Superhaven: A Fablehaven/Supernatural Crossover

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    • (Five years after the last Fablehaven book)

    Sam and Dean Winchester have no idea what they're in for when they discover the magical, mysterious preserve of Fablehaven.

    Working a vamp case in Conneticut, the boys discover the 'vampire' Vanessa is not all she seems. After they follow her back to the house of Stan and Ruth Sorenson, they are stopped by none other than Kendra and Seth. Before they can stop them, Dean sees the fairies in the yard and the creatures in the woods, even Hugo. Sam follows suit by accidentally drinking the milk.

    What will happen next?


    The Character Sheet
    Crush/Boyfriend/Girlfriend (optional):

    Sexscenes and vulgar language are not allowed.

    The Winchesters
    The Sorensons
    The Burgesses
    Claire Novak
    Any magical creatures mentioned in the Fablehaven books (Hugo, Newel and Doren, Raxtus, etc)
    The Sphinx
    The Fairy Queen
    The Fairy King

    The characters that have been taken-

    Kendra: TyratheTyrant
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  1. Name: Kendra Sorenson​

    Gender: Female​

    Age: 19​

    Species: Human/Fairykind​

    Personality: Determined, smart, kind, fun-loving, motherly, tough.​

    Likes: Her unicorn boyfriend, Bracken, reading, going outside, playing outside, hanging out with Hugo, spending time with her family, talking to fairies.​

    Dislikes: Dark creatures, the cold, lectoblixes, too much tv, the Sphinx.​

    Relatives: Marla and Scott Sorenson (parents), Stan and Ruth Sorenson (grandparents), Hank and Gloria Larsen (grandparents), Patton Burgess (ancestor), Warren and Dale Burgess (distant cousins) and Seth Sorenson (brother).​

    Crush/Boyfriend/Girlfriend (optional): Bracken the Unicorn, son of the Fairy Queen.​

    Bio: Kendra is a girl with the amazing ability of being Fairykind. She has gone on several adventures with her brother, Seth, and has met many different people and creatures. She and Seth even managed to defeat some of the most powerful demons in the world when they were barely teenagers!​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.