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  1. Who doesn't love this awesome chaotic series? IT'S OVER 9000!!

    What are your favorite and least favorite games in the series? Who's your main and who do you hate? Let's discuss this badass series!

    My favorite game in the series so far will have to be Smash 4. My least favorite...... is Melee. *dodges grenades* I still like the game but THE FUCKING FANBASE NEEDS TO SHUT UP AND STOP USING THE GAME IN COMPETITIONS! IT'S FUCKING UNFINISHED FOR GOD'S SAKES!! Rant over.

    As for mains, I haven't really decided who I like to use. Zero Suit Samus and Link are pretty cool though. Characters that I hate? Little Mac can do die in a fire!
  2. Yoshi is my main throughout the series because I'm a dumb character loyalist. As for others I like to play;
    • Melee; Mewto, Jigglypuff, Marth and Shiek,
    • Brawl; Marth, DDD and Ice Climbers,
    • Smash4... OhmanwheredoIstart *turns on 3ds* Robin, ZSS, Ness, Kirby. That's what my stats say.

    64 I don't even remember.

    Smash4 is my favourite, mostly because it doesn't break my fingers. Though I have the most fond memories of melee, it's viable competitive cast is dumb. For casual play, Smash4 just feels a lot better. For competitive play, there are more options and is less explored which makes it more exciting. Even if I don't want to come close to playing competitively ever again. My poor fingers. My poor brain. My poor spare time.

    My least favourite is Brawl. I liked it at the time but it simply pales in comparison to smash4 in terms of feeling/fun.

    As for characters I dislike; Sonic is a whore. Nobody likes you Sonic you don't belong here. *Awaiting fanboy rant in 3, 2, 1...*
  3. Samus has always been my main simply because of the sheer range of her attacks. It usually allows me to bunker down at one end of a larger map and charge beam cannons or lob missiles. Her screw attack has also paid for itself again and again.

    Link is another longtime favorite, I has always favored him when I was younger, and the speed of his attacks lended well to the way I played the game. Still, I view him as my starter character, the one you don't have much use for, but still feel attachment for.

    For both N64 and Melee, those two were my only real picks. Occasionally I would go with Fox, but that was mostly because I love the series more than anything.

    I haven't played anything later than Brawl, Samus stays as my main, but I was able to perfect unorthodox fighting styles with two of the new characters. DDD (dat hammer doe), and Olimar, because it was a style so unlike what everyone else was using.

    Also, I had the misfortune of knowing a guy who had perfected all of Ness's moves, making that little shit a fucking demigod. So yeah, least favorite.
  4. I've pretty much been a Fox main since the N64 version when I was playing as Pikachu and I got shot in the face with a laser pistol. I immediately quit the game and started over as Fox.

    Helps that Star Fox is one of my most cherished gaming franchises ever and is what got me into roleplaying, so special place in my heart. Been playing Fox as my main since day one.

    As for my other go tos,

    N64: Link and Kirby
    Melee: Ganondorf, Link, Bowser
    Never owned Brawl, so I never got a feel for the roster.
    Wii U: Ganondorf, Duck Hunt, Bowser, Bowser Jr., Zero Suit Samus.

    I either like fast, zippy characters that aren't that piece of shit Sanic the Hedgeheg, or turbo heavyweights that murder people with brute force. I am a simple man who doesn't often have a middle ground... although, I have found Duck Hunt and Bowser Jr. and their variety of attacks to be really oddly suited to how I like to play. I'm also going to give an honourable mention to King Deedeedee because it is a lot of fun to play as a giant ass penguin with a rocket hammer. That is what dreams are made of.

    I don't actively hate characters, but Sonic is up there. He always felt like a needless interloper and he's goddamn annoying. The Dragon Ball Z rip off SUPER SANIC mode doesn't help matters, either.
  5. Here's an interesting story that shows how immature I am!

    So my wife's little brother got smash about a week or so after I did for the 3DS/WiiU and wanted to challenge me to a one on one SO bad. He's a cocky little shit to say the least, but what 15 year old kids aren't? He almost strictly main's Ike, Link, and sometimes uses Fox. Anywho, at that age he kind of favors the cool looking characters and dismisses a lot of others based on shallow reasons and such. He had played me in Brawl about a year earlier and kicked my ass for a few games. Now at the time I hadn't played SSB since N64 but I knew this time would be different.He and his sister were going to stay over at our place the following weekend, so I had about a week to train in preparation to destroy this kid and everything he held dear. There could be no mercy. For a week I trained everyday on how to main Jigglypuff and finally I knew her like the back of my hand.

    Finally the promised day came and not long after they got all there stuff inside my stepbrother immediately wanted to play me in smash, bragging about how good he'd gotten and how I'd need to bring my A game. Oh how I would make him fall... We picked characters and turned items off because he wanted it mono e mono. Him = Ike. Me = The PUFF, but not just any puff. We're talking pretty pink bow jigglypuff. "Are you serious?" He asked me. "Jigglypuff is like, the worst character."

    "We'll see."

    I then proceeded to wreck hit shit, over and over and over. He tried all his mains, anything he could to get in at least one victory. There was no mercy, only carnage as I puff slapped the shit out of his ego. I even let him turn on items like he likes since I knew that even at this point it was going to be hopeless for him. Needless to say, he reevaluated his opinion on the puff.
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  6. That guy got puffed XD
  7. Danongorf.
  8. I have never played 64, but my favorites are in this order.

    Smash 4: Luigi, Donkey Kong, Gannondorf, Lucina, Marth, Ike. I like to play Ryu too, but I'm not competent enough to play him with skill. I could probably go to a tournament with the others.
    I hate: Megaman, Villager, Palutena, and Rosalina and Luma. Not when others play them, but I just can't seem to get a handle on them. Megaman, despite how cool the concept is, can blow me. His lemon shot normal attack throws me off, and most of his moveset is confusing and hard to use. I can't manipulate rosalina's luma effectively, Palutena's normal attack set blows, and I can't use villager easily, but he is gimmicky as shit. (So are the others, though.
    Melee: Luigi, Marth, Donkey Kong, Ganondorf.
    Pichu sucks. Duh.
    Brawl: Ike. That's about it.
    I am not a big fan of brawl.
  9. Awesome. Sure. Chaotic? Doubtful. Dragonball Z related? That was a fun flash game.

    Always main Samus. Fuck Zero Suit. Played them all for days minus brawl because I never had a Wii.

    Friends and I used to play it before school in a classroom with an n64 then a GameCube. Despite never really trying I always dominated the games. Even Travis, who went full tourney try hard with his air cancels and wave dashes always struggled to avoid missiles, bombs, and that charge blast I held for so long he'd forgotten I even had it.

    Great times were had. Many a Mountain Dew and pizza were consumed on Friday night.

    Now the spark is gone and it's not as fun. Just like most series I enjoyed with them. I like it with my wife. But she's casual and I can't challenge myself at all, leading to boredom.
  10. *turns around to see Grenades coming at mah* O.O D: o.o -.- x.x

    Someone other than me who doesn't have melee or the N64 one as their favorite???????? It's about time I found that person DX

    For me though, my order from least favorite, to most favorite

    Melee- This was my favorite as a child, but then after playing Brawl, I realized just how stiff Melee was. And before people tell me about L canceling/wave dashing... I shouldn't have to press a button JUST to attack after I land -.-

    Project M- Early stages, I didn't like. But recently, I have to admit it's been fairly enjoyable. By that, I mean I don't completely hate it. As much as I don't like it though, many others did, so it kinda is a shame.

    Smash 64- I actually like this game XD My main is link, mainly just to troll people with... Nobody will play that game with me anymore, but I don't care XD

    Smash 4- You'd think I'd like this game more... But something is missing and I can't put my finger on it. There's just not the epic feel like the others, like I can feel that not much love was put into it. I don't know.

    But that was just the beginning, the REAL reason why I don't like this game much is how it wants you to play. And that is SUPER defensibly. You can miss most your counters, and STILL win, and that's not counting additional attacks. People like to say "Oh, just trick them and fake them out. Run at them, but then stop when they counter." or "Just be unpredictable" I shouldn't HAVE to that in a game like this. having to do that IS the problem I have with this game. It slows the game down, and it shuts off an agressive play style in a really terrible way.The problem with this game is you are too heavily rewarded for a correct guess as the counters reward is WAY greater than the punishment. It's just anti fun, at least the way my friends play XP

    Brawl- I love this game. People say it's slow and sluggish... When I fight those people, THEY are the ones who are playing slow and sluggish.

    Now my mains ^^
    64- Link
    Honestly, I just like to troll as him XD Is it a legitimate stratigy Well I win most the time so I guess so XP

    Melee- Fox
    I loved starfox assault, so of course I went straight to Fox when I first got Melee.

    Brawl- Game and watch
    It started as Fox, but I got my ASS kicked by my friends game and watch, so I played game and watch, and found a playing style that is so far, undefeated. I saw allot of potential in game and watch when my friend played him, and I discovered it.

    Smash 4- Shulk
    It started as game and watch, but something was wrong with him... Then one day I found out. I was fighting my friend and his character was at 180%, I smash him, and he SURVIVED! Game and watch also still has his terrible hit detection from brawl (Where his attacks will go right through you) so then I discovered something, he was either nerfed, or unchanged from brawl. Either or, he doesn't stand much of a chance against others. Game and watch WAS the glass cannon, hits hard, but a lightweight. But now, he's just an annoyance.

    So after using like the entire roster to fight my friends OP ROY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Seriously, Roy is way too fast and strong, and that's just a few reasons why he's OP) I finally found that Shulk is quite good, and now me and my friend are about even... If I play in a not so fun way -.- The sword players are the curse of this game for me.
  11. If you think Roy is OP, wait until you fight against Little Mac -_- God I hate his ass!
  12. I have. He's tricky, but has a gimmick. Is he still OP? Possibly. But I don't have too much little mac experience so I can't say too much about him.

    But Roy covers everything I consider to be OP, and then some.

    My OP triangle generally revolves around 3 things
    Roy is REALLY fast, like I put out an attack, my friend turned around, went half way across final destination, turned around, and hit me before my end lag ended (The other thing I don't like much about smash 4, IT'S END LAG IS RIDICULES DX) So he has speed.
    Strength... my GOD Roy can KO someone. His super strong
    And then range... He has very awkward range. It may not be what most would consider long range, but it's long enough, especially considering his speed and strength.

    On top of that, his offense, he has REALLY good defense, like his physics breaking dodge roll, and that counter of his. This wouldn't be a problem if everyone was like that, but they're not. My friend even knows Roy's OP so he has me give my Shulk buffs (mainly in speed)

    I actually sold smash 3DS... But my friend loves it so much he went and bought me it again DX And since I have a thing where I prioritize gifts as others spent money on it for me... Well i'm honorbound. I just can't escape it XD Recently he got that wiiU with smash WiiU. Guess what i'm gonna be playing for the rest of my life O.O
  13. Roy's biggest weakness from what I've heard are his recovery and dealing with projectiles. Try exploiting those? He is one of the best swordsmen in the game but for some odd reason, he's rarely represented in tournaments? O.o

    LMAO you still don't have the Wii U version yet? I plan on getting both versions
  14. A bad recovery doesn't mean much if a Roy doesn't find himself in the threat of dying very often XP And sure, projectiles. Too bad i'm terrible at projectile based characters... Or maybe they just suck. I was looking forward to being good as Samus... I chose a good time for that XD But zero suit is quite good. (If Nintendo messes up Metroid's 30th anniversary next year...)

    I'm not a rich(ish) spoiled boi anymore DX
    After my 6 month trip I'll have quite a bit of money, so hopefully I'll be able to get the rest of my wish list (And yes, smash WiiU is on that list too) I cannot wait till then, my friend ended up REALLY liking splatoon. We have allot of team fortress 2 experience, I hope that carries over so we can wreck splatoon multiplayer >: D
  15. Damn the struggle is real for you XD

    You in the military or something? O_O
  16. Yes actually XD I have monthly income for the past few months though it's only about 160 or so. And I have 250 to pay back my friend as he paid for a part of my Texas trip (Which I only did so he could see his girlfriend) And my dad wants me to start paying our phone bill (Which is very fair all things considered) so with bills, it goes down to 50 or so a month, and by the time I ship out, I'll probably only just be able to pay my friend back (Assuming he doesn't want the added 50 I promised since it's been a year or so since then)

    I should start playing more as Link, I feel like I can get somewhere with him... And I've become quite the zelda fanboy.
  17. Thank you for your service! :D HOOAH!

    I hear Link is pretty good for beginners :) When I get Smash Bros, I might use him as well as Zero Suit Samus
  18. Hey now, I'm not serving quite yet o.o

    I heard Link's near top tier. Though that tier list changes all the time XP
  19. Ok now I'm confused XD

    Tier lists are SHIT and no one takes them seriously for a reason
  20. National guard has a monthly program to kinda ease you into boot camp. Tell you all the do's and don'ts and get you a bit prepared for what you're gonna be doing before you're just thrown in to a drill sergeants wrath and become 'that guy'... And you do not wanna be that guy XD (And i'm gonna be that guy. There is no way I can hold back my laughter, and I heard drill sergeants try their hardest to get reactions like that from you. The bonus to being that guy is that you'll be worked more, meaning you'll be stronger ^^

    You're like the first person I've seen that doesn't hold Tier list like a fact :D