Super Troopers: Life in the Empire (IC)

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  1. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....


    Episode 4 1/2

    "Super Troopers"




    "Oooh, what fresh hell is this?" groaned Maar as he struggled to wake up, blinking a few times as the warning sirens continued to echo around him. Pushing himself upwards, Maar put a hand against his forehead and shut his eyes tight, trying to calm the aching headache the loud wailing had given him. Two hours ago, he had been on sanitation duties when there was a massive riot in detention block AA-23. Apparently some rebels had managed to sneak aboard the Death Star and broke Princess Leia Organa out of her containment cell. Matt had unfortunately missed the action as he was about wrist-deep in Tusken Chilli 'leftovers'. Why was it that he always got sanitation duties after 'Spicy Saturday'? Probably because nobody wants to clean up the chilli poop and he always drew the short straw.

    Once his job was complete,
    Maar decided to catch up on a few hours of missed sleep, only to be rudely awoken by the current wailing sirens that plagued the halls. To the right of his bed stood a side table, upon which he had laid his helmet. Maar had removed the top half of his armour prior to his nap, leaving his bare chest exposed to the cold air of the Death Star as he removed his blanket. Damn air conditioning was on the fritz again, but at least it was better then sweating his ass off on Tatooine. He would take the cold any day over the heat generated from the blazing twin Suns of his home planet. But as Maar turned his head towards the helmet, he noticed it was gently vibrating. Rolling his eyes, he reached for the communicator embedded into the outside of his mouthpiece and turned it on. "Whaaaat?"

    "TK-947, why weren't you answering?"

    "Because I spent the whole day cleaning up your crap, Captain Zetna. I'm off duty right now, so can we make this quick?"

    "Don't talk back to me, TK-947! Did you not hear the warning signals?!"


    "It's hard not to... Wait, the Rebels are doing what?!"

    "A full out assault on the Death Star! Lord Vader has commanded that all available troops man the battle stations, so get your ass in gear!"

    "R-Right away, sir!" exclaimed Maar, his voice suddenly unnerved as he realized the dire situation he was in. If the Rebels succeeded, the space station could blow up at any time! He needed to fight them off!

    Jumping out of his bed as fast as possible, Maar collected the discarded pieces of his armour as he pulled up his undershirt. Throwing his armour on next, the young Stormtrooper primed his weapons, throwing the T-21 Blaster Rifle into the holster over his shoulder while he picked up the E-11 Blaster placed by the nightstand. The final thing Maar grabbed before running out the door was his helmet, tossing it on with the utmost urgency. But as he was in a rush, he forgot that the doorway to his bunk was an inch lower then the other doorways on the Death Star and banged his head roughly. Recoiling a bit and groaning from the sudden jolt, Maar shook his head and cursed loudly.

    Looking frantically down the hallways to his left and to his right, Maar tried to remember where his 'battle station' was. "Deck A? Deck B? A? B? A? B? OhCrapOhCrapOhCrap!" quietly exclaimed the panicked Maar, jogging on the spot as his indecisiveness only prolonged the chance that he could die. But as he determined which path he was going to follow, the ground beneath him shook violently and the walls around him exploded with a violent array of sparks. Stormtroopers who were passing by Maar's dorm were suddenly thrown to the ground with the impact of what could only be described as the detonation of a proton torpedo. Hitting the ground with an audible thud, Maar tried to gather his thoughts as his senses returned. The detonation had been close, but it seemed to not damage anything in this sector too badly. But just as Maar was pushing himself up, he overheard a group of Stormtroopers talking about the damages. However, as the ringing in his ears continued to disappear and reappear in a constant motion, Maar lost quite a bit of the message.

    "We're... Heavy dama... Loss of power... Detention Bl... LP-27..."

    Maar's eyes suddenly went wide as he overheard the last bit of information. While Maar had his orders to help keep the Death Star from being destroyed/over taken, he knew he couldn't just ignore the fact that an entire detention block had been deactivated. Some of the most dangerous criminals in the galaxy were kept aboard the highly secure detention block. The worst part? Most of them were part of the Rebel Alliance.

    Pushing himself off the ground and dashing down the right hallway, Maar gripped his blaster tightly and prayed that the other Stormtroopers could defend their home base. Although his priorities should have laid elsewhere, Maar knew that if the prisoners managed to break free, then the Imperial forces would have to fight the battle from two fronts and couldn't afford to waste time battling the escaped Rebels. So, as he ran, Maar tapped into his communication systems and let out an open alert across any nearby channels.

    "This is TK-947, I need any available troops who aren't headed to their battle stations to follow me to Detention Block LP-27. The Rebels have severed power to the containment cells and we cannot allow the prisoners to leave the Death Star! If they escape, then they'll rejoin with the Rebel fleet! I'm on my way to secure the detention block, then I'm heading into battle! But I could really use the help!"
  2. Listening in on the command comlink a scoutrooper continues her runs along the shaft corridors, short of basic patroling, maintance lookout, and of course the occasional secured message handover, there wasn't much for the Scout Trooper forces to do...well outside of the illgal side racing they did..and trolling the heavies...and getting into bar room brawls and games of courage with the TIE Pilots. Remembering that she couldn't help but to laugh, there was a TIE Pilot that had earned her attention, he would make a good Mandalorian.. Upon hearing the attack warnings and the first impact of the missile her bike is shaken just enough for her to stop it, reconsidering racing along the corridors. Consiquintly, Scouts didn't have battle stations so much as were kept as a reserve force for rapid reaction..and of course a glorified delivery sevice.. With the Deathstar around though it seemed ground battles were a thing of the past..would she really need to quit and work as a merc or for the Hutts...

    "Ne shab'rud'niÖ!" Shouting what amounts to Don't mess with me in her native language, the woman shakes her head, what in the hell were the rebels thinking..the uprising within the station were a threat, but what in the universe could snubfighters do against this Battle Station? Did the chunks of Aldeeran somehow escape their attention..that was a nasty bit of business but by this point..well frankly the operations she had seen and the situation on Mandalore, the levels the Empire would stoop was no surprise..not that those idiot rebels were any better. Afterall the Republic is what got the Emperor in power..and the only alternative there was, well it was smashed long ago.

    "Prison riot?...Ib'tuur jatne tuur ash'ad kyr'amu.." Today was a good day for someone else to die indeed, she heard rumors about the 501st having to deal with a riot some time prior...though that story had the rebels using one of the lasers to attack the Imperial Fleet..something she rather doubted.

    Checking the troopers registry he wasn't senior at all..but it was her duty to help given the situation. Replying through her helmet and heading for a turbolift it wouldn't take her long to reach the Troopers position...well the rally point to take back the cells at anyrate. "Affirmitive, this is TBR-5137, I'm on the way up Lift 5327 L. Just leave some for me." With that the scout hums a soft tune off the comm, loading her E-11 Sniper.
  3. Patrolling the corridors with his Minimag PTL, Thermal Detonators, and E-11 blaster rifle 111 was making serious work out of the light assignment given to him after returning. While mind numbing work it was an enjoyable respite for him, but even so he tried to maintain alertness by checking his surroundings constantly for anything awry. After making sure the corridor he was in matched the one he just left perfectly the sound of the warning sirens erupted into his helmet. Wasting no time he turned around and ran for the prison block as fast as his sore body would allow. After passing down a few corridors an explosion rocked the entire corridor he was in sending him stumbling to the ground on his hands and knees. Recovering in seconds he looked around before returning to a jog. Scanning the corridors for possible enemies he slowed down to hear the young troopers request for help.

    Mapping out routes to Detention Block LP-27 and his station at the prison block the former was much closer than the latter. Paired with the fact that if the rebels acquired weapons they would turn this battle into a fight on two fronts from inside and out 111 didn't want to chance it. Having experience with prison breaks before only strengthened his decision as it seemed to be an easy matter to handle. "ST-111, headed there now." he said briskly before taking a right.


    Shuffling through the halls of the Death Star escorted by two stormtroopers Wrench wearily made his way to his cell. Having been subject to yet another torture session that lasted six hours he was beyond fatigued. Not seeming to mind his pace the two men on Wrench's sides discussed pleasantries. However, this soon changed when the warning sirens began ringing that the Death Star was under attack by rebel forces. At first not believing his own senses Wrench didn't process it until the two men to his side urged him to hurry up. Jabbing a baton in his side he shambled forward and tried to do as he was told, but much more alert than before.

    The sirens were a shot of adrenaline to his body, it was a grand opportunity one he couldn't pass on. Formulating just how to use it to make an escape he came to the conclusion of disguising himself as a stormtrooper and hopping upon a craft of some kind. If he could reach the prison block the Rebels might allow him on one of their ships as well. Thinking all this through strength soon returned to his body and he waited for the right moment. When asked to stop by one of the stormtroopers he waited for them to get absorbed in talk over the radio before attacking the one to his right.

    Swinging his arms Wrench hit him in the head hoping the daze would allow an oppotunity to steal his blaster. Trying to pry it from the man's hands Wrench had little success. Struggling back and forth for it the other trooper soon warned Wrench to stop as he pointed his own blaster at him. Sticking close to the other stormtrooper for cover Wrench forced the trigger down on the blaster while trying to aim for the other trooper. Missing him entirely it looked like he was gonna lose the fight as the trooper took aim to shoot. Just then an explosion rocked the entire corridor sending Wrench and the stormtrooper next to him to the floor.

    Being hit by his partner's blaster the trooper next to Wrench was out cold and the other was on the floor about to get up. Picking up the blaster off the ground he rushed over to him and kicked him in the head. Quickly removing his helmet Wrench shot once and the body went limp. Heaving from the exertion he tried to catch his breath as the sirens continued to ring out through the Death Star. Already come this far he wasted no time removing the dead troopers armor. Once finished he took the body and his unconscious partner and put them in an empty cell before locking it.

    Donning the armor and blaster he tried to think of which direction to go. While he'd been through the Death Star almost uncountable times it had always been fairly the same route. As much as the torture had been fun he didn't feel like returning there in search of a craft. So taking his chances he headed down a random corridor looking for some kind of marker to tell him where to go next.
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  4. It was chaos even before the explosion. Med-Bay 267 was full of patients, especially after the rebel incursion onto the Death Star the few days prior. There were numerous patients to attend from blaster wounds to blunt force trauma from a Wookie (patient only remembered a big ball of angry fluff) to a concussion from ramming into the door of a security area (apparently the helmet only made it worse). Medics were running around frantically trying to attend to the long list of patients. Then the explosion hit. To the untrained person it could have mistaken for a large object falling in the hangar, but the experienced medics stationed to MB 267, they knew that shit had hit the fan hard and fast. Soon the Red Alert sound began to blare. One trooper immediately took over. He wore a uniform easily mistaken for an AT-ST pilot. His name was Ty Erollisi, better known as TK-115, and he knew that in a few minutes this med bay would be filled with patients.


    There was a frantic shuffle as multiple troopers began to file out, quickly donning on their armor and grabbing their weapons. A few minutes later an officer ran into the bay. Major Xim Solari, an experienced field medic turned surgeon, began ordering the other medics.

    "TK-115 nice job getting the non-criticals out. Alright ladies and gentlemen, I received word that the Rebels are attacking this base as I speak. Its not a ground incursion like earlier but its getting pretty bad out there. Now we got a lot to do in a short period of time before more injured stream in here. So here's what we do."

    Xim quickly gave out orders to the other medics. After a couple of minutes, the medics were on the move, prepping IV lines and beds. Yet amidst the chaos unfolding four lone medics standing still, one of whom was the one shouting the orders earlier. TK-115, after waiting for his orders, ran towards the Major.

    "Sir you haven't given us any orders," he said while pointing to the standing medics.

    "Oh right. You four I need on roaming duty. Go around the station and follow up on anything signs of chaos or accident. Grab your gear including the Stunners and get out there. NOW!"

    The urgency in his voice caused the four to sprint into action. Ty grabbed his gear and ran out the med-bay. After a solid 10 minutes of pointing the injured towards the med-bay dogding sparks and explosions, there was an urgent call to action.

    "This is TK-947, I need any available troops who aren't headed to their battle stations to follow me to Detention Block LP-27. The Rebels have severed power to the containment cells and we cannot allow the prisoners to leave the Death Star! If they escape, then they'll rejoin with the Rebel fleet! I'm on my way to secure the detention block, then I'm heading into battle! But I could really use the help!"

    Well I guess that could be considered chaos....

    "This is TK-115. Medic on the way. Keep all injured stabilized until I get there." Ty noted the direction of the area and sprinted through the corridors, hoping to make it in time to save other troopers.

    I've got a bad feeling about this.....
  5. Marius had his reservations being assigned to the Death Star, but it hadn't been nearly as bad as he suspected. His commanding officer, Captain Zetna, certainly seemed more rational than ambitious and not very likely to leave him out to dry when worse came to worse. Besides, his position overseeing Cell Block LP-27 was generally quiet. His subordinates were experienced enough to take care of any troublemakers, and could be counted on to take care of any exceptionally unruly prisoners without his oversight, which suited him just fine. Except for an emergency lockdown of all cells earlier that day after Cell Block AA-23 suffered a breakout, his assignment was quite easy. When the alert for all personnel to man their stations came, Marius hardly batted an eye. The Rebs are probably mounting some useless last stand against us now that we've found their base. The flyboys will have their fun and everything will die down. There's nothing to worry abou- The section quaked and the power flickered and died. -oh, poodoo.

    The rebels lifted open the unpowered cell doors and quickly overwhelmed the guards patrolling the cell corridors, relieving them of their weapons. They managed to take out almost half of the guards before Marius was able to organize the rest into a defensive position in the control room, pinning the escaping prisoners down, for now. They were putting up a strong fight, and for each Rebel that went down, so did a guard, and there were a lot more Rebels than guards. Marius ran to the comms console and tried calling for assistance before realizing the comms were down too, with all the power out in his section. Thinking quickly, he remembered his personal comm link. “This is Lieutenant Viictus, I need immediate assistance in Cell Block LP-27, there's been a power outage and the prisoners are escaping!”

    “Roger that, Lieutenant,” Captain Zetna was on the line, “I'll route some reinforcements to your position. Don't let them escape.”

    “Yes sir!” Marius was grateful the Captain didn't take the opportunity to dress him down in the middle of a firefight. There's a time and place for everything, but in my book, getting chewed out has neither. “Come on, men, are you gonna lose to a bunch of disgruntled farmers from the ass end of nowhere? Hold your position, reinforcements are en route.” He leapt up and blindly fired a few blaster rounds down a corridor, hopefully striking an inspiring figure for his men.
  6. The previous battle with the Rebellion was something of a story. While the Rebellion staged a daring raid to extract Leia Organa out of her cell, she was on another part of the Death Star -- all the while the 501st held back and cleaned up the mess that the Rebels dropped on them. As that little battle inside the Death Star died down and the 501st were eventually stationed out of the Death Star, she never really enjoyed taking over the equally boring job of patrol around the detention blocks. Despite her being a Sergeant, she was only there to assign tasks to the lower ranks, and do the things Captain Zetna couldn't really be arsed to do. This was frustrating, but it was better than endlessly patrolling and checking on each individual prisoner.

    This meant she had to do something else for fun. Of course, she was so lenient with her own forces she usually talked to them, or eventually just decided to make them do the other menial tasks she herself couldn't really be arsed to do herself. Life on the Death Star wasn't really that fun, since it was literally the most well defended Imperial starbase, but ever since that battle, and how easy they slipped in and literally created trouble for the 501st Legion, it would mean that any time, her normal 'bored' self would quickly become un-bored, at a massive cost.

    Then, the alerts came on, as she was marching on down the long hall of Cell Block WR-79. She was lucky, the power outage caused the doors at a massive Cell Block to open simultaneously, as they easily overpowered the guards and a massive riot threw the rest of the stormtroopers in disarray. She knew the extent of the damage, as a few explosions rocked the nearby cell blocks, causing her to buckle at her knees, still gripping her standard E-11 blaster rifle, as she was alone. She quickly tried to contact backup using her communicator, in a desperate attempt to find a defensive position in case this Cell Block was hit, the countless alien languages and Basic being hurled at her as a few troopers were spotted in the control center, clearly holding the line as crates were used as fortifications, and random tables used as cover.

    The entrance to Cell Block WR-79 was forcefully bashed open, as power was out -- then turned back on, leaving only the door. Comms chatter was scattered and garbled, then it became crystal clear again -- the PA system constantly reminding her that the Death Star was under attack. She grabbed her blaster and aimed down the sights, firing at the prisoners armed with whatever they could find, be it batons and other rifles and pistols, as they stormed the front, a few thermal detonators going off, but wave after wave of rebel forces tried to force their way in, and even one of the troopers beside her was hit in the ensuing conflict.

    Then, another trooper, who managed to open a side entrance, tried to lead the rest of the remaining troopers out, as WR-79 was overrun rather easily. "We received a call to retake Cell Block LP-27 by TK-947. While not following standard protocol... it seems like he's more or less needing assistance. Sergeant, your orders." They were most certainly lower ranks, but some were smarter than others.

    "Alright, we'll rush in, and try to assist the remaining troopers. Use grenades liberally, and shoot to suppress. Move it!" She decided now was the time to be serious, as the three troopers under her nodded, and flanked her, as she sprinted forward, out into the connecting struts to the other Cell Block sub-sections. As they moved in, the troopers were no match against the untrained and unaware prisoners, as they popped out from a maintenance entrance, as they rushed in LP-27. A few engagements here and there, but they survived -- with little casualties, some were just mere 'flesh wounds'.

    Nira hoped she wasn't too late, however.
  7. It didn't take much time for Maar to reach the detention block, as he was dashing like a madman all the way down. When he got there, he was met with a sudden explosion destroying a nearby lighting fixture. "Thermal Detonator!" exclaimed a nearby Stormtrooper just before the explosive detonated close to Maar. While he wasn't injured by the blast, Maar got quite the scare. "HOLY--" he shouted, jumping back as the light was blown up. Gripping his E-11 tightly, Maar dashed into the command room just outside the detention block and quickly rolled over to the console, where three other Imperials were gathered. One of them, a Stormtrooper, was clearly injured, as he had a carbon-scored blaster mark on his left shoulder blade, but the other two, a pair of 'black shirts' as Maar liked to call them, were too busy shooting down the detention block to help defend their friend.

    "What's going on?" demanded Maar, speaking to one of the un-injured men as he ducked below the on-coming blaster fire.

    "Some of our guys went to check on the doors after the power blew, but a couple of prisoners grabbed their gear and now we're pinned down. There were seven of us before, but now we're all that's left." explained the Guard, occasionally popping above the console to fire at the escaped prisoners. "The entire lower section caved in after the explosion, most of the prisoners are dead. It just so happens that we were lucky enough to lose power in the cells that held the twenty Rebels we captured on the Tantive IV."

    "Alright, well helps on the way! Did you let any prisoners escape?"

    Maar quickly popped over the barricade and opened fire on the Rebels. He managed to shoot a Mon Calimari in the leg, but his gun was picked up by a female human, who returned fire. Maar quickly ducked back down as the blasted bolts landed dangerously close to where he was standing moments before.

    "No... A-At least, I think not."

    "You think not? Why the thinking?"

    "Well... Early on, o-one of our guys got dragged into a cell. H-He got out though! But the coward ran off before we could comprehend what happened. He went that way." explained the Guard, pointing his arm to the left corridor leading out of the detention block.

    As Maar was comprehending the previous comment, a sudden wave of blaster fire erupted from the door he entered from. Their backup had arrived. Maar noticed a few familiar faces among the crowd, including that of Sergeant Nira.

    Oh shit. thought Maar as her group stormed in, blasting at the Rebels to suppress their escape efforts. Nice shooting, Ni.

    It didn't take long after she had arrived that the Rebels' escape plan had been thwarted. There were a few casualties on both sides, but the group managed to seal off the detention block and restored power to the doors. But before everyone calmed down, Maar noticed a group of Stormtroopers sneaking down the same hallway pointed out to him by the Guard.

    Proceeding towards the door, Maar looked down it, curious to see where the hallway led. Instantly, his eyes were drawn to a holographic map projection on the wall across from the doorway; the hallway ended where the Escape Pods were held. As he turned around to face the squad of Stormtroopers before him, it suddenly connected in his mind.

    "FUCK! THEY'RE DISGUISED AS US!" shouted Maar, suddenly panicked as he looked at the Guard who he had been speaking to. "That was a Rebel you saw! They're trying to escape! THEY LOOK LIKE US!"

    Looking towards Sergeant Nira, Maar pointed down the hallway behind him and said "I think some of the Rebels escaped. That hallway leads directly to the escape pods, sir! We have to go after them! The Death Star is heavily fortified, there's not much the Rebels can do against it. But they might be doing this attack as a distraction to help free more prisoners. They did it with the Princess, why not try a second time?"
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  8. It didn't take long to find the battle, but finding those who were still alive was harder. Ty had run in with the initial rush with the Sergeant Ni, making sure to stay behind the incoming troopers. Once an area was secured, he slid over to the first "wounded" person. Dead. Three blaster marks to the chest. Died instantly... Poor bastard.... He moved over to a groaning trooper covered in burn marks, carefully removing his helmet. It was a young guy, no older than 19. "Hey Kid what happened to you?"

    There was no response, but Ty could tell he was at least alive, for now. "Kid Kid. Focus on me. Look at me right now." The trooper's eyes slowly glazed over. Seeing that he would get no response, Ty quickly injected him with a sedative and turned to another trooper ducking behind cover. "Hey you. Today's your lucky day. Take the guy and get him away from here. Preferably the med bay if you can. GO!" The soldier, obviously still in a state of shock holstered his rifle and started to drag the wounded kid away.

    Alright now who's next. But there was an eerie silence. Apparently, Ty had been so focused on treating the kid's wound that he hadn't seen the battle end. Well I guess that ends it. Ty moved to determine the state of others. It wasn't too hard though. Those who were alive and just wounded were at least standing or moving around. Those who were dead were just lying motionless. Damn.. By his count, Ty counted 4 dead and four wounded. The control area was a mess. There were blaster marks and scorches from thermal detonators everywhere. It was hard to imagine that it was only a small skirmish between 20 or so men. Well war is hell I guess. Then there was a shout from behind. "That was a Rebel you saw! They're trying to escape! THEY LOOK LIKE US!"

    Oh fuck. Here we go again. They are probably still going to need a medic. Could this day get any worse?
  9. Growing closer to Cell Block LP-27 with each step, ST-111 could hear the sound of fighting getting louder and thus closer. There was the distinct echo of blaster fire reverberating off the walls accompanied by the occasional and very loud thermal detonators exploding. Rounding a corner he turned right and ran down a moderate length corridor. Upon reaching its end he had the choice of continuing forward or making a left. Without hesitation he went left and soon found himself running down the corridor leading to Cell Block LP-27. In front of him were a group of stormtroopers being led by a Sergeant. Having planned to wait for more backup depending on the situation when he arrived, this plan was soon replaced for one of instant attack.

    Knowing the quickest way to resolve things was to immediately kill the rebels momentum. He opted to be the first wave and boot, to stomp out their fire before it got out of hand. However, beating him to the entrance the group of stormtroopers entered before him laying down a cover of blaster fire. Taking advantage of this he ran past them and straight down the corridor, E-11 blaster in hand. Hoping they would follow after him, ST-111 charged forward ignoring the return blaster fire. Laying down an effective cover fire of his own down the narrow pathway, he quickly closed the distance between him and the rebels.

    Forcing them to shoot blindly, they held their blasters around the corner and fired pot shots at him which miraculously all missed. Feeling the pressure, one rebel stepped out of cover to get a better shot, only to be gunned down by ST-111. The rebel on the other side of the corridor near him reached over and nicked a Thermal Detonator off his body. Priming it he made the bad decision of using a Thermal Detonator in a narrow corridor. With a bad toss it hit and bounced off the ceiling, landing only a few feet away. Taking cover behind a wall in the corridor "Detonator!" ST-111 shouted to signal to anyone behind him to take cover as well. After a few seconds the section of hall was engulfed in fire until it dissipated and only left smoke. With the smoke lingering briefly ST-111 ran ahead to take advantage of the cover. Reaching the end of the corridor which acted as an intersection for two more, he spotted some of the remaining rebels with their sight impaired as he rounded the corner.

    Pulling the trigger of his blaster, surprisingly it didn't fire. "Dammit, forgot to replace the cell." he thought before quickly changing tactics. Holding his blaster by the barrel in a melee fashion he charged the nearest rebel. Smacking him across the face, he staggered to the side where ST-111 followed up with another hit, and another after that, until he was on the ground. Picking up the Baton he had, the team of troopers before began passing behind ST-111 leading the charge. He followed after and helped with the use of his Baton.

    After things had been taken care of his mind reminded him of his own Cell Block and he started to head toward it, but stopped when he heard the young trooper shouting. Turning around he went back and waited for orders, if the Sergeant had any for him that is.


    Walking down the corridors, troops of men shuffled past here and there. Maintaining his composure Wrench didn't react or stop as he didn't want to draw attention to himself. Though, on a few occasions he took the liberty of hiding behind cover whenever he could hear their approach beforehand. It was hard to see with his helmet on, but it would give him some time in the event he was stopped. He knew they were designed specifically for each trooper, but not exactly how. He'd have to rely on the chaos and confusion of the current attack to make it to the escape pods. Which he was having a rather difficult time finding.

    It seemed like he was walking in circles at times. There were opportunities to go up or down a level, but he was afraid of these options as he couldn't know if there were a group of troopers below or above him. Instead he kept to the level he was on, exploring every crevice for something that would hopefully lead him off the damn station of hell. After he passed what felt like the same corridor for the twentieth time, he spotted something out of the corner of his vision. Stopping he backed up to spot a holographic map on the wall. Looking around hastily he sneaked up beside the room and tried to listen for anyone inside.

    After a few minutes, which seemed quite longer than they were to him. He stood up straight, gripped his rifle, and proceeded to march straight into the room. To his relief there was no one inside so he proceeded to lift up his mask and look the map over. Finding where he was located first he then memorized the path to a set of escape pods several corridors down from where he was. Contemplating taking a minute to rest before leaving he thought he heard the faint sound of steps from the hall. Not risking turning around he went straight for under a desk and hid. Rifle in hand he prepared to shoot anyone who came into his field of view.

    Hearing the steps get much louder, they went as far as entering into the very room he was hiding in. Tensed, Wrench could hear his pulse raging in his head. It didn't help that the helmet was so snug or that he could hardly see to shoot. For what seemed like half an hour he waited until they finally left. Waiting a good amount afterward to make sure they were gone he peaked his head out to be greeted by an empty room. Taking a deep breath his body shook slightly at the release in tension. Drenched in sweat from the suits basic systems not working, he felt slight exhausted, but knew it was now or never.

    Leaving the room and following the path he was a few corridors away when he heard explosions off in the distance. Stopping to hear for any footsteps that might have been masked in it he waited before proceeded further at a slower pace. Meeting another intersection he looked left to see nothing then right, to his horror, to see a group of stormtroopers near the escape pods. Bolting quickly for cover he was sure at least one of them had seen him. His mind racing, he tried to think of what to do before they came to investigate.

    He could walk down the hall and act like he was chasing a rebel, but they'd expect him to communicate on their comms. "Shit!" he eternally yelled at himself. He knew it wouldn't work and it seemed the only course of action was to ambush them. However, that wasn't sound either as all he had was a single blaster. Toiling over what to do he waited around the corner listening for footsteps. Unknown to him was that the very stormtroopers he saw were rebels in disguise and they hadn't the attention to even notice his presence.
  10. As Tara takes aim at the false Storm Troopers, several real ones on the chase clog the narro hallway. "Hey! All buckets no brains! Mover your shebs to one side of the hall so I can get some hits in!" Unbelievable, where were they trained..or by who. "Got one!" Firing down the hall past the troopers, the E-11 Sniper takes a false stormtrooper down in a hit. Noticing throught her scope another trooper narrowly avoiding the others...was he one of theres..but he had hidden from the rebels.. It was only a slight gleam of his shoulder armor, it was doubtful anyone had noticed..or maybe they did, she wasn't sure. Regardless this stupidity needed to be ended they would need to search the pods, but even if they launched, the gunners would have shot them down.

    Turning her attention back to the normal prisoners up ahead, another shot is fired, hitting the female that was opening fire. They would have to split the group in half..but that was for some genius to come up with, far be it from the NCO Scout Trooper, Mandalorian to suggest that, with all these stormies and Imperial Army, and Navy no one would listen to her anyways likely. A handful of them would be enough to take on the prisoners and secure the pods.

    (short but not much to work with. That and I'm very tired)
  11. Sergeant Nira kept herself calm and collected, at least for now. Spraying down the hallway, suppressing the rebellion troops as she swiftly commanded her troops to march forward. She had the same idea as ST-111, pinning down the rest of the escapees and enemy combatants. She spearheaded the assault, as two of her simultaneously threw thermal detonators down the halls, forcing the rebels to fall back. Eventually, she spotted a troop of the disguised stormtroopers, some with their armor fitted the wrong way. She and her men started firing, and eventually secured the narrow hallway.

    "No time to secure this cell block. We have to put the pressure on them. Make them bleed! Come on, to the escape pods! Don't let anyone out alive!" She rallied the troops as her patrol squad, plus the remaining stormtroopers mopped up the stragglers. First and second waves immediately popped out of their covered positions. After Maar told her about how the rebellion prisoners were planning on escaping, she unlatched the magazine from her DLT-44, replacing the cell and almost immediately, sprinted forward, stormtroopers flanking her as they marched into the escape pods.

    While TK-009, Sergeant Nira stepped in, she was immediately greeted by the explosion of a thermal detonator. Backing up almost immediately and instinctively rolling out of the way, pressing herself up against the wall next to the door, as her troopers rushed in. The first wave responded with their own grenades, the rebels emptying their blaster bolts. With them being ready for the troopers, she grabbed a thermal detonator. "Grenade, get down!" As several explosions rocked the floors of the Death Star. The exchange of fire caused both sides to suffer considerable losses, with the first wave already down three men, and the rebels slowly inching back -- but still managing to fend off the stormtroopers. Nira popped out as she heard a break in the gunfight for both sides to reload. Emptying her heavy blaster rifle on several false stormtroopers and rebel scum alike, the stormtroopers saw this as an opportunity, rushing in and catching them off guard.

    Then, a few started opening the pod bay doors, managing to hack the security terminals as they rushed to escape. "Whoever has a rocket launcher, you better use it now!" She directed her outstretched hand to point to one of the pods that already was in it's disengaging cycle. "Blast them!" She continued to fire upon the remaining rebellion, a few Bothans barely grazing her armor, as she then placed both of her hands to grip her rifle, steadying her aim as she cut them down. Eventually, she was forced to pull back, but the second wave was still holding their ground. "Second wave, move it! Clear the area!" The first wave's numbers were dwindling, and without the second wave they would be decimated. She continued to press the attack, but she was quite far from the first wave now.
  12. Marius was a little disheartened to see only a single stormtrooper arrive. The prisoners had been wearing them thin, and there were only three of them left defending the control room. Still, I won't turn away an extra gun in a firefight. He let his last surviving officer brief the new arrival while he kept his corridor covered. Real relief came moments later as a hail of blaster fire erupted from the door as Sergeant Nira arrived with her squad. The rest of the fighting was mercifully brief.

    Letting out a sigh, Lieutenant Viictus straightened his armor and helmet, glad to still be wearing it from yesterday's lockdown. He began marveling at the shoddy design of the cell blocks power grid. You'd think they'd have designed the Death Star with backup power for such critical areas. I understand corners would invariably get cut for such a large project, but this? It's less of a Death Star and more of a Death Trap. Sergeant Nira and the rest of her reinforcements started sweeping the rest of the cell block. I should remember to give her a commendation for this... Then one of the stormtroopers shouted a warning. ...assuming we make it out of here.

    The firing started again and, despite nearly jumping out of his boots for the second time in ten minutes, Marius Viictus drew his pistol and cautiously advanced with the rest of the stormtroopers, guiding them towards the escape pods and generally staying behind everyone else and in cover. “Don't let the Rebel scum escape.” He bellowed over the gunfire. “Press the attack! For the Empire!”
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