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  1. There has been an idea thumping around in my head after I was looking at a picture on Deviant Art. It was a depiction of Batman fighting the Joker, but in a different sense. The Batman was now "The Dark Knight", while the Joker had turned into this serpentine creature. So, this idea came to me. What if superheros, from DC, Marvel, or even a universe of our own were teleported to a mythical setting where they would have to find out why they were there and possibly battle their way out. Is this interesting? What are your input?

    Dark Knight Vs Chaos Wyrm:
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  2. Very interesting Idea! I'm in!
  3. Hoping to get at least three or four people. Any preference on the universe we use?
  4. Black widow should be a spider

    hmm. I may or may not join this - depends on wether I can think of a character I can really commit too.
  5. It's up to you, it's not like we join each other's role plays. :P

    There are some interesting concepts that could be taken with this. The Ant Man being an Ant, or have Green Arrow be a medieval archer. Either way it will turn up some interesting characters.
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  7. Pictures of Inspiration:


    The superheroes/villains would be transported into this mythical setting and have to adjust their lifestyle when they get their. When this starts we will begin about a year or so of being there. So these characters would have established themselves. For example, Lex Luthor could have become a ranking official in one of the kingdoms. So, what input do you guys have?
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  8. Yeah I'm joining this

  9. We just need a couple other people, but again we need to discuss setting. Which superhero universe are we going to use?
  10. Perhaps Marvel?
  11. I'll need a vote.
  12. If we do DC I call superman :3
  13. So one for Dc and one for Marvel? Ultima any input on this?
  14. I'l have the OOC up in a couple of days if we get a couple more people.
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  15. If DC I might have interest in playing Luthor, but it's a question of whether I'm ready to take on a third roleplay.
  16. It may be DC based on the votes, there are many ways to do this. I do need a final consensus to be able to put up an ooc.
  17. Just go DC. haha.
  18. You know....

    I've kind of been wanting to play an elf version of Robin. Would that work if if did end up being DC?
  19. It's going to be DC, and the transformations of your characters or the changes in them are up to you. This will have to fit the fantasy setting. For example Batman will not any of his high tech gadgets anymore, only his wit and most likely a couple of weapons. Green Arrow will be using more practical weapons instead of the arrows he had on Earth. So take this however you like, this is up to interpretation.
  20. Are we still doing "DC characters were transported to a fantasy setting" or is it "fantasy versions of DC characters who have always been in this setting"? Certain DC characters were transported to a fantasy setting and some of them may have undergone some kind of physical transformation (eg. elf robin)?
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