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  1. (Nice)


    "You are way too perfect. There is no one who can even match your perfection." He kissed her nose.


    He smiled at her and pulled her back on top of him. He moved the covers so she was just on him and the covers were over them both. "That was amazing." He wrapped his arms around her and rubbed her back, kissing her.
  2. Sounds like an awesome system. Even if I'm not THAT into Mecha, I'd definitely be willing to try this.
  3. Blair

    She waved him goodbye and picked up the phone "Leroy?"

    "It's me. Did you get my messages?"

    "Yes yes I just saw. Pretty scary huh?"

    "Well I just came to call to say be careful today, don't go anywhere fishy, and we don't think it's Mortimer." She rolled her eyes at his comment

    "The sarcasm is strong with this one. Do you have any idea who?"

    "Got a description from someone but I can't say anything more. Sorry, can't exactly talk about the details. We'll have a good day miss Whittaker. Take care of yourself and call me if you need anything." They exchanged goodbyes and hung up.
  4. The xp system seems rather steep. Though I guess you could have multiple missions per session.

    ...I think I might be making a pilot and a mecha though, just for the hell of it...
  5. It's steep cause ranking up a trait/function is a BIG THING.

    It isn't so steep if you get a new mecha though.