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  1. So like think these story creators and character makers threads you guys got going on are pretty entertaining. I decide to forum my own character creation challenge.

    Superheroes have always sparked interesting, All the way from every bodies favorite boyscout Superman to the vicious and primal Wolverine. The same thing can be said for the Sociopathic, Schizophrenic and APD Joker to the love to hate Lex Luthor.

    Your challenge is to created a superhero, Villain or Antihero. Try to be inventive with the character. Even some villains have morals, Look at capt cold, Vows to never kill children or people unless he has to. Even Superman, He has to restrain himself from killing with his amazing power when he faces a strong opponent for the world is like cardboard for him. Also many people don't understand him, General Lane is always out to kill him.

    Hero/anti/Villain Name:


    Secret Identity:



    Personality: ( Good Qualities and Bad ones )


    Background: (How they got them, Were they are from)

    Past adventures: (Greatest and Worst Moments) (Optional)

    Side Kick (Optional)
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  2. Hero or Villain Name: Lone Wolf

    Gender: Female

    Secret Identity: Cassandra Doyle

    Appearance: Waist length hair dyed black. Blue eyes. Olive skin. Her hair usually straightened. Mostly, she likes to wear loose fitting shirts with tight leggings, as she finds them the most comfortable. Generally, her feet are covered in combat boots. She's pretty, but has a scar on one side of her face she got in a fight when she was young. Most people try to avoid her. Though she's quite short, at only 5 feet tall, the intensity in her eyes keeps most people away.

    Costume: She tries to be as practical as she can. She wears a loosely fitted shirt underneath a black leather jacket that is somewhat too big. This is to make up for the fact that leather can be hard to move in. She could abandon the leather altogether, but she feels it has protective benefits that outweigh the disadvantages. When out in costume, her hair is braided with a spiked chord and kept out of her face. Unwilling to give up her peripheral vision, she prefers to hide her identity using light makeup and red contacts. The makeup she applies is colourful war paint. Her preferred colours are white, black, blue, yellow, and red, and she does it differently each time in mostly straight lines. The most common pain turns into a very angular design of a wolf face. On her legs, she wears heavier than normal leggings. She needs to be maneuverable so she has to give up some protection. On her feet, steel toed boots that hurt like hell when she kicks. She also wears a pair of gloves with long spikes coming out the knuckles, so any connected punch does damage. They also function as gloves in a way similar to gloves found in MMA competition. Around her neck, a spiked piece of leather to both deter choking and protect her from knives. She has hurt herself on it before when trying to take it off, but it has saved her more than once so she keeps it around.

    Personality: She is a passionate girl, she believes in right and wrong, but can get lost in all the grey. Her motives are more or less personal rather than moral. She has been mistreated in the past and this has led her to seek her own form of justice. She is headstrong and manipulative, which makes it hard for her to create real connections with others. However, what she does is for the good of her friends and family, and to make the world a better place. Her idealism makes her seem naive, but she is much more grounded than you'd expect when first meeting her. She knows she can't change the world alone, but any step she can take feels to her like an obligation.

    Powers: Communication with canines. Her dog is her partner in her fight against crime. She can communicate with any of the canines related to wolves. This directly saved her life once when someone she got into a fight with sicced a dog on her. She convinced it that she was a friend and it stopped the attack, after which she took down its master. She also has some heightened senses. Her smell is better than average, though not near as good as the average dog's. It would be about half way between the average human and the average dog. Her hearing is the same. She has larger than normal canine and incisor teeth, which can make close combat not quite so challenging. However, years in Muay Thai have also given her an advantage. She also has training with guns because her father is ex-military and felt it was a responsibility of his to teach her how to protect herself. He also conditioned to shoot first and ask questions later, a very controversial teaching indeed. But, he is aware that in high stress situations, those untrained easily make mistakes. He did not want that to happen to his daughter.

    Background: She was born with her powers. For as long as she can remember, she has been able to understand the dogs she meets better than nay human she has ever tried to befriend. She is from the Canadian city of Whitehorse, where she was born and raised until twelve. Her family then moved south and east, to Calgary, Alberta. She still resides there and fights the gang crime common to certain parts of the city.

    Past adventures:

    Greatest moment -

    Taking down the local drug lord, nicknamed Caspian for reasons she could never figure out. She'd been on his tail for months, when she finally got a hold of an item of clothing of his, in this case a hat. She'd given it to her dog, a German Shepherd, who had proceeded to track the criminal. They tracked him to his home, where he lived alone. Together, they broke in and neutralized the dog he owned (in this case convincing it not to bark or attack, and tying it up). They proceeded inside and she attacked the dealer. The assault was such a surprise that he did not react fast enough to stop her, and she soon had him tied up. They then called the cops and fled.

    Worst moment -

    One day, her younger brother, Callum, followed her on one of her missions. Not being careful, he attracted the attention of some gang members. He was shot and wounded, and she then had to fight of the gangsters to save his life while also trying to keep her brother from knowing for sure that it was her, although seeing her with the family dog pretty well gave that away. He was rushed to hospital and the bullet was removed. She confessed to being Lone Wolf. While Callum is in awe of her, she cannot forgive herself for almost getting him killed. She made him swear to not follow her again until she invites him along. He will one day join her in her crusade.

    Side Kick: King. A big, mostly black male German Shepherd. Cassandra's power allows her to communicate and coordinate with him perfectly. He is very good at tracking, and will attack for her when they agree the situation is too dangerous for her alone. He is fiercely loyal and would very literally take a bullet for his master.
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  3. Hero or Villain Name: Green Hawk

    Gender: Male

    Secret Identity: Jordan Stevens

    Appearance: 5'8" Native American Teenager. He has short, black hair and a large nose. He has very little discernable features. His civilian clothes are a green hoodie over a white school uniform dress shirt and Khakis.

    Costume: a metallic green suit of Cyber armor, the helmet shaped like a Hawk's head. The leggings of his armor vaugely resemble Moccasins. Along the arms are psedo-wings made of titanium feathers that he uses as projectiles.

    Personality: As Jordan: He is a very sociable person and loves to meet new people. He likes sports but he is also into computers and robotics. He does well in school. However, being a teenager, he is arrogant and rebellious, making him bad in teamwork situations as well as taking orders.
    As Green Hawk: His destiny tells him that he is a protector of all from the attacks of the wrathful and the greedy. He will often head straight into danger to protect others, but he isn't the type to sacrifice himself.

    Powers: Like Batman/Ironman he doesn't really have powers. But rather resourcefulness, cunning, luck, and athleticism.

    Background: A long time ago, long before the Colonists came to America. There were several great warriors from different tribes of Native Americans, these warriors banded together to form what can be translated as "The Rainbow Warriors" Texts detail the members as such: Green Hawk, Gold Eagle, Pink Quetzal, Blue Raven, White Condor, Red Falcon, and Orange Owl. This team of heroes would travel the Americas (some stories describe them transforming into the Birds they represented) and help those in trouble. However the team vanished with time. Hundreds of years later, Jordan was sent on a spirit quest as part of his customs where he was contacted by the spirit of Green Hawk, he was told that he was to take on his title and defend the world from the growing evils. When Jordan asked the spirit about the white-man, the spirit claimed that greed is what caused the white-man to steal their world away.

    After scavenging parts from a junkyard as well as using his school's resources, he constructed a suit of armor to take on the spirit's persona.

    I made this character in elementary school, I wanted to make a Native American superhero who wasn't just some gimmick

    Originally he is part of a team, but I figure he is better without that team. His original concept was that he was both Green Hawk and Gold Eagle, which I am considering making a plot arc if he was in a story.
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  4. Anti-Hero or Anti-Villain (Depends on who your asking) : Kid Jesus (I'm not a Narcissist guys, Totally different persona.)

    Gender: Male

    Secret Identity: Masum Pye

    Appearance: 20, Arabic and Caucasian mix. brown hair that stops at his eyes, Brown eyes, 5'11, Average built, Handsome, Tan skin, Has the Ankh tattooed on the back of his neck. He wears dress, Button ups, Snap back hats, Jeans and sneakers. He has a surgery scar doing down his heart

    Costume: His outfit is black or white robs with a red sash. (Use too, Now dress normally as he travels the world) He turns his hair snow white and his eyes amber (Always like that know.)

    Personality: He is kind to everyone he meets, Joking, He is said to not think before he acts. He is also rude a times , Arrogant, Childish, Depressing and bipolar. Atheist and self proclaimed god (When he is having a episode.) He always means well but it never turns out to go the way he wants.

    Powers: Reality warper=Flight, Bio-energy shield, Healing (Can bring dead back to life but only for 3 days), understands all languages including animals, Chemical alteration. When he has a very volatile psychotic break he has no limit, Every thing is clay in his hand.

    Background: He was born in to a Muslim (Father) and Roman Catholic (Mother) House hold. It wasn't that he had a hard life he just always was judge by the extended family. They would ask him "Are you Christian or Muslim Masum, You got to chose one." His mother and father were less harsh about it, Thy let his practice both. The problem was the strong aunts, uncles and grandparents. He got sick of the heaven and hell thing, He started to think they were all madness and foolish. He never told his parents this just because he was afraid he would be judged the only people who didn't. He also has a list of mental health problems like depression, Bipolar, Schizophrenia. He hers voices in his head along with random burst of rage, depression and laughter. He been keeping it under control as he travels the world with his to best friends with willpower and medication. His physical problem is his heart, It has a lot of problems, Every time he uses his power at cosmic level his heart suffers great pain. He is predicted to die before he is 25. He has accepted this fact and refuses to try to stop it. He is now traveling the world doing what ever fun thing comes to mind. He is no longer a hero but just a guy, He is consider a villain in the data base with all his personal information known. Masum and his friend are currently traveling Russia and hunting a old man that might know more about Masum's amaming powers.

    Powers gained: He had a heart surgery when he was 13 and died for 8 minutes in the middle of it. After his heart operation all the problems started to form little by little.

    Past adventures:

    Greatest moment

    He stopped another powerful reality warper know as Kride, A giant alien serpent that threaten the our side of the universe. He pushed his powers to the limits that day with out having psychotic break, He trapped the beast inside the middle of the multiverses, He then created a pocket universe for where it will stay forever. Even he prays it will never escape because he knows he will be dead when it happens. He was 18 at the time.

    Worst moment

    Once when hes was 16 he heard about a Honor killing that was committed by a family in his father Mosque. The person killed was very nice to him when he was a little kid. The police couldn't prove they did it so he decide to handle it self. He went to there home as Kid Jesus and slaughter the family one they admitted to killing there daughter. He did this in full state of mind, He eve said he would let them live. Under a psychotic break he kill a team of superheros (4 of them) with his bear hands over him killing a villain with important information. He laughed the whole time through out the slaughter.

    Side Kicks: He is traveling with Takeshi Mizushima, One of Masum's best friends. They grew up together and is one of the first to be told he is Kid Jesus. Takeshi is 19, 5'9, intelligent, Sweet talker, Number one bullshiter and isn't affraid to tell Masum off or or help him out even when he's going crazy. He wears glasses short and tank tops with vans. He has black and red died hair, Asian. His only problem is his drinking. He gets pretty mean if he drinks to much, He has been sober for 2 months. He travels with Masum because he want to escape the pressure of college.

    They are also traveling with the mother like and voice of reason to the idiotic pair is Maresa Castillo. She meet Masum when he got drunk one night a flew to Colombia, They spent the whole night together and he woke up in her bed. She let him sleep in her bed as she slept on the couch. He has know her for 3 years. She is now 22, She is very nice, Forgiving, Helpful in any problem. She is mostly ignored when it come to Masum and Takeshi choosing to do something stupid. She has sly hands and is a good lier, She had a hard life before her mom married a rich drug lord. She has brownish blonde hair, brown eyes, 5'6, Latin, Wears cloths related to the land the they are in. She travels with Masum to see the the world, Escape the abusive family she and her mom married into and help Masum use his gift to better the world instead of just have childish fun, Even if she gives into it sometimes.

    I really like this character, It's his mental state that i love so much, So much power in someone who can go crazy at any moment. He tries to help but sometimes thing don't go as plan.
  5. Hero/anti/Villain Name: Moses

    Gender: Male

    Secret Identity: Moses Minkabh

    Appearance: Moses has a rather modest appearance about him as he has not a high opinion of himself, his "gifts" or those who might seek to use them for some purpose of their own. With long, black shaggy hair and an equally shaggy beard an onlooker would take Moses for a tramp or someone who just doesn't keep up with their hair. Evenly tanned skin gives way to a set of dark blue eyes that are filled with sadness. His nose is rather flat and high, his ears small and petite. He does not bare any scars anywhere on his body. Moses wears a set of very poor and dirty clothes. A white T-shirt is worn under a green canvas jacket and over this is a plain sand-colored trench coat. His pants are torn at the knees and frayed at the cuffs, a set of simple blue jeans. On his feet are a pair of sandalias, or as people would more know them as "Jesus Shoes." A pair of simple Spanish sandals, the leather straps that make up the shoe wrap around the tops of his feet and his ankles, going beneath his jeans and up his calves past his Achilles tendon. Around his neck Moses wears a leather strap necklace with a small black Ankh on the end of it. He carries with him a tall, gnarled staff made of a wood he is not familiar with that is approximately six feet tall, five inches taller than himself, and twists in on itself the last foot of the length. Over his left breast, above his heart, is tattooed the Ennead sigil, a symbol of his heritage and homeland of Egypt.

    Costume: Moses wears no costume as he chooses not to glorify his abilities nor does he wish recognition for them. He simply wishes to be left alone.

    Personality: Moses is a kind-hearted soul by nature, a lover of children and a very reserved figure when in a crowd. He keeps to himself mostly, always has, and is a very diligent watcher because of it. Little goes missed when he looks at something. A studious person, Moses has spent much of his time in life in one book or the other and as such does not have the best social skills. Never the less, he is very intelligent with his accumulated knowledge of science, religion, history and culture. A very understanding person, Moses is not one to be quick with anger - especially considering the consequences. Rather than solve one confrontation with another, Moses is quick to find a peaceful solution to almost any argument and backs away from them if he can't. He does not like to get into confrontation with others and so if he himself is the subject of a disagreement he will do his best to simply back away from the situation as quickly and quietly as he can. When he is angry, it doesn't last long. An finite amount of malice exists within him and when it is expended, he is quick to repent. Apologetic and reserved, Moses easily fits the traits of a wall flower. He has no vices other than his small bursts of anger when he's angry - does not drink, smoke, or sleep around. He is still a virgin, in fact.

    Powers: Moses possesses the Biblical powers of divine judgement. He is able to do the following: Turn water into blood, summon gargantuan amounts of frogs from large bodies of water, create vicious lice and gnats from dust, summon swarms of flies of all sorts, inflect a sickness upon livestock that is always fatal, inflect a skin disease of festering boils upon man, summon a great storm of immense destruction that rains ice and fire, summon swarms of biting locusts to devour all, surround an area in a darkness so thick that it can be felt, inflict death upon the firstborn of both men and animals, cause bodies of water to rise and swell and flood, rain fire and brimstone down from the sky or turn the footing beneath him to brimstone and fire, create a fire that instead of burning turns its victims into pillars of salt, turn water into wine and split bread and fish into infinitesimal numbers although only for others, not himself.

    The vast majority of these abilities Moses cannot control or has not found a way to control them yet. His very presence turns water into blood after a certain amount of time - he has estimated it to be roughly half an hour, and hour at the most. The others - the frogs, lice, flies, sickness, the storm, the locusts, darkness, death of the firstborn, flooding, fire and brimstone - he cannot control and in fact have only ever been able to have the ability to use them at all when his life or others were in great peril or when he was angry. The things he can control are turning water into wine - including water that has turned to blood because of his presence as well as the splitting of bread and fish. Because of his innate ability to turn water to blood and blood to wine, Moses has spent the last several years of his life living solely off of wine and what other drinks he could get besides water. He eats when he can, unable to split his own food for himself.

    Background: Moses started out life in Egypt and spent the vast majority of it in peace. He went to school, church, studied the bible, the Quran, history, science, geography and various other subjects. Top in his class, both at school and at church, Moses worked hard to one day become a priest so that he might provide for his family. He was a very cultural, very fun loving and very out going boy, always curious and always looking for his next adventure. One night, when he was around the age of seventeen, a voice whispered to him in his sleep. "I have chosen you, Moses. You are worthy." At first he ignored this, but when it began to happen every night in his sleep he began to worry. Ten days after the initial message, Moses received another: "I give you my divine power, and I order you to go forth and spread my word. I give you power over all men so that all may know my name:" Here, several names were spoken at once - so much so that Moses could not make them out at first. Awakening from his slumber then, Moses rushed to his parents and told them of his dreams. Unsure of what they meant, they sent Moses back to bed. The following day, while Moses took a bath, he shut his eyes and began to drift, only to be greeted by the voice again. "I shall show you proof of your power and you will know that what I say is true, and that my name is - " Opening his eyes suddenly, Moses found that his bathwater had turned red and thick. Crying out for help, his parents rushed into the bathroom to find the tub filled with blood. At first concerned for their child, they checked him over to make sure he was unhurt in any way. When it was discovered that he was not, they themselves became afraid and did not know what to do. No matter how they tried to rationalize it, they could not find an explanation as to what was happening to Moses and Moses became very afraid.

    For two weeks after, every time Moses came in contact with water it would turn to blood. He kept away from it as best as he could, but it seemed to follow him without end. Every night he had the same dream with the same voice, repeating in his head, "
    I give you my divine power, and I order you to go forth and spread my word. I give you power over all men so that all may know my name:" and still Moses could not decipher the many names spoken at once. On the following Sunday, while Moses was studying in his room, the voice spoke to him for the first time in his waking life. It told him, "Tonight you shall be visited by the agents of the Devil, and they shall harm you in ways that cannot be stopped. Be brave, for I have given you the power to bend any servant of the snake to their knees. I give you this power in the name of:" Alarmed at having heard the voice for the first time clearly, Moses was deeply disturbed by what the message meant. As he tried to get to sleep that night, tossing and turning, he heard shouting and the breaking of glass. Afraid that this was what the voice had warned him about, Moses jumped out of his bed and ran to his parents' room to find his father holding his mother and blood all over the floor. A man stood over them wearing all black - a burglar perhaps. He looked at Moses and his face both angered and terrified the young man. Screaming, the floor around Moses erupted in a circle of fire and sulfur and spread quickly throughout the house. The bandit was struck first and his corpse writhed in pain and burning agony. Unable to stop the flames, Moses tried to get to his father to help him escape, but his every step breathed brimstone. Unable to help his father, Moses fled from his home leaving all that was his life behind him. As he watched his home burn in the fire he had created, the voice spoke in his head once more and for the last time: "Go forth and spread my message, so that all men may know my name. I am:" and for the first time Moses understood the many names that were spoken to him - Yahweh, Jehovah, the Holy Host, God. There were many more names, but these were the ones that Moses most recognized. Terrified, he fled.

    The next day, Moses saw the news on how he and his family had died the night before in the fire. Three bodies had been found and it was assumed the third was his as the flames had damaged the body beyond recognition. Alone, homeless and now officially dead, Moses fled Egypt and tried to run away from his powers, but everywhere he went he was followed by blood and plagues. Anytime he was disturbed it seemed a new plague would come from him - frogs, live, sickness, darkness, death and salt all seemed to spawn from his fear and his anger. He tried to decipher what he all meant, these biblical powers which he had been "gifted" but could find no meaning in all of the blood and plagues. He began to believe he was cursed and prayed to all the gods he could think of to lift it from him, but they all went unanswered. Not even Yahweh, God, Jehovah would answer his prayers for answer. He was left only with the previous messages. Cursing everything, including himself, Moses traveled the world in search of a place he could live in peace or die alone and be rid of these abominable powers, but every time he tried to starve himself to death or commit suicide, someone or something always got in the way of his doing so. The first time he had gone for weeks without food and had been given a free meal at an all you could eat buffet. The second time a couple of cliff divers had convinced him not to jump from the cliff face he had climbed. The third time a little girl gave him her sandwich which kept him going for a while. After so many attempts, Moses surmised that it must be divine intervention of some sort keeping him alive, and so he stopped trying to die and instead focused on figuring out why it had all happened. He picked up clothes along the way and at some point found a walking stick that would serve him well. he traveled all over Eruope, most of Africa, some parts in Asia and briefly visited America, though he is always on the move. To this day, he is still trying to solve the meaning in the words of the LORD who supposedly gave him these "gifts", unsuccessfully as of yet.

    In retrospect, I really like this character. I'm probably going to use it at some point elsewhere, when I can find a good place for him.
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  6. Moses and Masum are so alike (accept Masum has plenty of mental issues), They have to met one day.
  7. Well if this becomes a full fledged RP, they might.
  8. Maybe it could, I'll tell you guy if it ever does.
  9. Hero Name: Necrosis

    Gender: Female

    Secret Identity: Lilith 'Lily' Ross, sole surviving daughter of a multimillionaire surgeon, herself a socialite and doctor.

    Appearance: Lilith is tall and striking, standing at the height of five foot ten, and built with long, lean limbs. She is quite slender in build, her body maintaining slightly less than the ideal level of body fat at 13% thanks to her so called gifts. She is extremely fair skinned, almost pallid at times but his has less to do with time spent outdoors, and more to do with her ability to reverse UV damage to the skin. Her hair is naturally black and typically falls a little past her shoulders in length, curling slightly. In her public life it is usually up in a classy up-do, but at home and around base she rarely bothers with anything more complicated than a ponytail. She is regularly described as being pretty, although this is typically a requirement of her job as a rising celebrity. She keeps a natural, fresh look with minimal make-up, and doesn't wear any at all around base or when not in public eyes. Her dress sense is what many would call a little too safe and conservative, and what others call 'classic chic' and fitting of her lineage. In truth, Lily doesn't know a whole lot about the world of fashion and wears what she feels is comfortable and often translates to jeans and vintage t-shirts in her private life.

    Costume: Necrosis likes to blend in with the crowd. She wears specially designed motorbike leathers [jacket, gloves and trousers] that resist electricity and limit any unnecessary damage to her body, but are otherwise nondescript. Her boots are steel-toe capped and reinforced to superhuman standard. She wears a motorcycle helmet, again black and plain, to protect her head and identity, as well as a balaclava to further protect her identity in the event something happens to her helmet.

    Personality: A charming, well-educated young lady, Lilith is the paradigm of British class. She has attended some of the best schools in the world, yet a hard-working father ensured that she remained down to earth and prevented snobbishness and close-mindedness from taking hold. Although unaware of her powers until her early teens, Lily was a supporter of super-humans from a young age, seeing only potential heroes in those that her peers branded as freaks. Although this made her somewhat of a pariah in her early years, it has reflected only too well on her in recent years, with supers praising her kindness and warmth, and generally making her look good. Gracious and elegant, Lilith in public life is forming a sharp contrast to many other celebrities in the city.

    In her life as a super hero, Lilith has been used as a human shield for the best part of ten years. This has never bothered her much in the past, having signed up the role willingly, but recent events are leading her to believe that she and her abilities are being taken for granted. Although she often playfully flirted with her old partner, she has been known to run a mile at the first sign of romance. She happily acts as mother hen to the young recruits,and those who remain young at heart, but supers her own age often complain that she is a little cool and downright hard to get to know. She is particularly touchy about her past, especially about the deaths of her mother and older sister and as well as how she discovered her powers. What is known by a very select few is that both of these things have to do with the night terrors of her days as a young recruit.

    Powers: Rapid cell regeneration, with limited pain negation.

    While many supers possess some degree of regenerative abilities, Lilith's is one of the most powerful ever recorded, bordering on outright immortality. She is immune to illness, easily recovers from what should be mortal wounds within seconds, repair broken bone in minutes and can even regenerate brain tissue and nerves if given time. She can be killed, of course, and has 'died' on various other occasions when she sustained too much damage to recover from at once. When given time however, or given a shot of her own blood, she can resurrect herself once her body has healed enough to do so. Her healing rate when 'dead' however, is a lot slower than that when she is 'alive'.

    Lily is fully immune to the effects of poisons, drugs, alcohol and anesthetic, much to her own irritation. While a definite positive for a lot of people, Lily cannot get any kind of 'buzz' from alcohol, and likewise when her ability to cancel out pain runs out, she is immune to the effects of any numbing or pain-killing agents. Also, in order to keep both of her abilities in full working order, she must eat a minimum of 3-4000 calories a day and get between 9 and 12 hours of sleep a night. Lilith's abilities also come with another often nasty side effect; her brain refuses to shut down until it cannot take anymore. Lily has remained fully conscious, without her pain negating ability, through the complete crushing of both her legs and one arm in the accident that killed her mother and sister.

    Lilith's abilities are transferable through her bodily fluids, granting the recipient a watered down version for a short period of time. The effects are strongest with a blood transfusion, which almost fully mimics her own abilities for up to two hours. Even her tears and kisses have been known to heal smaller wounds. However, Lily's blood is AB+, which means that she can only donate to others with the same blood type, or she will kill the recipient almost instantly.

    Background: Born and raised amongst the lower branches of the British peerage, Lilith grew up playing in the finest of houses, with future lords and ladies of the realm. It was her mother who was responsible for this life of privilege; she was the youngest daughter of an earl who was in a position to marry for love, and not money or for a title. Lily's father was a surgeon who discovered a means to regenerate heart tissue in his final year of medical school, and became something of a superstar in the years that followed. Considering his profession, Lilith's father was a modest and down to earth man who worked hard and who got lucky as a result. With loving parents, an older sister to worship and a bright future ahead, Lily had the idyllic childhood.

    When Lilith's older sister Clara was identified as being a possible carrier of the super gene, the family moved to America, where by this time, more support and resources were there for young supers. Despite the upheaval, both girls settled into their news lives without much upset. Clara's abilities never manifested, and the Ross family lived a perfectly normal, unremarkable life for the next couple of years.

    Clara, Lily and their mother headed out for some mother-daughter bonding shortly after Lily's thirteenth birthday, when their car was struck at high speed by a drunk driver. Clara was killed instantly, their mother several hours later from her injuries. Lily was regarded as a very, very lucky little girl to have survived. She would never walk again, and it wasn't certain if her arm could be saved, but it was a miracle that she lived at all. It was Lily's father who first noticed the first signs of his youngest daughter's impossible recovery. If Clara had been a carrier, then the odds were Lilith was too, even if it didn't show on a normal scan. What if her ability was different; what if it had never needed to manifest itself. He couldn't remember a single childhood illness, a single childhood injury, not so much as a bruise... What if her ability had been there all along? Lily was removed promptly from the hospital and under her father's watch, was cared for by medics for the Super Human League. Tests were performed, and Lily's secret revealed.

    Lilith was coerced into joining the League, but despite undergoing training as a recruit, it became second to her path as an upcoming media darling, something which she later learned to regret. By her eighteenth birthday, she was pursuing a fast-track medical degree through contacts in the League. Her announcement to leave the limelight for a while to follow this path won her plenty of public support. Upon graduation she was seen to be the new role model for young girls; refined, educated and independent enough to chase her own dreams. The level of public attention began to put strain on her life as a super hero, and while she was a star in the media, Lilith Ross was not too popular with older supers in the League for her life choices.

    Over time, she learned to get her two lives in balance, but a recent disaster caused by the wrong call by one of her superiors left dozens of civilians dead, and several supers, including Lilith's long-time friend and partner Liam, disappeared without a trace. The aftermath, including the treatment of her current partner, a cybernetically enhanced super, has left her questioning her role within the League, and who exactly is the villain in this town.
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  10. I actually made this villainess a while back, but I lost her character sheet. This sounded like an awesome time to remake it, as well as give her some revamps!

    Villain Name:
    Fire Lily


    Secret Identity:
    Sandra Gwang

    Sandy stands at a petite 5' 4". Being mostly Korean, her skin is a light tan color. Her eyes are dark brown, and her hair is black, usually worn in a short hairstyle so her helmet doesn't get too cramped. Her legs and arms are fairly toned from daily sessions of fitness. The size of her feet are small enough to make people squeal with joy, if not tease her. Due to her lips being thin, she often times wears gloss or lipstick to make them fuller. She doesn't skimp on make-up overall, because she doesn't like having such a youthful looking face, despite her being in her late twenties.

    Click! (open)

    Sandra is selfish and cruel. She shows more affection towards plants than she does humans, which she considers a beautiful irony because of how easily plants perish in fire. Everything she does, she does for herself. She gets pleasure from harassing people, as well as killing them. The smiles she shows are entirely fake; she can't remember the last time she smiled while she felt genuinely happy. She's not against seducing people into giving her what she wants, or lighting them on fire. Depends on what measure they've pissed her off. When she's angry, her rage spreads as badly as fire does.

    Fire can be produced from thin air and used to her advantage. She herself is fireproof, but she keeps that secret by wearing a fireproof outfit. That way, she can keep the element of surprise on her side should anybody try using fire against her.

    She likes to channel her powers into a flamethrower she carries around. As long as the moisture in the air is low and she herself stays dry, she can count on endless fuel for the weapon.

    The story of Sandra's past involves a daughter rebelling against her parents. Both of them were strict to the point of depriving her of sleep so she could study. They wanted her to get into a good school that could guarantee her a high paying job. Shamelessly, they told her that they wanted to use her money to retire.

    All the pressure really got to her eventually. One day, she was working with some college classmates on a chemistry experiment. The lack of sleep caused her to make a clumsy move with the Bunsen burner. The chemicals caused the fire to spread fast enough to engulf the whole room, swallowing her professor and peers instantly.

    Sandy herself thought she was a goner. During an explosion, her undamaged but naked body went flying to a grassy field. Students and teachers were rushing from the burning building while she laid in the dirt. The explosion somehow manipulated her DNA.

    The new found power was instantly used for everything except the greater good. She abandoned her family and her career to move to America, where she started a new life for herself. Nobody knows she has powers, they just assumed she was so devastated by the fire that she up and ran. Sandy works as co-manager to a plant nursery called Oasis; she's meant to inherit it when the old shop owner dies.

    When she's not working with plants, she's terrorizing the city, Cledora. She lives a cushy life because of her thievery. She also will assassinate for a high price, and she will kill you and take your money if you don't pay what was promised, when it was promised.

    Where she draws the line is little children. As well, she's not interested in domination of any sort. Something like world domination is a foolish goal in her eyes. Sandy entertains the idea that her simple motivations will eventually lead her to the top like some course of nature.
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  11. Hero/anti/Villain Name: (Villain) The Observer (aka TO - pronounced T-O)

    Gender: Female

    Secret Identity: Roslyn Reteck

    Show Spoiler
    [​IMG] Ik I'm a crap artist but still

    Costume: ^

    Personality: /

    Powers: She's more of an Arkham type villain, she is powerless, but has an army of criminals at her disposal.

    Background: (How they got them, Were they are from)/

    Past adventures: (Greatest and Worst Moments) (Optional)/

    Side Kick (Optional)/

    /= will complete later/when I can be bothered.