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  1. Hey there friends!

    So check this out. I once ran a forum that was based on Super Smash Brothers which was actually VERY successful, but had to shut it down due to not enough staff and members running rampant. But I'd kind of like to reintroduce the idea. Basically what happened was, after the characters saved their previous universe, there still lingered a gigantic cloud of darkness that mysteriously remained. The cloud grew bigger recently, and once again overtook all of Subspace, but this time, the planets and lands were gravitated together from the cloud's mass, and formed a single giant planet within this cloud called Li. On this planet, it is completely up to the characters of the universe and their efforts to save their beloved land once again. They must work together to destroy this darkness and find the source while also helping other characters along the way who might have been infected by this darkness.

    Professor E.Gadd who helped Luigi with a few ghost problems and Mario with cleaning up Delfino Plaza runs a large laboratory at the heart of planet Li in a massive city called New Haven, which is protected by a giant glass bubble created by many neighboring minds. This city houses all sorts of characters, and is the safest place to be protected from the darkness. E.Gadd's laboratory is the place to go for weapons, technology, S.O.S. missions, and any information regarding this strange cloud and what it's formation means for their universe.

    That's the jist of it everyone. Basically you can be anyone as long as they appeared in a Nintendo game at least once. And the character sheet is fairly simple, it would be just like a smash brothers character. A limited set of moves, a final smash(or ultimate attack), a bio, a picture, your character name, and probably an area to write down enemies and allies and preferred weapon/item of choice or something. If I have enough interest, it will be one of the most detailed and longest roleplays I have ever wrote. The Out of Character Thread, if I get enough people, will be very detailed and very decorated. I definitely will not be lazy on this folks, you can count on it!

    Here is a promo video I did for my forum, just something fun to watch!
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    Where the heck do I sign up?! (Could I be Ryu from Street Fighter?)
  3. Haha absolutely! And as soon as I get a few more interested in this I will definitely start the sign up thread good sir. I am glad it intrigues you!