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  1. :pikachu:Hi there.

    Just thought i would introduce myself since i am new here. i haven't really roleplayed on any website before (other than my own but i only had a couple of friends on it) so i am a bit shy to get started to be honest. i like to write on my own sometimes and at the moment i have a couple stories going but they are just for my own entertainment more than anything. but anyway although i am a bit shy to get started writing with others i believe i am a very open writer. ill write pretty much anything once i get involved in a story, im not picky at all, ive written some pretty twisted stories with friends before haha XD

    anyway! i hope to get the courage to make a post and get started soon, it gets lonely writing on your own most of the time XD.
  2. Welcome aboard if there's anyway I can help please let me know! Also, don't worry about starting up a post, the people here are wonderful and respectful so there's no reason to be shy!
  3. Hello and welcome To Iwaku

    My name's Tetsuri and its nice to meet you!

    Since this is your first time on our site, this Community 101:Guide can Help you out!

    We also have a Role-Play guide to help you out with any role play needs.

    There is an Academy where you can learn!

    Finally, we have some Jump-In Roleplay where you can put all you know or learn to the test!

    Enjoy your stay here and enjoy yourself!

  4. thanks guys for the support :D ill check out the links you posted right away Tetsuri :3
  5. Hi! I'm Rubix, your friendly neighborhood cube :D If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a PM or write a message on my profile, whatever works for you. You are shy, huh? Well, I recommend you check out the cbox. Here, you can chat with some of the active members of the community and hopefully get a bit more comfortable around here :D then you can post more. The community here is really great. They're very friendly. I'm sure you'll have a great time on Iwaku once you start posting ^_^