Super Husbands. (Tony Stark/Steve Rogers MxM)

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  1. Sorry, due to my schedule this is no longer open! xxx
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  2. I could definitely play Steve. :)

    I usually don't like roleplaying MxM, but I'm willing to try.

    Are you open to there being a side pairing, though? To keep things interesting.

    I was thinking I could have an OC for either Peter Quill or Wade Wilson. Whichever is more comfortable.

    We can tie the two stories together because it would give us plenty of ideas for conflict and plot progression.
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  3. Thanks for your interest :)

    However, I'm not really sure I could play a male canon character for an OC. Sorry, it just isn't my sort of thing unless I'm doubling as another female - and even then, I struggle.
  4. Hey, I would be willing to play Steve to your Tony. :)
  5. Awesome! Pm me? :)
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