Super Zeroes!

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  1. A plot idea that keeps coming through my head after watching continued episodes of The Tick.

    Basically, an RP set in a comic book universe where the powers and the overall setting are utterly ridiculous.

    For example, a hero could be someone like the amazing Bicycle Man, a man with the power to transform his bottom half into a mountain bike. Of course, that's all he can do, and being able to become a bicycle-centaur doesn't exactly save the world.

    Or Meltman! With the power to...MELT!

    Basically, nothing is really serious. I think it might be fun!

    Who's interested! :D
  2. Interested.

    "Down Syndrome"

    Has the power to turn into his weight in white downy feathers...
  3. It sounds fun to do xD All the characters can be silly or IDK D:
  4. Skittle Man was the first thing I thought when I read it.
    I do like the sound of it!
  5. Good to see some interest! I'll get to work on some ideas and post a sign-up thread soon!
  6. *claps hands like a kid*


    I can not tell you how much I am looking forward to this!
  7. The Tick. Pure Gold. :D

    I feel like throwing in an equally ridiculous Kinnikuman-Esque character. XD