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Super Hero. Comic Book. Science Fiction. Romance.
Trying to drum up interest and see just how many people would be up for a very Dragon Ball/Z/Super/GT style roleplay. Involving superpowers, some magical stuff too, some scifi, aliens and destroyed planets and all of that wholesome family fun goodness.

Basic premise I have for a plot line is... Not much but here it is:

The planet it is set on (or at least starts on), occupied by space pirates of varying races, receives a transmission from a tyrannical overlord threatening the destruction of their planet. This transmission scares many and they begin fleeing the planet but not everyone is able to evacuate, so some brave few make it their mission to protect this planet.

After near enough everyone on the planet has seen the transmission, our characters would set about helping people evacuate or beginning training or putting a stop to any of the tyrant's agents already on the planet. Each will have their own plot line that I'll help you to plan while awaiting the arrival of the big bad. Once big bad tyrant arrives, everyone must team up to fight him. Probably. We'll see, some people might team up with him, some might die, some might run for the hills and escape the planet... You never know.

Kinds of characters you can play:
  • Varying types of aliens with varying types of powers. Thing DBZ kinds of pwoers generally.
  • Robots and androids and synthetics and anything of that sort.
  • Biologically engineered life forms.
Any further information to be added. Let me know what you think or if you have any cool ideas. I will, once we have a few characters, make a sort of compendium or database or something of different alien races/species and their capabilities/powers/transformations/etc.