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  1. You are secretly the superhero of your town.
    How much risk do you take considering your town and who do you let know?
    Also, name, awesome costume, villains if so?
  2. Name: Cadwyn Hughes A.K.A: The Piper
    Costume: Simple and sleek midnight blue full-body suit with black eye mask and accents.
    Villain(s): Names unknown the the hero.

    Cadwyn hesitantly stepped a boot-clad foot onto the cold New-York pavement. The night air was still but nippy, and she felt her face immediately harden. Adjusting her face mask, she took ten paces down the street. It was a quiet night for New York, less strays yapping and taxi's honking then usual, but the thumping of Cadwyn's heart filled her ears with an unsettling ring that caused her pace to quicken. She felt conspicuous in her form-fitting super suit. Any crook glancing her way would become immediately aware of who she was and how she planned to thwart their schemes. She squirmed under the thin cloth. The neckline seemed to be getting tighter and she found herself gasping for breath. She turned around and spotted a figure masked in shadows, extending a palm towards her.

    "Wh-wha..?" She coughed, attempting in vain to rip the collar off her very shirt.

    She heard an audible giggle.. the dark figure appeared to be getting closer..

    and closer..

    It was no longer cloth that was strangling her, it was a hand of a man enclosed around her neck.

    "Not so super anymore, are you, the Piper?" The lurid voice cascaded over her just before the world turned black.