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  1. I was thinking of a RP where the Nintendo worlds get fused into one world and the characters must find out how to separate the worlds. Think Kingdom Hearts but with Nintendo characters. It can have romance aspects like FE Awaking and really any Nintendo character is allowed. Even you Birdo. Just seeing who would like to do it before making it a thing.
  2. This sounds amazing!! I'd be into this.
  3. Ooo, Its like Subspace Emissary! But even more cool! I am interested.
  4. I like to join.

    Either Robin, Shulk or the Duck Hunt Duo. Though If I was to be the dog and duck, I make them act out their actions. This perks me up and makes me smile.
  5. Only Nintendo? Hm. I can work with this..... I think.
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  8. Totally interested in this! I'm interested in either the Kirby trio, Peach, or Ness.
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