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Superhero Stuff (MxM, fluff, lil angst)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by GALAXY, Apr 21, 2015.

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  1. Sooo~ I don't have much of a plot persay, but I have an idea that I think could really have dynamics and whatnot. After watching The Incredibles (Ommmgggggggg <3) I had a thought about a superhero rp, with plenty of romance and drama and action and of course, sex. Not until later on though.

    But I'm just interested in a superhero roleplay that I'd really like to do with someone. Here are some requirements/ info about me, but the requirements don't need to be exact:

    ~ 1-2 paragraphs, no one-liners, but if you're really stuck we'll come up with something.
    ~ Thread or PM, all up to you, I'm fine with either.
    ~ Please use proper grammar and don't get lazy, I want to stay interested and grammar really helps with that for me!
    ~ I am a dominant roleplayer most of the time but I will sub if asked and I'm more than willing to switch.
    ~ Ability to handle me not being on sometimes and not bombarding me with messages.
    ~ No anime pictures... please. Please.

    I do have some kinks, though I don't think many will be involved here... like BDSM. *cough* More plot than sex.

    If you are interested for some fluff and maybe some drama, feel free to PM me! :3
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  2. Bump! <3
  3. I know we already have an rp(and I'm sorry for the late replies I've just gotten a bit busy cx) but this sounds super fun! Lol. XD Plus you're an amazing roleplayer too! ^.^ I also love The Incredibles, I actually did a performance before when I was in marching band and the theme was The Incredibles and I just love the movie overall. ^.^ Did you hear about the sequel being confirmed??? XD
  4. :D No problem, but I'm definitely up for doing this rp with you! Just pm me. :) And yes, I did hear it and I really hope it works out!
  5. Me too!!! I was waiting and waiting for the sequel! It's been ages since it came out! It's about time! XD
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  6. I am interested, that's if you are still looking for someone ^-^
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