Superheroes, anyone? (See Inside for Details)

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  1. Alright, so I want to try out something with superheroes. I'm thinking we would play primarily original characters (or the descendants of superheroes/villains), but I can be convinced to let some characters come into play (either reimagined or rebooted).

    Either way, I'm thinking this would be kind of a free form thing with an over arching plot (like my other superhero roleplays), so if you're familiar with those then this is going to be similar.

    I'm also debating on allowing super villains, but like some pre-made comic book characters, I'll allow it if you can convince me. As GM, I'll take control of the NPC villains, but I'd like to discuss things in this thread with all of you.

    Anyways if you're interested in some superhero fun, just post and we can discuss the direction we want this to go in.
  2. I'm actually interested in this, as a descendant
  3. Of who, might I ask?

    My guy is most likely going to be a descendant of a certain man who dresses as a flying-creature of the night.
  4. Hm... maybe Black Canary or Wonder Woman
  5. That could be fun, definitely. I also might play a villain, depending on what we decide.

    What do you think, should I allow them but make sure they aren't really going nuts with their own thing (to prevent 'unwanted' situations that don't work out for the plot)?
  6. If they play villains I think it would be a good idea but maybe just make it so that not everyone is a villain? Just in case everyone tries to play as a villain?
  7. Yeah, like maybe allow 3-4 PC villain characters in total (myself not included because I'm going to run with NPC villains)
  8. I have a few questions: what is the minimum for a post? And when you mean "free form" do you mean that there isn't really a main plot so we can move how we want with a few restrictions?
  9. 1. I'd say Intermediate (2-3 paragraphs minimum per post, no one liners)

    2. In terms of "free form", I allow solo interactions to take place (example from a previous Batman-centric RP I did here: While the good guys were preoccupied with Batman's return, Joker made his triumphant debut again and blew up the stadium where Harley ((having moved on and taken his gang)) was holding a meeting. But in the major scheme of things, an asteroid containing Doomsday had landed in the middle of the park, but LexCorp had already moved in to collect the specimen for experimentation).

    There can be individual stories going on, but there's always one large element occurring (uniting the villains, the government trying to track down the heroes, etc.) that brings all of the stories together in the end.

    Does that make sense?
  10. Furiously searches for a good character picture* x3
  11. We'll probably wait for 2-3 more people to sign up before we jump into the OoC.
  12. Also, discussion: do we want to have modern-urban hero costumes (example: the costumes from "Arrow"), or more traditional stuff mixed with modern flare (ex. Straight from the comics/movies, spandex/armoured outfits)
  13. Superheroes are cool. I like.
  14. Alright, now we just need one more person!
  15. I'd be up as long as i don't get too busy with school
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  16. Hey! Great idea i am actually really excited for this! Oh and if it's descendants of superheroes will it be dc and marvel
  17. Both, but it seems like every one wants to go with the 'Arrow' route of costumes
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