Superhero Academia (A Power ranger/super sentai/kamen rider academy rp idea)

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  1. I was thinking making a superpower school but you're a newbie power ranger or kamen rider (well basically armored hero but whatever~)

    so far I just got the concept done~ here are some of the concept I come up with:
    So.. you can pick to be a super sentai or Kamen rider (well you could said super sentai more of a coop and Kamen rider are lone wolfs), and heroes were divided through classes, E to SS. The higher their class the more access they could get so let's say a super sentai would get a normal zord when they reached class B while Kamen rider gets a shiftable vehicle or upgraded version of his suit (let's face it Kamen rider can't have zord).

    ^--- that's all so far

    oh and don't get me wrong that they could help each other though the HP a.k.a "Hero Point" would be given to the ones who do the quest. Sentai's member aren't needed to be 5 though they need to be at least 3 member (go check sun vulcan~).

    Cheers~ and remember power ranger = super sentai (though super sentai are more overwhelmed than power ranger ... a true story ^o^~)

    okay so end it with a LOGO~
  2. I don't think I'd be able to participate myself, as I've go plenty on my plate already. But, i think this is an idea that might go places, so I hope it takes off. I've seen plenty of times that people seem to like Kamen Rider and want to run him in one sort of game or another (often ones which have nothing to do with superheroes, even). Though that's more in tabletop stuff and might also be a symptom of my play group being a specific kind of nerds.
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  3. Well If I've known how to table top rp-ing, I think I would make that happen though for now it's better to start small and thanks for the support.
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