Super Smash Bros: Nintendo's Final Showsdown

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  1. Intro:

    For as long as any Nintendo character could remember there was always the Super Smash Bros, a tournament where every video game character sent out to destroy one another, to achieve the ultimate goal, to become the best fighter through out the ages. Yet again the games have started, and more then the average amount of fighters joined, all expecting the same thing, to win and get the best of prizes, and if they lose, to return back into statues as they entered, expect that's not what happen, due to the final showdown of the Super Smash Bros tournament the fighters have been transformed into real life versions of them self, and sent into arenas foreign or from one of the very same universe they hail from and forced to fight till the death, having only the winner survive and leave the stage. Will you survive the tournament and make it out alive?

    Character roster:
    @TheColourlessRainbow as Toon Zelda, NPCS, and Gengar.

    1. This will consist of any pre-made Nintendo character, no other characters are allowed.

    2. This Role Play haves a very simple manic to it, players will fight to the death as their character in a random arena, so no god modding please, I do not want to be the one deciding which character wins.

    3. I will be playing many of the NPC monsters, and hosting the environment effects, but If I have to go I expect you to be able to continue role playing the very same NPC monster.

    4. Two characters per player please.

    Character Sheet:
    Name: Self Explanatory

    Age: Only put this if you know it, if you don't put N/A

    Appearance: A picture of your character please.

    Origin: What game they come from.

    Powers: List what powers they have, and what they can do. They do not have to have the same powers from the game. Max of six.

    Weaknesses: A minim of 3, list what the weakness is. Doesn't just have to do with physical things, could be something like stubborn, hard headed, things like that can be weaknesses as well.

    Weapons: Please list what weapons your character haves, if they don't have any please put N/A

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  2. Name: Daroach

    Age: N/A


    Normal form:

    Dark Form:

    Origin: Kirby Squeak Squad

    Powers: Teleportation, extreme thieving skills, and turning into Dark Daroach when he gets the Smash Ball.

    Weaknesses: Insanely greedy, lacks strength of any kind, and when he goes dark he will tunnel vision on his opponent.

    Infinite bombs that will explode into a Column of flame when he's dark.
    3-Star Cane that shoots three stars and are powerful enough to slice though rock when he's dark.
    Ice Staff that shoots a freezing beam that is increased in size and power when he's dark.
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