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  1. Just post a quick bio of person in post (Just appearance and creature) with your first post. Please watch the language though.

    Basically this story takes place in a large city in the USA, and the collage Max (The new girl) attends is a school for the supernatural. Classes are similar to the ones in a public collage. Go crazy, and mainly the people needed are the students already attending.

    (just have fun, and watch language)
  2. ((name: Max
    Species: vampire
    apperance: short brown hair, green eyes, tons of freckles.))

    Max looked at the building in front of her. It was a tall yielding adorn with vines, and coated with years of ware and tear from countless parties no doubt. She couldn't believe her family was making her go. She already had ten degrees in everything from botany to zoology but no. Her folks wanted her to study radiology.
    as she took a deep breath of the late night air she smiled faintly. She had to admit smelling the ocean was nice being in Florida it kind of hard to avoid. The only thing that made her worry was the sun.

    She took another deep beath lugging her stuff though the front door. She wanted to know what room she was in, but being a hermaphrodite she hoped they put her in her own room. But maybe just ,aye she was rooming with a guy.

    Suddenly something burnt the side of her check. The sun was already up, she had to hurry.
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    Chatacter Sheet:

    Name: Park Eun Ae
    Age: 18
    Species: Mage & Alchemist (hope this is okay)
    Bio: Transfer student from South Korea, attending the school to pursue her dreams in the Korean Music Industry.
    Appearance: Short pixie cut hair in plum shade, flinged out. Stand 5'2 in height, very slender, could be mistaken for a boy if she isn't wearing girly clothes. Black eyes with Asian pale complexion.


    Eun Ae walked inside the campus carrying her bag pack while wearing a fedora hat with her buttoned whit shirt and pleated denim skirt. She wore tiny shorts under her skirt like she always would. She fiddled with her little red tie and then noticed her shoe laces were untied, "urgh babo(idiot)" she called out to herself before putting her foot on the stairs and tying her shoes, as she did she noticed a girl stand outside the school gates. She seemed new like her, Eun Ae observed her and even though she was quite distant, Eun Ae focused her mind and could tell a mysterious aura surrounded her, 'I wonder what sort of gifted one she is' Eun Ae wondered to herself.
  4. Name: Konta Zates
    Species: Human/Telekinesis gifted
    Bio: Only child gifted with telekinesis. He found this out at a very young age when left alone for hours on end. His family moved from place to place and he was dragged all over the world. Moving is nothing new and going to yet another school is just a way to kill time. He finds time to read and perfect his gift into other tricks or games. Standing about 5'6 his frame is solid and tone. He likes to work out and enjoys being outside when he can. Always dressed in casual clothes of jeans and t-shirts, tan ankle boots that look like they are about to come untied are his uniform. Always draped over his right shoulder rest a well-worn messenger bag. He has green eyes and fair skin that tans well. His hair is short and well-trimmed.


    Konta's cab rolled up before the school and the door opened in sync with the popping of the trunk. Stepping out he looked up at the building and knew right then that he would have fun here. It was like the rest but something felt a bit new about this one. Maybe this time he might make some friends that would actually keep in contact for more than a week. Shaking off the crazy notion he reached back into the cab for his coat that was lying across the seat. Without a single touch it came to life and found his fingertips. Once tucked under his arm he closed the door, took hold of his roller bag and headed to the front doors of the school.
  5. Name: Cole Gregory
    Species: Electric Conduit
    Bio: Cole was born a conduit due to a near nuclear accident, in his home town of New York, New York. He knew he had these powers since about the age of 3. As he grew he was always called "freak" he hated it, until one day in 8th grade he had enough. It was a blur to him about what happened that day, all he remembers is watching it burn down from a distance. After that he had run away from his parents. Made a new life. He homed and mastered. Now it was time to flex them. He had no one to help with that. He looks all over America for another conduit to help him.
    Appearance: The boy is exactly 6'0" always wearing electricity producing rings on his fingers. Has what other people would call "the sexy vampire" look with bangs. He is very pail and a veiny and has an evil look on him.


    Cole stepped out of his cab and looked around. "Just hope this place doesn't get destroyed either." he thought to himself. He didn't know what to expect so he put a finger onto his cab and absorbed a little of the electricity from it. He then got his bags out of the cab's trunk and walked into the building. THe first thing he thought was friends...not girlfriends yet, but friends. He looked around inside the building and went ahead and made himself comfortable on the lobby couch. "Hah nice place" he thought to himself once again.
  6. Max looked out the window of her new room. She prayed that her room mate was a guy truthfully. ((Anyone can be the roommate just ask first))
    She watched as people came back from vacation or were just now coming.
  7. Name: Kairi Snow
    Species: Half-bred Demon
    Bio: Kairi is the offspring of a Demon succubus mother and her fathers origin is unknown. She was trained in another realm the first 12 years of her life so she's almost completly ignorant of the human world. She's Shy natured and nervous around people. She's also very easily taken advantage of of. She's very gifted in the use of fire and lightning techniques and a gifted swordsman. She's fast and also has the ability to summon her family blade.
    Appearance: About 5'6, Jet black hair hanging to her lower back, a small petite frame and light purple eyes. She has a small slender body and usually wears a short black skirt and a purple tank-top with small converse sbeakers. She has a bang that completly covers her right eye. Very pale at times

    IC: Kairi hurried around the corner panting and slightly sweating to the point her hair started to frizz abit. "T-There it is!" She stopped in front of the school building and tugged on her large suitcase. She sluggishly lugged it up the stairs to the school and pushed the front door open "Umph" She staggered into the lobby and immediately shot around to look for a place to rest. She plomped herself down on the lobby couch not even noticing the boy who was obviously there first. Kairi whined a little and tugged on the bottom of her skirt."Meh.. I dont even know where my room is!" She pouted.
  8. The line at the registration desk was long as usual but thankfully Konta had his classes and his room all set up beforehand. That was one of the many perks of having parents that loved you but also wanted little to do with you. They gave you everything you might need but the time of day or there their direct love. Shaking off the chill of loneliness he looked around and noticed the swarms of late arrivals. Pulling his class schedule out from his pocket and room assignment he looked around for the lift but was starting to think that there wasn’t one. Giving up he smiled at his suitcase and started to walk away from it. It followed him. Konta started up the steps toward the second floor and the case just hopped up beside him like a pet.
  9. IC:

    Eun Ae walked in the lobby to see a huge line of new comers and some sitting at the waiting lounge, the lobby was hustle bustle with new comers and the already signed up students as they walked about and came and went by. Eun Ae saw this poster by the reception that was for the school dance auditions, it had been up for while and it just reminded her she had to sign up so she rushed up to the main desk and she was handed out a form, Eun Ae wondered why she had to fill out an entire form but then sighed and took a seat with the newbies at the waiting room and pulled out her pen. As Eun Ae wrote down, her senses were picking up something, she was sitting extremely close to two gifted ones and she wondered how strong their auras are. Eun Ae despite being in a room full of people could only sense when she was still and concentrating or right beside that thing or being. Eun Ae gave on glance at the two people beside her, a guy and a girl but she couldn't tell who was who but she could tell one of them was a demon and the other a gifted one.
  10. Max walked into her room having signed up the night before chaos had erupted downstairs. Again she was praying that she wasn't rooming with anyone but she put that thought out of her mind as she sstepped into the small bathroom. She couldn't get the smell of that alchemist from downstairs out of her nose let alone the gifted guy with the levitating bag. There was a sofft knock on the door and her heart sunk as she pulled on her compression top an a tee shirt.
  11. Kairi blinked as she noticed the boy and girl next to her. She always tried not .to make a big deal about their being strangers next to her but it always made her nervous. Especially now that she was going to be enrolling in a school for the supernatural she would have to keep on her toes. She pulled out a paper she filled out the night before and looked around frantically. Kairi wanted to ask the two students next to her for information but preferred not to. "U-Um.." She whispered to herself. Right before she actually built up the courage to ask someone a male staff member came to her rescue. "Good day Ms...". He took a peak at her filled out form. "Ms. Snow right?". Kairi simply nodded. "You look abit confused". Kairi nodded again. "W-Well I wasn't told where I was rooming or who with." The male took another look at her form. "Well you may room with whoever you like." The male said before walking off. "B-But I don't know anyone". Kairi uttered but the male had already left. "Now what.." She whispered.

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    Cole woke up from what seemed to be a sleep. He noticed a few people around him. "Crap! Gotz to get my keys to my room" he said rather cutely and jokingly. After getting his keys, he was hoping that he was in a room alone. He knocked on the door and hoped on one would answer so he could just go in and enjoy himself. He knew his luck was thin lately, but he was willing to wait and see.
  13. Max answered the door adjusting the wrapping around her chest. Outside the door stood a staff member.
    "You requested a solo room correct?" He asked looking at her.
    "Yes..." She replied.
    "Currently we do not have room for you to have a solo room. Are you okay with rooming with a telekenetic named Konta. He's a guy."
    Max nodded and the staff member walked off.
  14. Konta felt his bag moving at his side and laughed at it kept hitting the door over and over. "Stop it" he spoke to the bag as if it were a person. "I know I'll get the door open just hold on. Fumbling with his coat that soon slipped out from under his arm and up into the air. "So it's like that is it" His items seem to be rebelling now. His coat floated away from him and the case jumped back onto his foot. "Damn you both!" he shouted. His imagination and nervous nature took over sometimes and once intertwined made his life comical to say the least. "Come back down here" He called to his coat as it floated just out of his reach. His case jumped on his foot once more forcing him back. Stumbling back into the wall with a thud he landed on his butt and his coat dropped onto the top of his head covering him up.
  15. Max heard a thud out in the hall way, and she looked out her door again. There was somebody fighting with their flying luggage and she couldn't believe it.
    "Sir are you okay?" She asked seeing a man tied up in his coat. She caught some of the run away bags before they went any farther. That's when she caught a smell of him.
    You could smell rich kid on him. The kind who only care for themselves and don't stay in one place to long.
  16. "Sir?" Konta got up and fixed his messenger bag. "Me?" Looking around he was confused. "I guess and please call me Konta. My dad is a Sir. I even have to call him that." Holding his hand out to the nice girl he waited for her to take it. His items settled down as his eyes fell upon and the room beyond. The hallway seemed to hold its breath as the void between them held and his hand waited for hers. Was it a moment or a century that was being crossed? He couldn’t tell but something about her made him feel naked yet he was fully clothed.
  17. "I'm Max." She replied, "An warning vampire. I wouldn't wanna touch me either." Max looked at him taken aback by what he looked like. If her heart was still pumping it would've gone wild.
    "You must be my room mate." Max said taking one of his fingers and shaking it gingerly before shoving her hands back in her pockets. It felt odd to touch him, like someone had electrocuted her.
    "Can I help in anyway?"
  18. He smiled softly and grabbed his bags. She was acting strange but then again his crazy luggage wasnt helping first impressions. "Vampire you say?" cool. And yeah I guess we are roommates. I was trying to get a room on the first floor but my father wanted me where it was safer like on the 2nd or 3rd floor and well having a vamp for a roommate... "he laughed to himself. "Im sure he wasnt planning on that." He teased. "Im kidding, kidding..." He was half joking but still nervus.
  19. She smiled sheepishly at him. "Ain't a fan of sun light are you?" she asked. He looked nervous but who would blame him. His room mate was a vampire. "Hope I don't make your dad mad." She watched him carefully looking at every feature but mainly she got lost in his eyes. Green and deep like they could see into your soul. What was it about this boy that she was already attached to? "Also I hope you realize I'm a hermaphrodite just so you know. It comes standard with vampirism."
  20. IC:

    After Eun Ae was done with her form she submitted and looked at the girl who seemed to be quite nervous. The male staff she was talking to had left and Eun Ae couldn't help herself and so she walked up to her, Eun Ae was being herself and she was extremely friendly, being a Korean she was fluent in english and her accent was clear too. Eun Ae hoped she didn't turn out as a freak when she spoke, "hey there umm, need a hand?" She asked the girl.