Super Troopers: Life In the Empire (A Star Wars Fan-RP, See inside for details!)

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  1. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....


    Episode 4 1/2

    "Super Troopers"


    Success! After years of perilous combat against the Empire, the Rebel alliance has managed to successfully destroy the Death Star! During a daring rescue, four Rebel agents and their droids boarded the battle station and rescued Princess Leia Organa from her cell. Overpowering the Stormtroopers in their path, the group managed to escape unharmed, except for the older male who was killed by Darth Vader.

    Less then a day after the rescue, the Death Star's scanners picked up several Rebel ships headed towards the battle station. In response, Darth Vader sent out ships to apprehend the Rebel scum and thwart their efforts to exploit an unforeseen weakness in the Death Star's design. But while most of the Stormtroopers were ordered to take up a TIE Fighter of man the turret systems, nobody was authorized to leave the Death Star.


    But by sheer accident, a small group of Stormtroopers wind up launching themselves out of an escape pod prior to the Battle of Yavin. Believing they are going to die, the Stormtroopers try desperately to get into contact with the Death Star, only to witness the massive explosion that sent them spiralling out of control. For a few days the pod floated through space until finally it landed on (we'll decide on a planet later). Luckily for the Stormtroopers they had enough provisions aboard the Pod to keep them alive for about a week if they rationed, but had they been stranded for another day their oxygen supply would have run out.


    But what's next for these 'brave' Imperial soldiers? Do they return to the Empire, or try to start over in a world that believes they're now dead? Or, perhaps they try to locate the Rebels who destroyed the battle station, believing that if they bring those Rebels to justice single-handedly, the reward would be substantial enough for them to retire to the Naboo countryside?

    Only time will tell...

    Alright, so the general gist of this RP is that we will be playing a group of Stormtroopers who managed to survive the destruction of the first Death Star by accidentally jettisoning themselves out of the station in an escape-pod. Now, they are stranded on a planet somewhere close to Yavin without any way of contacting the Empire or getting off-planet. So, as with all stories involving a group of stranded survivors, there remains one big question that nobody quite knows how to answer; "what do we do now?"

    But these Stormtroopers aren't your typically 'bad guys'. They're just people who managed to grab a job in a struggling economic time. They could be from all areas of life with entirely different backgrounds, but all of them would be relatively 'decent' people. Think something along the lines of the cast of 'Red vs Blue'; somewhat incompetent and more or less regular people who shouldn't be a part of an elite military force.

    But hey; the pay's good.

    Anyways, this would be a bit of a lighter story focusing on the antics of our characters as they go about their business trying to live in a galaxy where they may or may not be legally dead in the eyes of the government. It would obviously be played for comedic value similar to how 'Red vs Blue' goes about their plotlines. But that doesn't mean the plot isn't going to be taken seriously; it just means we can have some fun with it and mess around a little more then we normally would for a typical Star Wars RP.

    We'll discuss this more as interest grows and work on the core concepts as a group, but for now I'll just see who's interested. If you want to join up, post below and give me an idea of what your character might be like (if you already have an idea). I will be playing a street-smart Stormtrooper with a bit of a snark-problem.

    Also, if you don't want to play a straight up 'Stormtrooper' you could take on the role of someone else in the Imperial ranks: a Commander (guys in grey shirts with the caps), a Clone Trooper (still youthful enough to serve or created recently), a Droid (Protocol, Astromech, etc. But no battle-droids for now), or perhaps even a Prisoner who escaped from the cell-block during the chaos (which could be the reason the Stormtroopers are caught in the escape pod; they were trying to recapture the prisoner only to get stuck in the pod themselves).

    I'll leave the cut-off number at 6 players for now, so post if you're interested in joining up!
  2. This certainly seems intriguing. You have my interest.
  3. You caught my interest.​
  4. I am very much interested. Count me in for some Star Wars-themed RvB stuff!
  5. Alright awesome! Anyone have questions/comments?
  6. None for the OOC part. Your goal seems straightforward, and maybe it could be like a DnD campaign-like sorta thing. But, I'll wait until we get to the planning stage.
  7. That's more or less where we are now
  8. The planning stage, I mean.

    Also, I'll allow some of us to be aliens if we so desire it (MC would be human, but we can have Twi'leks, Duros and all kinds of humanoid aliens working as 'Troopers')
  9. Quick question, would this be more of a survival type plot- with everyone working with one another at the start or everyone is simply watching out for themselves? ​
  10. I guess that all depends on how we want to organize our characters. If the Stormtroopers are all part of a squad, they'd probably be forced by their Commander to work together, but I can also imagine they would work together even if they weren't in a squad because they're all in the same boat.

    But it could be interesting for them to watch out for themselves.

    To clarify the question, by 'survival' do you mean they're stranded on a planet with little to no civilization and have to survive on their own/against the creatures roaming around, or they're stuck on any random planet with an advanced civilization?
  11. Haha, I figured it might lead to that somewhere down the road.

    As for the survival part, that was a mistake on my part. The text explaining the group landed close to Yavin flew over my head. ​
  12. Yeah it's an undecided planet as of now, but I might put it as Taris or something to start us off, unless we want to go the full-out 'survival' route.

  13. Not from me. I think I'm ready to go. ​
  14. Ready, captain.
  15. Lets get this show on the road.
  16. I would probably have an optimistic stormtrooper or rebellious prisoner as a character if I joined. The setting and story sound interesting, but how it's handled I think will be important. There needs to be a clear objective even if we transition goals. For example we could begin trying to signal for our superiors, but find no civilization and subsequently equipment to do so. Then from there we would need to build it or a way off the planet itself. Simply survival without a clear threat (the elements/wildlife) would probably be hard to maintain.

    A friend of mine is interested as well, but rather wait to see how things progress before offering to join.
  17. Alright, either one of those characters could work nicely. I'm allowing up to 2 characters per player for this, so if you wanted to play both of them then that's fine!

    And I agree with the plot being important, I was hoping we could figure that out during the OoC, but we can also figure it out here. I was thinking perhaps we'd land on a dangerous planet, try to contact the Empire, then we'd stumble across civilization and get off-world afterwards.
  18. Okay, to add to that and lengthen the story I would have someone injured on the landing. We could attribute it to something being faulty in the equipment. That way there are two priorities, the first seeking medical help. In search of civlization we could stumble across some wild dangerous plant or animal life. That or a group of raiders even, perhaps we leave some members at the crash site and they have to defend it. After we deal with that and getting lost we could have the colony or civilization not speak our language to add difficulty to our endeavors. Without easy communication we would have to search for someone to translate for us, perhaps along the way run into a group of Rebels. We could either fight them or disguise ourselves.

    Once we finally get someone that could help us heal our injured crew we could return to the site in which those left behind could have been chased off. Then we could go on a search to find them and when finally that problem is taken care of we would need to pay off our debts or do a service to those who helped us. It could be simply chores or something bigger like dealing with a group of people either raiders or government. In essence we'd become temporary mercenaries in order to survive. They could promise to hook us up with some communication equipment or a way off the planet.

    Depending on how we treat that angle we could get heavily mixed up in some planet politics and have to choose between two sides to support. Maybe even break up the group and take sides, but no one dies on either when the whole thing is settled. I'm not sure what we could do once we're off the planet. Could always get attacked by bandits in space or encounter a rebel fleet we have to fight and escape from, perhaps crashing yet again, but the second time around it's easier to replace our craft and get into contact with the Empire finally. Just some brainstorming I came up with on the fly do with it what you will.
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  19. That could be a cool idea to roll with, I like that! Everyone else agree?

    @Grothnor, @Sabatron, @sleepingxdragon?

    Also, @Astros, is your friend still interested or will they be sitting out? I'm only asking because I'm 90% done with the OoC.
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