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  1. This is THE place where you get to meet such memorable teachers and cool superheroes who not only learn the basics of reading, writing and math, but also to hone their special powers in the name of justice and education.

    Everyone just make up a profile for your superhero character, and then we can start:


    Age: (between 16-18)

    Special Power:

    Power Class (Good, Neutral, Destroyer)

    Physical Description:


    Other: (nicknames, quirks, etc)

    This roleplay is going to be pretty much freeform, so we'll just go wherever the roleplay takes us. Romance, action, conflict - anything can happen. Also, we need a good name for the school, since Superhero School doesn't really sound that good.
  2. I'll be joining this :D I'll get a CS up later.
  3. Why are there so many superhero threads now? And why can't I resist their siren call?
  4. Ok great. We'll need a combination of both male and female characters by the way

    Name: Acacia Tomlinson

    Age: (between 16-18) 17

    Special Power: hydrokinesis - she can control water with her mind.

    Power Class (Good, Neutral, Destroyer) - good

    Physical Description:

    Personality: She has a generally sweet and friendly personality, but can get very defensive when it comes to protecting her friends. Acacia has the ability to make people feel at ease around her, because she herself is nearly always at ease

    Other: (nicknames, quirks, etc) She is an Irish girl, born and bred in Mullingar, County Westmeath. The reason that she was put into the Good category, is because her power can be used to heal people.
  5. Name: Jewel Thorton

    Age: 17

    Special Power: Destructokinetic - destroys everything she touches

    Power class: Destructive (duh)

    Physical discription: Because combs break apart when she holds them, Jewel has a permanent bedraggled look. Her frizzy brown hair is always sticking out in odd directions, and her clothes are usually torn, and in some cases bordering on a wardrobe malfunction. At 5'3", she's a tiny thing, but her power is incredibly dangerous.

    Personality: Timid - Jewel's very apologetic and easily spooked. Since fear and other strong emotions amplify her powers, this usually causes something else to break, spooking her even more, which clearly creates a dnagerous cycle. Jewel's very distant, too. She's afraid to touch people because they'll break, too.

    Other: People call her Disaster Zone because of what her power leaves in its wake. She can't turn it off. Her power only goes away when she's unconscious. Has attempted suicide - hanging herself, but the rope broke instantly. Doesn't like to talk about it.
  6. Hmm...your character has given me an idea for a male character I could do...

    Name: Hayden Payne

    Age: (between 16-18) 17

    Special Power: To absorb other people's power while he is around them.

    Power Class (Good, Neutral, Destroyer) Neutral

    Physical Description:

    Personality: Shy, and very reserved. He hates having the ability to take away people's power, even temporarily, so he stays as far away from people as he possibly can, only socialising when he absolutely has to.

    Other: (nicknames, quirks, etc) He is an artist, and loves to draw his alter ego, a strong and confident guy who has all the girls after him
  7. I'v got a vague idea for a healer/anti-healer that can either cure or infect with diseases. Would that be alright?
  8. Psychadelic: That sounds awesome! I would love to see the character you have in mind for that power.
  9. Not very detailed, but I hope this is okay. I went for a male to even things up...

    Name: Charles Jensen

    Age: 18

    Special Power: Healer/anti-healer

    Power Class: Neutral

    Physical Description:

    Personality: Somewhat sociable but incredibly fearful of interaction with others, thanks to a major fear of his power and what it could potentially achieve. So, in the beginning he can be quite stand-offish, but once he trusts himself (and whoever) he can be quite warm and sweet. Takes life far too seriously most of the time, and as a result isn't the sort to take risks.

    Known as Chas. Tends to pull his hair when stressed.
  10. This hasn't started yet has it? Hope it isn't too late to submit a character. If anything doesn't fit feel free to tell me.

    Name: Sandric Alta

    Age: (between 16-18) : 17

    Special Power: Telekinesis, people typically underestimate how powerful this ability is. He can read minds and implant unconscious desires within said minds, he typically uses this to get people to do what he wants although sometimes he does it just to ruin a persons day. He isn't very good at moving objects, when he does it is usually randomly and almost always unintentionally. He can move small things like marbles easily, he enjoys [SIZE=2]doing tri[SIZE=2]cks with them.

    Power Class (Good, Neutral, Destroyer) Destroyer

    Physical Description: Looks like your typical good-natured nerd, enjoys wearing button up plaid shirts. He has rather nice looking light brown hair which still manages to look good without him putting too much effort into it. He is rather cautious about his eyes and usually wears dark shades to cover them, no one ever really calls him out on it. He isn't the fittest person in class, actually rather skinn[SIZE=2]y [SIZE=2]if not underdeveloped[SIZE=2].[SIZE=2] [SIZE=2]It is [SIZE=2]clear he doesn't eat enough[SIZE=2] [SIZE=2]from looking at him yet he does[SIZE=2]n[SIZE=2]'t [SIZE=2]seem to mind.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

    Personality: Rather cold and rather rude. He enjoys teasing people, the more upset they get the more fun it is for him. He has been known to push people too far though which has lead to unfortunate incidents on his part. If someone does wrong him you can be sure he will get back at you after spending several longs days and nights figuring out the best way to make you suffer. At the same time though he is rather lonely, [SIZE=2]even if he is p[SIZE=2]urpo[SIZE=2]sely [SIZE=2]distancing himself f[SIZE=2]rom others. He doesn[SIZE=2]'t really have anyone who [SIZE=2]honestly c[SIZE=2]ares for him, at school or at home.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

    Other: (nicknames, quirks, etc) People tend to call him nasty names as a way to spite him from a distance yet he doesn't take them to heart. If someone were to ask him what he would like to be called he would tell them Tela, which is short for telapath. He has something of an infamous reputation around school, if something goes bad you can be sure someone is suspecting him of causing it.
  11. Damn my noctournal sleep schedule!! I will be in on this with a half-angel/half-demon and maybe a kid who sorta controls shadow/darkness. I just have to take my dog to the dog park first lol
  12. Oh gosh! I'm sorry, I replied in the real roleplay first. I just thought it was a 'jump-in-jump-out' type-a thing. But, I deleted it. But I was thinking, would it be okay if my character could speak to dead people ( AKA Ghosts, Spirits, so on and so forth ) or possibly has Extrasensory Perception? If not, I can keep it simple, like a Medium or a Physic.

    Name: Esamaiya Cabousa ( It sounds like Is-A-My-Ah Ka-Bow-Sa )

    Age: 17

    Special Power: The ability to talk/see/contact spirits and ghosts.

    Power Class (Good, Neutral, Destroyer): Good, he tries not to cross into the neutral at all.

    Physical Description: Slight muscle, and a slender body-type to match. His facial features start with his largely shaped dark blue/grey eyes, that are covered with a pair of glasses. Esamaiya has shaggy black hair that comes down a little past his earlobe, and is usually hanging in his face most of the time. He is tall and lengthy, roughly around 6"0'. He has a forward slouch from standing tall all of the time, and he struggles to correct it.

    Personality: Somewhat of a scatterbrain and a klutz. He is always somehow anxious or nervous in one form or another. Once you get to know him and get close with him, he is a loyal friend and a caring one at that. Esamaiya is somewhat shy around others, and tends to keep himself out of the big picture. He is a background character in the painting.

    Other: (nicknames): Essy, Maya, or just Cabousa.
  13. I just changed my mind on the specialness of my characters lol

    Name: Ciro Last-Name-Unknown

    Age: 17 (Estimated)

    Special Power:
    Appears to be linked with the sun. No one has been able to figure out exactly what he is/does.

    Power Class: Neutral

    Physical Description: "Adonis" comes to mind. Tall, blond, muscled, very strong, light brownalmost yellow eyes.

    5004514-athletic-sexy-mezczyzn-ciala-budowniczego-z-blondynka-dlugie-wlosy-gladiator-nosisz-okul.jpg More or less. A little younger looking, I suppose...He also has golden feathered wings that are usually just folded at his back.

    Personality: Bright, sometimes pretty intense, VERY protective of his sister. He's friendly though, and usually a pretty 'warm' person, the kind of person that goes up to people that he can tell are feeling down in the dumps or upset for any reason and tries to (excuse the pun please) brighten their day.
    He doesn't like solar eclipses one little tiny bit. He HATES them. He either has to stay inside or stare directly at it, but he usually seems to darken himself. He becomes irritable and generally cranky until it passes.

    Other:Names his sister calls him: Agon, Anatoly, Zoran, Arun.

    Name: Alcmene Last-Name-Unknown

    Age: 17 (estimated)

    Special Power: Opposite of her twin, Alcemene seems connected to the moon. Again, they can't really figure out quite what's going on.

    Power Class: Neutral

    Physical Description: Again, she is the opposite of her brother. She has very light white hair that doesn't seem as heavy and thick as her brother's. Her eyes are a pale-yet-beautiful blue. She also has white feathered wings.

    Personality: You know where the word 'lunatic' comes from? Yeah. Her personality changes with the moon phases. She can range from quiet and happy to dark and broody, but her brother usually keeps her in check. By default, she is a quiet, soft-spoken girl who does care about everyone around her. On solar eclipses she seems to come out of her shell a lot more and pester and bug her brother while he's in his dark reclusive state. Lunar eclipses make her a little twitchy though...

    Other: Names her brother calls her: Ayla, Luna, Aysel, Salena, Rishima

    Moon Phases:
    Full Moon:
    On the full moon she's very strong, not physically but emotionally and mentally. She embodies the ideal of a goddess, standing tall, moving gracefully, she seems to be at her true, full power during a full moon.
    Gibbous Moon: Still strong, but she tends to sing more and tell stories, or always has her nose in a book or a pencil to paper.
    Half Moon: (or quarter moon, whatever you wanna call it) She tends to be rather judgmental and very rules-oriented.
    Crescent Moon: She becomes very caring and motherly, particularly to her brother but to others as well.
    New Moon: She goes a little crazy. She's ornery as hell, playing tricks, being obnoxious, nose in people's business, sometimes a tattle-tale, just kinda obnoxious...

  14. Axinite, if Sandric messes with Jewel too much she could bring down the whole building. You know this, right?
  15. I'm just waiting for [MENTION=4143]dippyeggs[/MENTION] to post, because otherwise my characters get left behind if one character ends up being posted.
  16. Name:
    Devon Witchall


    Special Power:
    Technological manipulation (ability to create and destroy mechanics that he is well-acquainted with as well as being able to access a network through a computer by manifesting a projection of his mind inside the computer)

    Power Class
    Neutral, though he uses his powers to blackmail people he's not evil, just not good.

    Physical Description:
    Devon in day-to-day life
    When he's in a computer

    He was raised by a man with few ethics, and as such Devon has none. He doesn’t trust anyone and as such double-crosses others before they can do the same to him. On the surface he’s a nice guy who'll help you with your homework in a heart beat. In reality he’s a cold, heartless b*****d with a love of money.

    His powers cause him massive headaches and if he 'downloads' too much information into his brain he'll start forgetting random things.
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  19. Name: Say

    Age: (between 16-18) 17

    Special Power:light manipulator also deals with electricity.

    Power Class (Good, Neutral, Destroyer)neutral

    Physical Description:
    he has basketball shorts on all black. an black muscle shirt which says "have fun now and work never" in lime green bright yellow and sky blue box letters. on his back he has on a small army pack which is black . inside it has small daggers and night vision goggles. he has on leather gloves that are cut of so that the fingers show. he wears on his feet a special metal only known to the planet toe. it is indestructible but flexible (stronger then Adamantium steel vibranium alloy). they are fit tight to his feet. under his shorts he wears black pants also made of this meal and the same on his arms . but has the appearance of normal clothing . . also Say has 300 pound weights on both ankles and both wrists.and his mid section
    Personality: he is shy quite and does not like to be bothered when in a zone.

    Other: (nicknames, quirks, etc)n/a