open in general. " He paused for a second. " I like books, but it sometimes gets hard for me to read with all of... Them floating around. " He said, with an awkward chuckle. What else did he like? This was hard to talk about, only because no one really had time to talk to the weird kid. He shook it off, and turned back to the sketching young man.

    Huh, that actually looked really good. Esamaiya walked slowly over to him, and looked at the drawing he was working on. It looked a lot like him, but he was sure that it was just a quiescence. " That looks amazing! I can only draw stick-figures. " He joked, with a small chuckle. He pulled away, and walked over to his original spot. " How about you? " He asked, " What do you like to do? "