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  1. For the original group set in the interest check only. This is closed to players outside of that thread. Sorry folks!

    What does it mean to be a hero? How about- what does it 'take' to be a hero? Sometimes you think of caped crusaders, or someone wearing a uniform- like a firefighter, scientist, or a soldier. Other times, the guy on the street handing out money to the young homeless girl. You see, Heroes come in all shapes in sizes, backgrounds and colors.

    This is a world where technological experimentation has lead to bio-abnormalities. There is talk about natural selection and evolution- or mutation. It doesn't matter how it happened, or how long this has been going on, or from what planet or universe these things and people come from. All that matters now- is how will everyone react? A majority of people don't believe this stuff, and brush it off as typical 'Enquirer' bullshit. Some people's live have been torn asunder by the changes, and others have capitalized on the things they were given.

    Some have taken the law into their own hands, others have failed to recognize enforcement and have done what they wished. The numbers of super-powered individuals have increased drastically in the past few decades. They are still mostly believed as urban legends, but the time is near where most people will have heard, and seen evidence of their existence.


    The World:
    Setting- JET CITY [Not sold. Will put names up for debate]
    This is a futuristic city, but not to the point where cars fly. Just imagine technological advances in all the sciences. The city is one of the biggest in the US- sitting near the Eastern Coast. Super powers are an incredible rarity- but something has happened where there has been a bit of an uprising in their numbers around the coast. Other crime fighters are out there, but there hasn't been anything officially established, and the government's knowledge of them is suspicious at best. Typical Civilians are doubtful, and wave the rumors off as urban legend.

    An aging man stood before them all... Black hair with white and gray brushed in the back and sides, and a short, salt and pepper beard. His eyes were hidden from the shadow of his larger brow. He was leaning forward on his cane, wearing a nice, but outdated black suit with a green tie. His voice was familiar, but the people to your left and right are not. The room is fairly dark, but a couple hanging lights on the ceiling were enough to keep the small rectangular room visible enough to see that this was a mock locker room.

    With a gravelly voice, "I have gathered you all here for the same purpose I was forced to leave behind five years ago..." He began, fleshing out his history, and love for the well being of the city. His exploits, and things that lead he and his partner to their demise.

    He is a retired vigilante crime fighter- His name is Carl Lancaster, Formerly named 'The Sheild'. Rendered unable to use his powers of force fields and flight, and part of his body after his last encounter with his nemesis.

    A previous captain of industry and science, he has put together a base of operations under the radar. Beneath the R&D lab he owns is an operation zone with a utilitarian barracks, and several different training rooms. This is where the new team meets, assembles, and trains.

    An assistant has a stack of manila folders in her arms, and begins handing them out to each of you...

    His voice speaks to you as she hands you the folder-
    "Make sure the information on these documents are correct.... This is secure information. If you falsify any of these documents, we will know, and you will be terminated: effective immediately."

    [do not omit details that may be released in the future that are important. I don't think i need to tell you all this but: This is OOC information, and should not be taken into account when writing IC.]
    Character Sheet! Post this as a reply and I'll comb over it briefly to make sure everything's okay. I'll start with my character, and maybe even one for The Shield :)
    Appearance: [Description required. image optional. If it's an image: photograph preferred, but due to the fantastic nature- i'm flexible :). Keep the image in spoiler tags if it's big.]
    Age: [20+]
    Race: [human, alien, mutant, whatever]
    Personality tendencies: [I don't need the way your character reacts to everything, but a brief evaluation is nice]
    Power/s: [Have fun but don't go super OP, please :). You've had them for around a year- give or take- keep this in mind.]
    Skills: [ie: Marksmanship, hand to hand, one handed weapons, two handed weapon, explosives, hacking, engineering, just list em here]
    Weapons: [if applicable. Killing is not totally frowned upon, as is seen as sometimes necessary for self defense]

    Modus Operandi: [particular method of operation. Be brief]
    Uniform: [Up to your imagination, but try to be as realistic as possible]
    Weaknesses: [substantial ones.. Don't tell me they are shy or something.]
    Bio: [Simple summarized bio]


    The mission-
    Working under the facility of Carl Lancaster's R&D company- Lancaster Innovative- there are a few objectives that everyone is looking to achieve.

    Carl Lancaster/ The Shield's nemesis Benjamin York- also known as 'Venom' an incredibly wealthy closet criminal at the had of a private military company, as well as weapons R&D facility. He is illegally dealing weapons and technology on the black market to other PMC's, governments, and black-light operations around the world. This is the long term goal to keep our eyes on and shut down. At this point, the only people who know 'Venom's identity is Carl- their employer/mentor/trainer.

    York is rumored to not be super powered. He may be in his mid-late fifties, but he is an incredibly capable specimen. Both mentally and physically. He also has highly advanced gadgets and weaponry to assist him to make him incredibly dangerous.

    Organized Crime- There are three families in this city who passively- and sometimes aggressively go after one another. The Episcopo family, the Torre family, and the Putyata crime ring. There are other small ones, but these are the top three. They often have hands in the below.

    Human Trafficking- This is not 'huge', but incredibly dangerous. No one can tell if any of the three families are aiding this, or if this is something entirely different...

    Black Market- often brought back to the Putyata crime ring, but the other crime units are often involved with this. Black market arms, surgeries, prosthetics, drugs, other technology, and information. It's highly lucrative, and very well guarded secret.

    HardStim dealers- a new drug rumored to have started with York's R&D facility (to their credit it was a test for an anesthetic), are running rampant. This is a highly addictive stimulant similar to PCP. The drug is expensive, so organized crime is getting their hands on it and selling it to the higher end crooks.

    I think the below system may be removed soon. I think it might be best for the group to come up with an idea and run with it. Or just keep it totally free-form.
    COMBAT SYSTEM (open)

    The Combat 'system'
    Yes, you are going to be part of a super human team of crime fighters. This means fighting crime in the literal sense for most of your characters. There will be several different types of adversaries you will meet on the journey to find yourselves, and complete story based objectives. However, most of these people will be armed, and dangerous. This may be different for some of you, so let me know your thoughts:

    In conflict situations, I will do a few things in the intro post of each situation. Lay out the terrain, setting, and tone. Then I will lay out the types of enemies you will be seeing and tell you the obvious things your character/s will see. I will also let you know if they will put up much of a fight or not to allow you to surmise an interaction on a base level.

    I will try to make it as free-form as possible, and this might be a little to exact and micro-managing, but i'm tweaking this still. But I want there to be some sort of system that allows the players to both free-form, but allows the GM team to moderate the combat and be able to throw twists and roadblocks in there.

    For my original thought: Your posts will be shorter, but these will be faster paced. This allows you to take an action and or move.

    I will then have everyone react. Your characters will only see what they 'can' see, and you will not be spoon fed their locations. They will react accordingly, and have the chance to move and react, as well.

    IE: [this is going to be brief- but i think you get the idea]
    GM post: It's about 2am, pitch dark outside save for the yellowy-dim street lights that are at the pier's edges [Yellow stars on the map]. There are stacked cargo crates that are likely carrying some less than legal items held in long rectangular boxes. You surmise it's probably guns. There is a light mist, and it's a little windy, so stealth will be a little difficult due to the splashy puddles and what-not.

    At first glance, there is one person patrolling up front [red circles]- doesn't look like he'd put up much a fight- but he's armed with a submachinegun. Also an easy target of a guy unloading boxes from a crate further in, passing them to another guy who is loading them to the yacht that is sitting on the right-most pier. The guy loading crates looks like he'd be one to put up some resistance if encountered in the open. You also see under the dim yellow lights a guy pacing back and forth on the back of the boat- likely talking on a radio or a phone... Ringleader, maybe? Theres a tower to the left, standing about three stories high that looks over the whole operation. A square crane operator area is up there surrounded by a small catwalk, with a ladder that reaches down to the ground.

    Your entrance is on the bottom left corner [will normally be an 'X' but i didn't put this :{ ]
    MAP OF AREA (open)

    Your Post: Batman lowers his body and hides behind a nearby crate waiting for the closest guy to pass him by. Once he has his back to him, Batman lunges at him, and intending to grab him up in a chokehold, asking "What's in the crates?" in his signature growling low voice... The man begins to act as if he is going to scream out for help, but is put to sleep slowly by Batman's tightening grip.

    GM Post: Still only seeing the remaining three, there is one still unloading cargo boxes, another transporting them to the boat, and you can definitely hear a guy on the top of the Yacht- phone- muttering in the background- something about money...

    Your Post: Batman, keeping under the guise of night, presses up against the left most cargo container- and waits for the man who is going into the Containers and grabbing boxes to go back into the cargo container. He watches with a single eye peeked around the corner as the man shuffles to the container, and steps inside, bending forward to grab another box from the ground.

    Since he didn't seem to have great constitution, Batman rushes in behind him, grabbing him by the back of the neck, and throws a quick combo of knee to the ribs so he can't call out to his buddies, and a strong haymaker to the temple, KO'ing the guy.

    GM Post- There is a man on the catwalk of the tower watching the operation that Batman did not see, having not surveyed this area. He saw a black caped man rush in behind the guy loading crates, and aimed his rifle down to them, calling "Hey!" and firing a shot, aimed well to Batman's back. The others are alerted, and slowly move to the Cargo Crates.

    Your Post: Batman takes a bullet to the back of his hip- and is flung to the ground. He has a second to pop a canister from his utility belt, and drop a smokebomb. He's going to need the cover. Slowly coming to his feet- and unable to run, he uses the cover of smoke to exit the crate, and sneak away using the crates as cover.

    I will be adding to this periodically, as things come up in the OOC, and as questions arise and are answered, as well as other ideas popping in. I dropped the most basic info here, and will be updating as often as possible to keep everyone in the loop.
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  2. I have omitted the character sheet from here for my character. I feel like 9 people is more than enough. I can just narrate and GM when possible. Push people for posts, and do some NPC dances.
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  3. [BCOLOR=transparent]Appearance:[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Morgan stands 5’9” with a body style more akin to a gymnastics star than a punk singer. Her hair color depends upon what she feels like dyeing it at the time. Her actual hair color is a blonde hue. (I will add more. I just need to think.)[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Morgan McConnel[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]Real Life Job- Pop-Punk Singer[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Age: 21[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Alien-Human Like[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Personality tendencies: [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Morgan can be described simply as an overly eccentric hippy. She deplores violence in almost all forms but has found out the hard way that it is necessary. This being the case she is normally very laid back in nature and semi-social. Outside of her hatred for fighting she can be very loving. When she is not upset many may view her as a ‘flower-child’ or a overly relaxed hipster. But, for her she finds herself to be just a hippie. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Power/s: [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Matter-Reconstruction: Morgan’s powers stem from the result of Alien experimentation mixed with human DNA. This experimentation and gene splicing has left Morgan with the ability to reorganize the electrons, protons and neutrons on a subatomic level. She is able to rearrange these atoms in a fashion allowing her to create new elements by sacraficing matter around her. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]By doing this she is able to raise objects from the ground by consuming equipment, matter and just about anything she touches. The constructs she raises must be technological in nature and as of now will not exceed a 9x9ft area. (Meaning she can not raise a tank from the ground yet. She can do small vehicles as of now but the heavier the construct the more she has to harvest by touch.) [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Voice Manipulation: Morgan is able to vary the pitch, tone and bass of her voice to mimic, tease and even confuse other people. This type of mutation has formed due to a direct ability to control her voice.[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]Results of experiments and splicing with Alien DNA have left Morgan with the inate ability to manipulate life energies and biological matter. Although she is able to heal wounds she is not able to (Yet.-Big IF) bring those that have died back to life. Though this power is more of a support and medical power it can be used in combination with her Matter-Reconstruction to... destroy or horrificly change biological material. (She will not use the second part of this unless she has to. It in the past has scarred her.)[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Skills: [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]+Data Collection[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]+Calculations and computation. Ex-Logic circuits[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]+Repair Skills[/BCOLOR]
    +Ghetto/Jerry Rigging

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Weapons: Any kind of modern firearm she creates. (Anything Vietnam era and lower is very hard for her to make. Except for vehicles.)[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Methods: Morgan is the type of individual to provide support over direct combat. But, this can be quickly disregarded if prodded enough to move forward. If prodded to move forward her normal combat style is something more akin to a ballerina's dance. She seems to move almost like a liquid as if guided by the matter under her steps. During this time she will be seen using her hands to their full effectiveness..... through touch the destruction aspect of her powers activate. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Weaknesses: [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Simple isn’t so simple: She has the most trouble figuring out the simple things. It is unknown as to why but it may be traced to a form of Absent mindedness.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]No-Common Sense: She lacks the ability to go about things in a normal manner at times. She may seem like a fish out of water when told of open a can of beans. She has a hard time doing things that others would find simple.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Advanced Creation: She is unable to create simple objects or anything without technology based around it. This being so she cannot create a simple piece of metal unless there is an electrical current or some type of modern technology within it. (Ex. She cannot raise a shield unless it is an Electrical Field.)[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Make Love not War: Morgans outlook on conflict has led her to hate all forms of violence from verbal all the way down the spectrum to physical. This being the case she has to be prodded to get moving when preparing for a dangerous mission. Once motivated enough through any means she chooses she will dismiss this and do what she needs to.[/BCOLOR]

    Uniform (open)


    [BCOLOR=transparent]Become a huge Pop-Punk Star[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Figure out what happened to her.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Graduate College.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent](Ill look at the others and may add more.)[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Bio: [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Morgan was born to two Scottish parents in central Scotland. At a young age an event occured involving Morgan that could not be explained by any logical science. In the night she was abducted by an alien race and had been returned hours later. Although the experience was brief it had left a mark on her genetic code. But, much of this was ignored by her father and things began to pick up once more. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Whenever a person came into town with something new she would be the first one to go and see it. It wasn’t until she was thirteen that she began to unlock her genes. This slow introduction into the modern world began to raise her love for anything that seemed more advanced than the simple things she grew up with. When she turned fourteen she moved to the United States with her father as the company that he worked at promoted him to a new position.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Once in the United States she was introduced into the real world in a trial by fire sense. It was complete culture shock to the young teen. No longer were there large fields and small villages. Now there were urban centers and large skyscrapers. Her love for technology drove her to greater lengths to figure it out and caused her to leave many of the more simple things behind her.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]It was with her move to the United States that she was placed within a High School on the outskirts of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Nearly forty five minutes from the large city. It was here that she began to take a love for anything sports related. Although she found trouble in many of the sports she found a home in Girls Lacrosse. She proved herself very gifted in the sport and rose to the Varsity team by the beginning of her sophomore year. At the end of her time in high school her hobby of singing had begun to pick up. This spike in popularity caused many things with her to change. Although going to school she had to balance many of things including a rise in her powers.[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]I am basing her band around Tonight Alive[/BCOLOR]
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  4. Please tell me if I need to change anything.

    Aiden Rook

    Aiden stands at about six feet tall, and weighs around 160lbs. His head is usually shaved, but occasionally grows out to be a short and unkempt straight brown hair. His eyes are a dark brown, and often have a deep thinking and potentially caring look about them. His expressions are often calm and content, he is known to smile often. Aiden was raised in a military family, and his Avid interest in martial arts and Parkour have given him reason to maintain a great physique. He has a lithe and built frame, sporting a highly athletic physique.

    Aiden Rook

    Martin Van Holten



    Aiden is proud, determined, and ambitious. He strives for personal perfection in nearly everything he does, and is always trying to better himself. Always believing that every day he should be better than he was the day before, he works hard, and learns from every mistake and success, no matter how trivial. While he can sometimes seem to have a rough exterior, due in no small part to his fighting, stunt work, and minor criminal activity, Aiden generally treats people very respectfully.

    Throughout the years, Aiden has had the tendency to put work above people, and so has never had large groups of friends, but small circles of greatly trusted Individuals. He has, however, occasionally attempted long term relationships, only to end abruptly each time. People also occasionally have a hard time getting to know him, discovering that he can be quite secretive.


    Mixed Martial Arts
    Tech Savy


    Escrima Sticks/Bo Staff
    Throwing Knives
    Various Trick Weapons
    Various Explosives

    No Powers
    Pent-up Aggresion
    Fears Stagnation
    Addicted to Adrenaline/Fighting
    Addicted to Competition




    On assignment, Stealth is preferred, but hand-to-hand Combat is his preferred form of combat. However, he often resorts to his Weapons and gadgets to give himself an edge against powered opponents or groups that are too large to deal with otherwise.


    Become a world class athlete.

    Win more gold medals than any other competitor.

    Develop lasting partnerships.

    Protect the people the law won't.

    Eliminate the Torre family.

    Become the head of the Aselta Crime Syndicate, a currently small time organization.

    Chronicle Data on every meta and alien possible.

    Become the undisputed greatest fighter in Jet City.

    Aiden was born overseas, immigrating to the United States as a teenager. Even during his youth feats of athleticism and Combat fascinated him. His father was a soldier, his mother a nurse. It wasn't at all surprising how he grew to interpret the closeness of saving and taking life both. As a child, he lived fairly well off, but due to the deaths of his parents, he fled his home country to the U.S.

    During the first several years of his time in the states, he lived in poverty, needing to do everything he could to scathe by. Aiden would use his self taught free running skills to play courier, chase down punks, and, of course, evade police. It was thanks to one man that his life had managed to turn around. Someone who believed in him and his ability to do something good with his skills.

    Aiden would become a gymnast, participating in many athletic events and contests, while also beginning to work as a stuntman and fight choreographer. Unfortunately, his past could never be completely erased, and his new clean life lacked the adventure and challenge of his old one. Not to mention the mystique of it. So, using his Parkour skills and his old Street brawling methods to learn to fight.

    It didn't take long for Aiden to make something of a name for himself into he underbelly of the big city, using an Alias he participated in underground fights. Sometimes simple boxing, sometimes cage fights, and occasionally, something far darker and more dangerous.

    Eventually, through help of friends and his mentor, he became far less often a participant of these events, but still engages in the fights from time to time. Of course, he does his best to hide this from them all.

    Samples of Athleticism (open)

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  5. Appearance:

    Ami is thin, muscular. She stands about 5'5" and weighs roughly 130 pounds. Her hair is naturally red, her eyes a hazel color. She does have a single tattoo on her upper back, a small emblem. She has had it her whole life, and isn't sure where it came from.

    Name: Ami Brookstone
    Alias: Once she starts her career, it will eventually be called Mega Girl. A lot of people call her 'Red' though, for obvious reasons.
    Age: 20
    Race: She is an alien, though this isn't something she's aware of. When her powers started to emerge, she and those that knew of her abilities assumed she was a mutant. And so that's what she is classified as for the moment.
    Personality tendencies: Firstly, Ami is what one would consider an otaku. She loves comic books, anime, cartoons, video games...she's rightly a nerd if you ask her. And that's part of the reason she embraces her powers so much, it's what she's dreamed of for practically her whole life (or since 6th grade when she got into comic books). She gets giddy with this kind of stuff, and imagines herself the quintessential hero of legend.
    While she does sometimes suffer from bouts of depression, she always tries to be in a grand mood. She acts almost lovingly towards her friends.. if she considers you a friend, you might as well be part of her family. She can't promise she'll always be in a good mood (she does get grumpy sometimes), but she does her best. And even towards those she doesn't know, she always tries to help others. Sometimes she goes out of her way to do so.
    Since her powers emerged, she's done her best to play the role of the 'secret avenger'. Keeping her identity hidden, even though it kills her. She wants people to know what she can do, who she is. But experience and knowledge of comic books tells her that could be a bad idea. She tries to take after Sailor V in that regard.
    Powers: This is a preliminary list of what she is capable of now. In the future, her abilities will expand.
    Enhanced Durability - Ami’s body can withstand a large amount of physical damage before she succumbs to said damage. She was hit once by a speeding SUV without much incident, if that is any indication.
    Enhanced Strength – At base, she can lift (bench press) almost 15 tons.
    Enhanced Speed - She isn't able to go mach speed (yet!), but she can move pretty fast. In an open run, she can run about 50MPH.
    Enhanced Healing - In the instances where she is actually injured, her body has the ability to heal itself at a tremendous rate. What would put a normal man down for a day she will be able to heal in a few minutes.
    Skills: Ami has some hand to hand combat experience, and some very basic training at that. Usually she's able to just use her abilities to get herself out of tight situations, so even a basic understanding of hand to hand defensive combat has been more than enough to this point.
    She has been playing video games for almost her whole life, so she's quite adept at many she tries. And given her pentient for video games and the like, she does have high eye to hand coordination and quick decision making abilities.
    Ami can play the violin, having taken lessons when she was a child. She isn't a world master level or anything, but she can hold her own with 'Devil Went Down To Georgia'.
    She is also a decent chef/baker. Her adopted family was full of cooks, and she grew up watching her father cook every day. Her mother would bake quite often, and Ami picked up on that rather readily.
    Weapons: N/A
    Modus Operandi: She has taken her cues from some of her most beloved anime series. And that means... confronting a criminal in the act, announcing herself and informing the criminal that they're time is up... and then taking them down. It's worked well so far! Again, she hasn't had any real challenges.. taking out small time criminals and the like.


    Her uniform is what she currently wears.. very basic and will most likely be changed in the near future. She also wears a mask concealing her eyes, as her secret identity is very important.

    Weaknesses: While she has enhanced durability, it does of course have it's limits. She take a ton more punishment than most people, but she will top out eventually. She will come to learn she's particularly vulnerable to telepathy.
    Thus far she is very inexperienced in big fights. She's never faced anyone on her level as yet, only petty thugs and the like.
    She sometimes takes the opinions and criticisms of others far to hard. She would say she doesn't care what other people think, but she really does. And it can effect her. And if things don't go her way, she can have a short temper and be put into something of a depressive bout quickly. She's aware of this, of course, and always tries to fight it.
    Goals: Right now her only real goal is to be a super hero. That's where she sees her life going. Sadly this thing called 'real life' is interfering with that.
    Bio: As a newborn, Ami was found upon the doorstep of a church. It's really that simple, and perhaps cliche. But that's how her story here starts. She was taken in by that church and was allowed to stay at an orphanage the church ran. That's where she spent the first 3 years of her life. She was well cared for and loved by those that ran the orphanage. They all could see she was a special child, but they didn't know the half of it.
    She was adopted by the Brookstone family when she was almost 4. They tried to have their own children, but were simply unable to. And so they reached out and was able to adopt Ami. Ironically... 2 years later they were able to have a child, Ami's little brother Jake. The children never really wanted for anything, they were raised in a good and loving atmosphere. Her father (Liam) was a construction worker, and did all he could to ensure his family was provided for. It's from him she learned the value of hard work. Her mother (Lynn) worked various jobs in Ami's lifetime, but was always first and foremost a stay at home mom.
    Ami sometimes struggled with the fact that she was adopted. She knew her family genuinely loved her, but there was always something in the back of her mind saying that she was different. That perhaps she didn't really belong. This was all in her head, though. She did truly love her family, of course, even her bratty little brother.
    Her life for the most part reflected that of any normal girl growing up. She didn't do great in school, usually out of boredom. Not from not being able to do the work.. often she simply didn't want to. Her mind was distracted by other things.. usually cartoons or toys or video games or comic books. It wasn't until the time around her 18th birthday that her life started to become... more unusual.
    She was convinced to go out with some of her friends for nothing more than a fun night of hanging out. They went to a movie (a comic book movie of course), and then went to dinner. It was late when they were driving home, the 5 of them. Zoe was a passenger in the car (she hated driving her friends). They were 'debating' a new game coming out, and things happened so quickly.. one moment they were talking, the next there was the sound of metal being wretched apart and they were at a stop. The car they were in went across the yellow divider and slammed head first into an oncoming car.
    One of Ami's friends was killed instantly, the driver. Her other friends were very badly injured.. one of them would never walk again. But Ami.. she didn't have a scratch on her. She was in the passenger seat, and was thrown from the car through the front windshield. She landed nearly 20 feet away.. but was fine. It was called a 'miracle' by most. Ami felt guilty because she wasn't hurt.. but it did get her thinking.
    She had never been sick... never seen her own blood. Never really been hurt or felt real pain. When she would get a shot, it would be very difficult. So in the aftermath of the crash, she decided she needed to start experimenting. While it was mostly her curiousity, some of this line of thought could have been the fact she again felt guilty.. and sought to perhaps punish herself. She started by trying to stab her hand with a fork.. and then a knife.. and then a bigger knife. Nothing would happen. She then would start to punch things.. first a plank of wood. And then a cement wall. When the wall actually broke with her strike, she finally was convinced something was going on. And to her, something wonderful.
    So she started 'testing' herself more and more. Jumping off the roof. Jumping from a bridge.

    Never once did she get hurt. She found she could lift things that she shouldn't be able to. Large rocks, pieces of scrap metal. She found she could run faster than most people.. even faster than some cars. She pushed herself to find her limits, but she never did. A lifelong dream had come true, she had super powers. Just like in the books she read, in the anime would she watch, or the cartoons. She could be a hero, and she wanted to be!
    She confided in only 2 people.. her little brother and his best friend, Cameron. It was decided amongst them that if she were to be some kind of super hero.. she needed a costume! It started badly..

    But eventually they decided on something more modest.. something that would keep her identity a secret. She then started actually going out and doing what she saw as being a hero.. finding trouble and stopping it. Helping anyone she could.
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  6. If anyone comes across any good practical female costumes, please let me know. I'm exhausted from trying to find one that really works for me lol
  7. I am making one for my char, which is why she is not up yet lol.
  8. Haha you don't have to find an exact image or anything, unless its just something you want to do. You can just write something out, or you can find something close, and refer to the image as a similarity?
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  9. #PrincessBOOM!


    "I Like To Make Things Go BOOM! Just Look At The Beautiful Colors!"
    Glitter is a petite girl, standing at 5'0 and weighing no more than 90 pounds. She has beautiful waist length curly hair that she dyed Light Pink, she has adorable dimples that show when she smiles and laughs, which she does a lot of the time. Glitter is usually wearing mini skirts, crop tops, dresses and heels. She does not own any pair of sneakers or any pair of shoes that do not have a heel 6 inches or higher. She has no tattoos, and the only piercings she has are her ears. She has an olive, perfectly non-blemished skin tone. Her body type is what most girls wish they had... but she likes the way everyone looks, so it doesn't matter to her.

    Glitter Sparkle Heart

    Princess BOOM



    Personality Tendencies
    ~Goofy~Ditzy~Bratty~Vapid~Caring~Sensitive~Hot Headed~Funny~Loving~Loyal~Positive~Forgetful~
    Glitter can be a bit of a ditzy airhead most of the time. She tends to mess things up or if someone says something, it takes her a moment longer than most to understand what they meant... depending on what they were asking or talking about. Glitter is the sweet girl with a bratty side. She has been pampered all of her life, so she tends to think the world is just revolving around her. She might need some people around her who aren't just "YES" Men. She loves to laugh and make jokes, even if she doesn't make sense when she tells one. Glitter has the type of personality that at first most people are turned off by her, but once they get to know her, they usually fall in love with the ditz.

    Pyrotechnic Manipulation
    X~Later down the line Glitter will be able to learn Explosion Manipulation, so she won't have to make fireworks to cause explosions... FUN!

    X~Of course Glitter knows everything about Pyrotechnics and how to make them, even without using her powers.
    X~Explosives, explosives, explosives... did I mention EXPLOSIVES?!
    X~Resourceful... shockingly. Glitter can be a very resourceful one, when she remembers what she has to do. She can find things rather quickly, she just has to try and not get distracted.
    X~Bombs. Glitter knows how to set a bomb and she also knows how to deactivate the most complicated ones, she just has a fascination with things that go BOOM!


    Modus Operandi
    Glitter likes things to go out with a BANG! She likes style and flash, and always getting the job done... and getting Ice Cream afterwards.

    Glitter's Superhero Costume (Link)

    X~I mean... she isn't the smartest girl on the block.
    X~She gets paranoid fairly easy, making her mess up on a lot of things.
    X~Glitter is very naive, so she is susceptible to being tricked or being used to do someone's bidding.
    X~Glitter is very selfish, she usually only looks out for herself most of the time... she needs to work on that.

    X~Stay Pretty & Die Rich... that was a joke, kind of. Glitter's main goal is to become a kick-ass superhero, that will be able to save the world from danger... with her Firework Powers! She wants to prove to the ones who think her power is just a joke, that it can actually do some damage and save others. Wait till people see what this little girl can do with her fireworks.
    X~Another goal for Glitter, not a big goal like save the world, but... she wants to find love and get married. Glitter just loves love, and she wants to have that as well someday.
    X~Some more Goals might develop throughout the RP, so gotta stay tuned for that.

    Glitter grew up in Los Angeles, California. Her parents are super rich Billionaire Moguls in the Entertainment Industry, they spoiled their one and only child. Even before she discovered her powers, Glitter was in love with explosions and movie effects. Her father would bring her to the set of his action movies, and she wouldn't cry (like normal babies) when an explosion happen, she would laugh and clap at the loud noise and the dirt and gravel flying in the air. She had always had a fascination with the colors that fireworks and explosions made in the air. She didn't know that one day she would have the power to make her own colorful explosions and fun creative fireworks, not until last year. Before last year, she was a normal girl who was just about to graduate High School. She was the Prom Queen and her boyfriend (Now Ex) was the Prom King. Glitter had and still has a great life, she doesn't have to work or want for anything in her life. She wants to learn more about her power and she wants to keep the beautiful world safe from the dangers that are out there.
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  10. THERE GOES GLITTER!!!!!!!!!!!! xD
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  11. So far everyone is fit for approval! Keep em coming.

    I might work on the mentor as a character reference sheet soon.
  12. Laney


    Name: Carmella Lane Cross aka "Mel" aka "Laney"

    She's a tall girl at 5'11", with a mellowed toned body fit for an athletic individual. Broad but delicate and soft framing and features, with her pride being her abs and strong legs. She has long brunette hair, Honey-Hazel eyes, and a niche for staying as fit as possible.

    Alias: Rift

    [outfit only; exclude physical characteristics]

    Age: 21

    Race: Human, natural mutant.

    Personality tendencies:
    + Loyal
    + Honest
    + Compassionate
    + Driven
    + Intelligent

    - Stubborn
    - Melodramatic
    - Sensitive
    - Devious
    - Paranoid


    Chronokinesis - The ability to manipulate and harness the fabric of time.
    Teleportation - Imbursement of oneself to another location in space via rifting time.
    Emulated Speed - Enhanced speed via the dilation of time.
    Emulated Thinking - Faster processing via the dilation of time.

    Skills: Carmella majors and will graduate with a degree in neuroscience, with a minor in psychology, and is extremely apt in the processes, synapses, and stimuli of the brain, having a very unique skillset in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, stressor stimulation, empathic behavior, and persuasion. Her hidden passion is singing, capable of emitting difficult tones and notes. She's also very tech savy, although not a hacker or a makeshift engineer she keeps up with the latest developments and know how. Through high school and even in college Carmella was a well known and respected volleyball player, playing Libero for Jet University all four years. She has great hand eye, body, and mental coordination with keen reflexes and agility to match. Her dad Samson as a legal representative taught her law and discipline, knowing her way around the law and political matters a bit. Her mother Gardenia is a renown chef in New York, teaching Mel all about the spices and culinary effects and mixes of the world, so yes, she can cook.

    Weapons: She knows how to defend herself, not really training in a fight style just naturally athletic but unkempt. No set weapon skills, but she can do okay with a pistol or any blunt weapon a woman would use to ward off danger. Nothing fancy. As far as non-material things, her NLP and mental knowledge is uncanny, sometimes getting people to do things out of character. This is NOT mind control, as this is a scientific and analytical based mannerism and not potent enough to control a person. Also, if looks could kill Shield would have had to place her in the world's deepest hole.

    Weaknesses: Mel's ability can cause her to only be limited to an area or intensity based on her focus. She is also paranoid, despite her sweet and genuine nature she can be isolated and aloof to others. This makes her independent and sometimes self-centered, not seeing everyone else's perspective until after the fact. This sense ties into her stubbornness also, making her driven and extra willed to her perspective.

    Modus Operandi: Concealment, secrecy. These are what she deals in. She's usually in and out of anywhere before anyone can even know that she would be there. She doesn't fight unless it's her life or an innocent's in direct danger, and she definitely does not kill. Her abilities are used for more elusive and stealth reasons, but with her drive to understand herself and abilities, influence can cause her to go outside her box.

    Goals: At first it was to get on the USA Women's Volleyball Olympic team, or to sing in Hollywood maybe get a record deal, but that was only the superficial goal, deep down she wanted to influences millions with whatever she did, to save them any way she could. With a song, or with a dream. Now, she doesn't want to show the world her face, because she feels it's the best way to save it. Her goal now is to find out what happened to her, and why. Try to be normal again, and if not...stay away from others.

    Bio: Carmella was born in Kansas City, Missouri to her parents Mr and Mrs Samson and Gardenia Cross. She was raised rather spoiled, but never without a moral discipline to everything she had attained, learning the value of work and earning what you get. Thus naturally she was always innately bright, being a AB student all the way through college, her ever only making one C in her entire life (Quantum Science, ugh). Her father was always loving but stern on her with his law background and her wanting to make the best of her life, where her mother was more free-spirited and expressive as an culinary artist. It was her mother's launch in her chef career that made them move to Jet City when Carmella turned 16, where her mother's eatery Garden Eve has taken off and become a real popular eating establishment. Carmella attended Jet High school where she developed a fascination with the human mind, intrigued by the various psyche's and behavior from human experience. This prompted her to want to take up a major in neuroscience, psychology too until both majors proved too rigorous with her athletic schedule as well, reducing the psych major to a minor. She wasn't too popular in high school, but knew the right people. Her keen but quiet nature caused her to seem docile, but inside her spirit is full of will and ambition. She played volleyball at the school, becoming an all state Libero her final two years in high school. That plus her finishing in the top 5% of her enormous class grabbed her a scholarship to Jet University, where she's also played volleyball and became a known athletic and academic figure. At 21, she's now in her senior year finishing up school, working on her research project to graduate. She's an old soul with a very mature spirit, the type of girl that doesn't have a million friends only a few that are very close and loyal to her, and her to them. She often drops by her father's place of work or her mom's restaraunt to get away from campus life. She seldom parties or does anything too crazy but when she does she makes the best of it. And then there's that one time...
    That one night(?) (open)

    A year ago.

    Night has fallen. Carmella had overslept for her last class of the day, and then some. She awakens to see that it's 11:04 PM that night, dreary, she thinks nothing of it and heads back to sleep. She blinks her eyes open to see that her phone alarm is going off, as the sun shines in through the windows. She checks her phone to see that it's 4:11 PM...but the date was not the next day. It was the same day, and she had slept for over 12 hours. Confused, she gets out of her bed to see that campus was still in fact vibrant with people heading to class. She grabs her backpack and heads off herself. And then it happened, things spiraled out of control. Her brain begins to pulsate in pounding pain as she crumples over. A few students rush to her aid, but bits and pieces of her memory and time goes in and out, as one second she's talking to them, the next she's in the back of an ambulance. Frightened, Carmella struggles to get free and jump through the back doors, as the paramedics attempt to restrain her. It was a situation out of control happening to a simple girl who'd never had any type of trouble ever. Scared, Carmella hold her head as her brain pulses one last time, and then the world is still. Everything is still. Shocked, she breaks open the doors as time resumes, however everything's much slower. She panics and runs away through the fray of micropaced pedestrians and irregular constraints of time, running into the city where she hides in an alley, heart racing and mind torn asunder where she crawls into a fetal stance and closes her eyes in mild trauma. She thinks of her dorm room, and how she's going to get there. She opens her eyes to see her room before her, death silent. She was back, and alone. The clock read 4:24 PM, her eyes were full of tears, barren of cognition. She never moved out of her fetal position. She just lay there on the bed, staring, thinking. It was enough to make anyone go mad, but she was the exception, she thought not of conventional thoughts, but ones of comprehension. She wanted to understand in her brain, as her major has trained her to do. She had heard about beings experiencing or having abnormal skills/occurrences before. Would they understand? Should she chase them? Would they find her? Would the police? She ran from a scene....scared and possibly threatened people's lives. What was this she had? These.....Rifts? She finally mustered enough will to check her clock, the time was 11:04 PM.

    Now she's doing what she thinks is right, what she feels like is the best move to figure out who she really is...and it's all because of Benjamin York.
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  13. @Spectre is Shield going to be in the rp now that two have backed out? Just curious. So ready for this!!!
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  14. He's going to be a plot device, and NPC that is likely written by myself.
    also, Kathryn has backed out as well. So we're down three.

    I might actually come back and use an Original Player, but this is yet to be decided.

    I have added a bit on a possible combat system in the intro post. Please look and tell me your thoughts.

    This is put into place to keep things grounded, and difficult/ requiring teamwork. This will be another struggle for you as the writers to remain IC and how the characters would actually interact/react, etc.
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  15. Anyone else starting to get a bit of a harem anime vibe?...
  16. I don't know what that is. So I've googled it.
    I swear to all that is sacred- if this becomes any sort of romance focus RP, i will enjoy killing you all off- one by one. xD
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  17. Haha I was thinking more on the number of females and males as opposed to the romantic emphasis.

    And don't you worry, while I enjoy some romance in a story, I don't tend to make it the center.
  18. [​IMG]


    Lacey stands at 5'4" with rather pale skin and sharp features. Her eyes are greyish-green in color and tend to be set with a strange sense of sadness. Her face is oval in shape with a freckled nose and larger lips. Her hair reaches down to her mid-back and is brown in color with some lighter shades mixed throughout. She doesn't consider herself to be beautiful, but she certainly isn't bad-looking.
    Midnight Mistress
    Mutant...at least, that's what she thinks
    Lacey, above all else, tends to be quiet and introspective. She's not shy; she just doesn't go out of her way to talk to people. When frustrated, she usually scowls and crosses her arms. When angry, she'll likely--and very unexpectedly--talk your ear off about why you're wrong. She can be very stubborn about her ideas and beliefs, refusing to budge an inch without hard facts against her. That being said, she's very logical at heart and prefers to work with good judgment rather than by reckless emotions. This mostly has to do with the fact that her control over her powers is greatly hinged on her emotions; therefore, she doesn't often show them if she can help it. Lacey is very loyal to the people she trusts, and she will do anything to protect them. It could be considered her greatest strength and weakness.
    As a general rule of thumb, she hates injustice. She believes everyone must pay for their wrongdoings, including herself. Because of this, she remembers all of her major "sins" very well and thus holds a high expectation for "good" on herself. That also being said, she does have her own version of what is right and wrong. What others may see has absolutely horrible, she may see as reasonable.
    In regards to her power, she hates it. She wishes nothing more than to be a normal human being that isn't cursed like this. Often times, she believes it's her own mistakes and failures that have brought upon this affliction of hers.

    Lacey can create, shape and manipulate dark energy, usually drawn from inter-dimensional or other similar sources. It can be channeled to a variety of effects such as a solid, gaseous, and/or liquid substance that can be shaped/manifested in various ways, usually causing an absence of light. Unlike Darkness Manipulation, which draws from the similar source, dark energy focuses on direct, destructive, and violent aspect of the spectrum. This destructive aspect is usually manifested as an energy blast that can decimate buildings and shatter windows, depending on her control or lack thereof. With enough control, she can use this dark matter to fly or create force fields.
    In physics, dark energy is a hypothetical energy that permeates space, similar to dark matter, and makes up for about 68.3% of the universe.
    ~Dark Portals~

    --This ability will be discovered later--
    With this ability, she uses her nega-ergokinesis to create portals to a sort of "dark dimension" in which she can store items and call upon strange and dangerous creatures which take a great amount of concentration to control. She will not be able to use these portals for transportation. Upon leaving a portal, she exits in the same place she entered.
    For a large portion of her life, Lacey aspired to be a gymnast. With the discovery of her powers, this dream was shattered. However, she still has her hard-won skills, making her very flexible and quick on her feet. She's likely to beat you in a fistfight.
    ~Logical Outcomes/Strategy~
    She is very calculating by nature and thus tries to perceive every possible outcome to a situation. She deals with probabilities for the most part, making her decisions based on what seems most likely to occur. This doesn't mean she's always right, as all situations have a factor of unpredictability, but she does tend to be very good at strategy.
    She is very capable at ambushing, spying, etc. She knows what she's doing when it comes to covert operations, and she greatly depends on the element of surprise. It helps that she can literally create an absence of light.

    She always keeps a knife on her at all times, even though many wouldn't think she'd need it. She prefers to not use her power if at all possible, and she's fairly good with a knife because of her agility.

    ~Go for the Silent Kill~
    She believes in discretion and quiet work above all else. She will do what needs to be done, and she will accomplish it without alerting even the sewer rats.

    Her ability greatly hinges on emotion, especially anger and fear. Because of this, she is much more likely to lose control if she loses control of her emotions.
    She is loyal to a fault, making it difficult for her to make the hard decisions if someone she cares about is involved. It is both a strength and a weakness.
    She's afraid of her own power, making it difficult for her to ever fully control it. If she doesn't find some way to accept it, it might (will) become a problem.

    One thing she fights for is justice. While it may sound corny, it isn't to her. She's had her own fair share of tragedy in her life, and the people responsible still haven't paid the price. Because of this, she knows she has to do something, even if it means using her power.
    ~Learn to Control Her Power~
    If there's no way to get rid of it, she wants to at least learn how to fully control it. She isn't out of control by any means, but she hates always being afraid of what it might cause.
    ~Vengeance for her Family~
    To this day, she searches for the people responsible for her parents' deaths. When she finds them, morals will no longer be an option. She will make them suffer.

    Lacey was born as the outspoken child of Michael and Vanessa Carlyle. Her parents were both successful in their own right. Her mother was the CEO of an experimental company testing the limits of science in many different fields, including medicine. Her father was a powerful U.S. senator that had been rumored to be setting up for a presidential campaign. From day one, she was born in a world torn by political and corporate scandal. Everyone had an ulterior motive, but she never really noticed until one fateful day. Her parents had made the grave mistake of angering the wrong person, and they paid the price with their life. She was ten years old when she saw her parents killed while hiding underneath the bed. They set the house ablaze, leaving the young girl for dead. She miraculously survived but not without burn scars on her arms and back.
    With her parent's life insurance behind her, all of her surviving family members jumped and clawed at the chance to take her in. The court finally settled on her comfortably wealthy (and retired) grandparents living on an estate of their own. The girl who had once proclaimed her thoughts to the world became silent, refusing to speak unless spoken to. She continued in her love for gymnastics, something she had started at the age of 6. In the years that followed, she thought of nothing else than avenging her parents. But no one had been convicted or even arrested for their murders. In fact, hardly anyone wanted to believe that the fire wasn't an accident. Because of this, she became bitter towards the justice system, believing it to be inadequate. But what could she do? Nothing.
    Instead, she poured her energy into her past time, winning competitions and proving herself to be quite adept. However, all of that would change when she turned 17. In a tragic car accident, her grandparents were killed, and she miraculously survived. After all, the vehicle had caught on fire and blown up (at least, that's what had appeared to happen). Despite that, however, they found Lacey unconscious just ten feet away from the rubble, not even scratched. She would later realize that her power had "manifested" during a very angry fight with her grandparents; she had inadvertently killed them.
    Her life changed from that day forward, and she knew nothing would be like it was before. Changing her last name and falling into the shadows, no one heard from the "Poor Carlyle Girl" ever again. Rumors surfaced that she had been spotted in [Jet] City, but these rumors could never be confirmed nor denied. In other news, a mysterious woman by the name of Midnight Mistress has recently joined the group of superheros, and she prefers to keep her past to herself.

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  19. Cool...
    Who else are we waiting for? I feel like we're missing someone.
  20. I Pm'd Pibbs, I think he's still down last I knew.

    Oh question, do you have a preference of what perspective we rp in? All 3rd person? 1st? Or discretion of the rper?
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