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  1. I thought we should have a superhero roleplay where people design their characters but don't choose their powers. Myself and/or a Co-GM would do that. Partially random or based off genetics if you like (I have a large spreadsheet ready for the latter). Of course, you could specify types of powers that you really couldn't play so your surprise doesn't make you miserable.

    Powers would be pmed so other players don't know each others' powers. The setting won't be modern because I don't like modern, but it'll probably be a decade or two ago. Maybe even when Bush was president. But I think I'm rambling now. So: would anyone be interested in this sort of roleplay? I'm still open to suggestions.
  2. seems interesting. so why choose the 90's
  3. Because I was alive then and know what things were like. But if you want to do it in like 1910 that's fine too, 'cause I was in a play from that time period and know about it from that. I once tried doing a superhero play set in the 1920s and it was difficult. Took a lot of research. Or we could make it a medieval superhero story; I did that once with a village of peasants.
  4. I wast thinking a 60's or 50 theme
  5. 50s might be interesting, but it would involve some research. Do you have any other suggestions or would you be open to Co-GMing?
  6. Co-Gming?
  7. Yeah, kind of be my assistant to run the roleplay. Collaborate on the plot, settle things if I'm not online, that sort of thing.
    Is that not a term here yet?
  8. I'm new so i would not know, Lol. Okay, Are you a comic book reader then?
  9. I have been, but only of the ones offered at the public library.
  10. well then i can offer that silver age feeling to it then, Are the character new hero's defying the way of there predecessors or Do thy follow there values.

    You can just buy comic on your smart phone or like me download illegally :cry: Can't help it, Born Sinner
  11. *heroes

    I don't have a smartphone. I didn't even have internet until my last semester of college.
    What's the silver age? I'm fairly familiar with the X-men, but that's mostly based off the cartoons (also from the library).
  12. 1956-1970, This is when marvel got big and started to do more hero comics instead of horror ones. Dc was reinventing Green Lantern, Flash and well loved gold age heroes that were cancelled. If you want to learn about comics, Wiki. (It works, Most of the time their right)
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  13. This sounds interesting.
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  14. I will hereby show my interest in this roleplay.


    Why in such a time period? While you might be born then, I, on the other hand have no first-hand experience with that setting. Will that be a problem? I caution, for someone might just say "I-phone" by accident.
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  15. I-phones are a good point. I want a setting where cell phones are uncommon if they exist at all. So you can't contact someone outside unless you distributed walkie-talkies beforehand.
    Most people are familiar with WWII (though not firsthand). We could set it right after then, or during the Great Depression. Either one would require research on my part, but we could make it one of those alternate-history stories (since obviously there weren't really superheroes during that time), which would require less research on your parts.
    I think a Great Depression setting could be interesting. I've never seen a roleplay set in that time.
  16. post ww2 sound good and so does great depression, I can see how each setting can dramatically affect are superheroes. depression could make heroes consider crime. WW2 could be focus on post war tension like about asian still being kept in the camps all the way to "Paper Clip"
  17. I will research on my part then, nothing like a good buffing up from reading 'ye olde history' again.

    And tnks for the like tatzel. :> .

    I think while having the setting right once the war is done would be more intruiging in a sense of culture, having the setting in the 90s later would allow more scientific aspects to intermingle with the plot.
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  18. Personally I'm leaning toward the Great Depression.
    Would anyone like to Co-GM this?
  19. What would a Co-GM do?
  20. Help plan the plot (secretly through pms so the whole group doesn't find out), make decisions if there's a question while I'm offline (because you'd know said plot), maybe help choose who gets what powers. I mainly need help keeping a plot running and designing villains.