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  1. What does it mean to be a hero? How about- what does it 'take' to be a hero? Sometimes you think of caped crusaders, or someone wearing a uniform. Other times, the guy on the street handing out money to the young homeless girl. You see, Heroes come in all shapes in sizes, backgrounds and colors.

    This is a world where technological experimentation has lead to bio-abnormalities. There is talk about natural selection and evolution- or mutation. It doesn't matter how it happened, or how long this has been going on, or from what planet or universe these things and people come from. All that matters now- is how will everyone react? A majority of people don't believe this stuff, and brush it off as typical 'Enquirer' bullshit. Some people's live have been torn asunder by the changes, and others have capitalized on the things they were given.

    Good or bad, there are people with extraordinary abilities out there. Are you one of them? Or are you just one who hunts them down, or cleans up after them?


    With the rise in popularity of TV shows like Arrow, Daredevil, The Flash, and all that... I can't help myself, so I am shamelessly going to be drawing some inspirations from these greats.

    Fantastic- but grounded by some reality- and grit. Some people have special abilities- others have special tech, and intuition and natural ability... They all have a sense of right and wrong, and each have their own ideas of serving to this.

    This is what I'm looking to sculpt. This isn't going to be an origin story by any means, but it will be in an early part of each of these 'heroes'... 'career'.

    They would be financially backed- but by whom I'm not sure yet. They would all work for the same group- and not necessarily always 'together', but for the sake of this RP: would start to work together. They all have their own reasons, and ways they got started. I'd say these people are fairly young, but not teens or kids. I'd say they would be in their first year of vigilante work. So they know what they're doing for the most part, but certainly aren't experts.

    They wouldn't be taking out supervillains or anything yet- but would work their way up to it. Maybe a similar gang out their being formed but have a bigger lust for power. They might all know each other if they've been working with the group for a while, or they might be completely new to the team.

    They aren't working for a government, it would be a private sector company that deals with security and or scientific research and development. I'd love any help or suggestions with plot direction, but I've got a kick-off point.

    CS would be similar to this- So feel free to toy with it a little if you feel like:

    Appearance: [Description required. image optional. If it's an image: photograph preferred, but due to the fantastic nature- i'm flexible :)]


    Age: [20+]

    Race: [human, alien, mutant, whatever]

    Personality tendencies: [I don't need the way your character reacts to everything, but a brief evaluation is nice]

    Power/s: [Have fun but don't go super OP, please :)]
    Skills: [ie: Marksmanship, hand to hand, one handed weapons, two handed weapon, explosives, hacking, engineering, just list em here]
    Weapons: [
    if applicable. Killing is not totally frowned upon]
    Weaknesses: [
    substantial ones.. Don't tell me they are shy or something.]
    Bio: [
    at the very least three paragraphs]
  2. I'd like to definitely express interest. I would like my gal to be like the supergirl you're, if that's okay. Like the cliche powerset that slowly develops over time?
  3. If you're down with it, I'd like to be the 'Spider-Man' of our group!
  4. Showing interest. I have so many super character concepts.
  5. SETTING INFO: this will be modernish, with an air of futuristic. Not flying cars futuristic, but maybe a step ahead of where we are now.

    Also heads up- uniforms. I want them to at least partially make sense. No yellow tights please :p. At least modernize with leather and armors :p

    Haha. Sure that's part of the fun. I will say that I don't know much about Supergirl, though. I'm assuming just a female version of Superman, though. . . Mixed feelings since I see him as really OP, so as long as you have limits and drawbacks I'm cool. :)

    Always a fan of spidey. Did you have mutant spider bite guy in mind? Or just the same concept?

    I'm a big fan of conceptual thinking, what sort of characters are coming to mind?

    I can't decide if I want to pilot around a new kid on the block, and provide explanations that way, or be a supervisor type, to give guidance... Thinking younger first timer though. The apprentice of one of the guys who started the whole underground hero vigilante thing. . . . Thinking he or she is a brutal melee fighter using some bladed instrument. Some sort of super speed, or short range teleportation, or invisibility... Hmm..

    Opinions of what kind of HQ you want to work for? Keep in mind it is ultimately for the good of the people, so not like some assassination type work. Maybe someone can take a big role and be the rich playboy who helps fund the operation, that has access to a lot of contacts or awesomevehicles ? Maybe a security and intelligence organization that provides info and weapons? Or a research and dev company to provide gadgets and stuff?

    Just wanting to spitball before we do CSes and going on the first task, which will be something of a terrorist hunt, to showcase teamwork and individual skill.... I like to try and involve players as much as able. :)
  6. I'm thinking Cross-Species mutant spider bite brought about by this abomination:


    That's not my guy, that's just the thing that bites him :3
  7. I always liked the idea of a super hero who worked in marketing and used his skill set to commercialize himself. I had a character written for the champions universe that was a low level marketing exec with cryokinesis.

    I don't have any thoughts attached to it but for some reason celerity as a power has always fascinated me.

    On the way home from work I got this image of a a hero with incredibly limited sonokinesis. They'd store the energy from sound in their hands and when it built up enough they could release that energy in a shockwave.

    I've also always liked the idea of batman without money. A bullet proof vest and scrap metal to replace body armor. Brass knuckles and chains as weapons. Even go with a gritty self taught street level style of combat instead of the mystical, out of place ninja training batman got.

    Anyways....I'll get back to you with thoughts on the actual plot sometime tomorrow.
  8. Would it be cool if I play your first legitimate "antagonist?" I have a few simple ideas for a more gritty and realistic setting. I'm thinking that it'd be fun to play the kind of character that started out just skilled but at some point develops some kind of ability or something.

    Ahem, anyway, are you accepting people?
  9. Love this idea. I've been on the lookout for pretty much this type of superhero roleplay. Like Young Justice, but for the slightly older crowd.

    If your group isn't too big already, I'd like to hop in on the action. I don't have really concrete ideas yet, but slightly crooked superhumans who aren't really evil have always fascinated me - the kind of people who use their abilities for personal gain. On the other hand, I also like the idea of a super-powered human who has horrible control of an otherwise convenient power (like teleportation). Or to perhaps have a weakness that completely contradicts the power (e.g. Enhanced reflexes with zero hand-eye coordination).

    But playing the rich character who backs the team or has the intel/goodies sounds fun, too! I'll come back with fresh ideas after work! I like what I've read so far from everyone though!
  10. I'll be working on my CS tonight when I get home from work. I got a gal all picked out and all.
  11. That thing is gross. Is it tiny? Or is it like a were-spider? lol

    I always thought cryokenesis would be awesome. If i wasn't going supplementary, that would have been a choice of mine :). Anyhow, I'm good with any of those ideas really. You don't even have to have superpowers, just be better than average at what you want your character to do. Even with my character being super-powered, i fully intend to give them an ass-kicking quite often.

    I like the idea of coming into their powers as well. However I wanted the players to be understanding but inexperienced with their powers. Since the antagonist wouldn't be part of the main party- you can certainly make someone who isn't powered at first, and either develops them, or figures out they have them.

    Maybe NPC it, though? Mostly because I might not give a whole lot of chances for you to develop your character until the main party walks up on whatever you plan on doing. I like the idea of people playing both sides, and could certainly try it out- but splitting the party can get confusing.. Thoughts?

    No problem. I'm thinking this might be as many people as i'd like [including you]. But i share the sentiment, people trying to take justice in their own hands can easily get out of hand. Murder, One man's justice is another man's revenge. Blurs all kinds of lines and takes different types of tolls on different people.


    so far I've got a supergirl type, a spidey- type, A couple still working it out, and I intend to make somewhat of a Robin/Flash mixer. Once we can pinpoint a couple more tiny details- like character intentions, and the kind of funding we'll be getting- I'll start an OOC thread in the Info Group RP page [i'll link of course].
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  12. Human-sized, most likely. I can tweak it around later on, it depends on what's okay with the IC.
  13. I think I'll go with cyrokinesis. I really like the idea of a hero trying to commercialize himself. A slightly idealistic character who is really in it for the fame and trying to sell his action figures. His weakness(Besides vanity) will be needing to keep his body temp below a certain level to use his abilities.

    As for a money source; a couple ideas.

    1. A hacktivist group. Using money 'liberated' from big corporations, drug cartels and terrorist organizations they fund our vigilante group as the 'physical' branch of their organization.

    2. This one lends itself to a comedic adventure more than anything so it's probably not what you want but having us unwitting be part of a reality T.V. show would be kinda amusing. A retired hero claims he's putting together the world's first super team with the help of a mysterious benefactor. After the first arc we discover we were being recorded for a T.V. show and our benefactors were the producer and director of said show.

    3. Following the retired hero train of thought, after a devastating injury a rich vigilante (a la Batman) is no longer able to fight. In an effort to protect his city he gathers us together and trains us to work together so that we may function as his replacement.

    4. And lastly, a mysterious benefactor we never meet can always double as a good 2nd or 3rd story arc villain. Like a rich super villain puts us together and manipulates us into taking out his rivals.

    There's also always the option of making us fend for ourselves when it comes to resources.
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  14. @Censored69, I like number four. I could certainly use it as part of my "antagonist's" background and such.

    @Spectre, to continue with that and reply, I thought it could be fun to go the double agent kind of route. My character would pretend to be an ally to the heroes, probably even join them on some if not most of their adventures, while helping to beat out his rivals. I could happily message a few more plot details for it too, so as to not disclose as much info to our fellow players. Haha

    Also, he would at least start with no powers, probably just be really skillful, intelligent, and potentially charming and manipulative. Sounding okay so far?
  15. I like both three and four. What if we put both in a blender- 'Die a hero, or live long enough to see them become the villain'?
    • Hero has to go into a bit of 'retirement'. Maybe defeated by his nemesis or something- who is now incredibly influential and powerful....
    • In an effort to protect the city- he seeks out some younger folks who share a similar vision. Providing a secretive training compound somewhere [his old lair], he becomes their mentor and handler. He does this for a long term goal of vengeance, and becomes a little obsessed with it.
    • Becomes desensitized to the normal people, starts craving this power that these new guys and gals can provide him with- noting their successes
    • Targets old nemesis and company to become top dog and take over.
    Hmmm... maybe. Really depends on your idea of power- and how/why they gain them later down the road.

    If that's the case, I can change the fact i want these people to know how to control their powers and just allow characters that are just now coming into their own...?
  16. Hmm. I'd be completely content whether the heroes are already comfortable with their abilities or are just coming into them.

    My character could be somehow related to the aged hero who is helping them out and use his relative's goal as a means to further his own and as a motivation to help him achieve his.

    As for his abilities, they could awaken during a distressing time or event, have been around and he kept them hidden, or just develop late. Or, perhaps, he's just a tech hero. I frankly am quite open and am still working on potential powers that we could go over later on.

    Any other thoughts?
  17. I love it! I found 4 to be a bit cheesy as I was writing it. Comboing it with 3 was a fantastic call though. It removes a lot of the cheese and adds all sorts of cool plot potential.

    Maybe Mog's char could've been brought into the group due to their lack of powers? A grounding element, to sorta of remind the rest of our characters what human really is (as superheroes are really Quasi-gods). Have them develop their powers part way through the RP and become worried about their place in the group. Fearing abandonment they could betray the group.

    If Mog wants to start out as a double agent that connection probably shouldn't be related directly to our benefactor. Like work for one of the many other enemies we are sure to make. Or maybe Mogs character is the secret sidekick of our benefactor's archnemesis!?!? Dun dun duuuuun!

    When Mog's abilities come into play and whom exactly Mog works for should prolly be discussed privately.
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  18. You make a good point. Relation probably wouldn't work very well. That's what these conversations are for. Haha
  19. @Spectre This is great! I think the Aging Hero concept is pretty dynamic and kind of uncharted territory. If the Hero is maybe past his prime, but frustrated that he can't save the day like he used to, then maybe forming the team could also be a way for him to secretly, vicariously live through our characters' lives. In addition to taking care of unfinished business - whatever that may be - the team might also give an aging hero a renewed sense of purpose. If he has no children, he might even consider this team his legacy. That kind of narcissism could even feed into his gradual downward spiral into darkness.


    I also really like @Censored69's idea about there being a non-powered person on the team. Whether this turns out to be Mog's character or not, I like the suggested lesson behind inviting an ordinary human (albeit with extraordinary skills) on the team. It's a humbling thought. I mean, being able to hold your own among superhumans when you've got zero powers is pretty darn impressive. There is a possibility, too, that the group comes to like the human because of his lack of powers rather than in spite of if. If this already formidable person suddenly gains some supernatural ability, it may cause unease within the group. I could definitely understand the character's anxiety should powers suddenly manifest. But, Mog, that's your call, seeing as this is your hypothetical character. :)

    As for my own character, here's what I'm working with: Gravitating toward a petty criminal turned hero-type. A sloppy thief, maybe, who would've gotten arrested a dozen times already had he/she (gender undecided) not had a power (telekinesis? ability to wipe someone's memory, if only for seconds at a time? invisibility?). I like to think this person is more bored than bad, testing the limits of his/her ability in riskier ways just to see what he/she can do. Once recruited by the Hero, he/she could learn to funnel that boredom and power usage toward doing good. But bad habits die hard. Criminals, no matter how minor, don't just wake up heroes the next day. Without meaning to (unlike Mog's character), my character may unwittingly antagonize the group by reverting to old behavior which may jeopardize missions or covers. Would a character like this work with this roleplay?
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  20. ...I can dig it.

    I mean, I like it, kupo.
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