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  1. A wanted to do a Suicide Squad roleplay but then I thought, Nah i want to do one set in my own universe allow player a lot more freedom. So like the suicide squad, I bring you DeathRow.

    DeathRow is a team of super villains formed by the U.S Government in 1981. This team is used for clandestine operations and full on assaults on countries. Threw the decades there has been many members. Each member of DeathRow has a bomb, Poison, Etc (Whatever can kill them) surgically implanted in there chest. This is how the Super villains are forced to go along with it. DeathRow is has had some seriously dangerous Super Criminal in it's ranks. Most DeathRow member never make it out but dying is the most common. DeathRow is even on conspiracy webstes and is rumored to exist by the super hero and villain communities.

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  2. So who's is interested in this SS ripoff
  3. I'd be interested.
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  4. By supervillains are we talking people with supernatural powers like the ones superheroes possess but that don't feel like protecting people or are we talking people like the Joker who are essentially just normal people of a criminal nature?
  5. OK then. I don't typically like superheros and whatnot because they just descend into childish arguments about whether superman's absolute attack can get through superwoman's absolute defense, so I think there should be some limits as to what the powers can be.
  6. Of course, Can't have a god level character running around who can one shot everything.
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  7. Hey, Don't let childish fans ruin the Superhero genre for you.
  8. Of course that's common sense - I was meaning more along the lines of the style of an ability. For example, super strength probably shouldn't be allowed because there's a very high likelihood it'll be used incorrectly as also providing incredible toughness.

    Oh and by the way, I already disliked superheroes, but that's because of the way all official super heroes have really boring abilities that directly provide OP-ness. None of them are creative.
  9. I see what you mean and understand the concern but i think such basic powers like that should be allowed. I was thinking of letting people have a 1-3 power limit. Sure if someone want's super strength over enhanced strength they should have a secondary ability be limited invulnerability.

    There plenty of character with interesting powers like Scarlet Witch's probability control, Speed ball's kinetic energy reflection ability that takes the form of balls gathered around him, Maggott had super maggots that ate solid objects and in return gave maggott super strength, greater size, mass and stamina. Superheroes are more then just there powers, Shouldn't there character come into play. Maggott has quite a unique ability but he's killed off i believe because of his lack of character( doesn't show up ever i know that). Look at wonder woman, Basic physical powers with a lasso and sometimes weapons but what makes her is her character. I pick up superman and wonder woman books every month for there characters and how they interact together and apart
  10. I dislike the characters themselves too. I think the only superheros I can stand are iron man and deadpool. And sure there are some interesting abilities but the main characters are always so incredibly dull. Super strength, super agility, or super bank account.
  11. Well if you dig deeper into the world of DC or marvel comics you'll come to see there is more to offer them you originally thought.
  12. yeah but frankly, I just have a lot better things to do. I mean, if i want entertainment in an anime medium I can just click a random link and chances are it's gonna be at least mediocre. If I want entertainment in superhero comics, I have to search the depths of wikis for ridiculously obscure characters. Anything more common than that is likely to be more boring that staring at the same small part of a wall of a salt mine for 6 hours.
  13. I'm interested.

    Also it's an interesting debate. I'm personally all about looking for more depth than 'Superman is hero bc he does the Right ThingTM ' but often I find that they just want to have a new love interest or make the hero writhe and mope for a while. No real characterization there... I don't really need to read a comic to see that they do that in the movies too. I mean, The Right ThingTM doesn't always mean the best thing. And there's bias there too, but they never show that.
  14. Interested
  15. Yes I can agree that happen but isn't that life. Characters go threw highs and lows just like use. Sometimes i like it and sometimes i don't. Batgirl has recently got a new outlook on life and her comic became more 'Fun'. (I dropped it.) Iron man has become a narcissistic alcoholic party animal that only cars about money. Now this i am loving, Just seeing superior Iron Man pop us makes me happy. He is all of Tony's negative qualities amplified. I like when they make changes, It would be boring if they never changed.

    I did it and worked for me. So many characters you see on TV are inspired by comic book characters. Supernatural's creator even said he was inspired by the HellBlazer series. Fox's new series Lucifer is inspired by a comic book of the same name starring the devil himself.(sadly i believe they are portraying him as too human and unlike his original choice.) If you really even want to read some free comic there is a Hellocomic.com. There are also youtube channels like comicstorian and Itsupereffective if you ever want to just learn about characters and hear some stories.
  16. And Lex Luthor became president once...And that is just awesome. I'm still trying to find a download, Comic or videos about it.
  17. But I don't. And I don't like live action. I challenge you to find a good anime that's based on a dc or marvel comic.
  18. And it doesn't matter what they do. Kira became a God, but he was still a boring character.
  19. So Iron Man has had his own Anime

    Blade had his own Anime

    Wolverine had his own Anime

    X-Men had there own Anime

    There is also Iron man Rise of Technovore

    Batman Gotham Knight and a bunch of DC Animated Movies.
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