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The fluorescent lights hanging above lit everything in the room with a white light. The room was very sterile looking. No decoration of photos or anything. Lockers lined the walls. Stainless steel tables filled with miscellaneous tools, and components, weight benches, long floor mats, and synthetic punching bags decorated this particular room. It was a long, rectangular room, and a group of young men and women were lined up against a wall near a hi-tech metallic door.

They were all summoned here, and directed and placed by a tall young female who some may know as only 'Lane', the executive assistant for Mr. Lancaster. There were a few that had been here before, and had worked for Mr. Lancaster, and others that this was their first time. However- this may be the first time everyone here had seen each other together. They may have seen each other in passing through the dimly lit, sterile halls before, or shared short conversation in the training room, however their employer- Mr. Lancaster- was mostly careful to not let them overlap too much to get to know each other.

Though, despite having worked for Mr.Lancaster, he didn't spend a lot of time here. Today's meeting spoke of some importance, as he was scarce as it was.

Lane was heard first, before entering the room. Her heels rapping down the hall toward them, but as she cleared the metallic door- as it slid open with a hiss, the last of the newcomers was directed to 'Please, stand over there by the wall. Mister Lancaster will be here soon, and will want to address you all together', just as she had said to the others. She gave her signature smile to the newcomer, then her head dropped to look at her clipboard, scribbled something, and then made her way back into the hallway. The footsteps would decrescendo into nothing, leaving the handful of 'recruits' alone for a few moments.
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♦Location: The Hall-The Room-The Wall ♦Mood: Excited & A Bit Nervous ♦Outfit: Fifty Shades Of Pink ♦Hero Costume: Princess BOOM

Glitter Heart, the Pyrotechnic Girl, the girl that goes BOOM, the one people call dumb... well, now she was in a building about to become a freaking Superhero! Glitter may get the rep of being; ditzy and vapid, but she has more to her than just that. She was standing in the hall, waiting for the lady, Lane, to bring the group into the room. Glitter started to pop her gum, while twirling her hair and playing with her phone. Even though she was excited about learning how to master her powers, she was nervous as well. What if people think of her powers as a joke? Some kind of comical relief. Glitter has gotten looks from other heroes in training before. When she told them she could control pyrotechnics, they would laugh at her, but than she would show them what she could do with her creative power. While some people can melt things and set things on fire, Glitter can trap people in a pyrotechnic sphere... and then blow the fireworks up around them, knocking them out. Her power may seem at first dumb, but once you see her in action, you'll regret underestimating her. "This game is soo hard, why won't you just drop in the box already." She rolled her eyes and left the game. She started to take selfies next to the hall, while waiting.

After a few minutes, Lane had finally arrived. "Hi!" Glitter waved at her, as the group was led into the room. When the door slid open, Glitter jumped a bit. Her nerves were more out of wack than she thought. They were directed to stand next to the wall, and wait for Mr. Lancaster to show up. Glitter looked around the dimly lit room, she could tell that it was a locker room... maybe. "So... if I am not intruding or whatever, what power or powers do you guys have?" Glitter has never met any of the people in the room, so everyone was a new face to her. "I'm Glitter Heart by the way. I can control and create Pyrotechnics, and please don't think my power is a joke." She smiled at everyone in the room. While she waited for the others to hopefully tell her their name and powers, Glitter twirled her light pink hair. She had dyed it a few weeks ago, and she LOVED it. She hoped that everyone could become close friends and save the world from all the dangers that plagued it. She could just picture herself being the next Superwoman or something like that, that would be soo cool.
Interaction(s): Lane, Morgan, Ami, Matthew, Aiden, Lacey
Mentioned: Lane, Mr. Lancaster, Morgan, Ami, Matthew, Aiden, Lacey

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((This is following the origin post on my CS))
The radiance of the sun breached the blinds of her dorm room, the luminous energy invading her retina as they blankly stare into space. She was unaffected, she doesn't even remember if she slept of not. She didn't know what the time was. Time. That was a word, a notion, a concept that had never left her mind since yesterday. Her brain was scrambled trying to piece together these pieces of the puzzle. A puzzle she had never seen before, more of an enigma. One would've thought she was dead from the way she still lie in the fetal position, eyes blank to the world around her.
There was faint knocking.
A burst of adrenaline surged through her body, inside beginning to build nervousness and paranoia from who it could be. Still, she remained still. Simply staring into the blinds, to the outside world that had taken a toll on her yesterday, or had she taken a toll on it? The knocking came again from the suite door, as her dorm room door was closed, as was her mentality. Her phone buzzed and lit up with unread texts and notifications. She started to think about her life again, a rebirth of conscious thoughts begin to seep into her mind. Classes, volleyball practice, going out...her parents. What happened last night was enough to give her a heart attack. What if it happens again? Most college upperclassmen break down over finals and how they'll cover their books and such, but who could she possibly talk to or take help from on this situation? The 'rumored' special people that are said to be out there?
It was then she connected the dots. The suite door opens as Carmella can hear her roommate talking to someone in the den. Her intuition told her that it was going to be her door knocked on next. Her heart begin to race, and her brain was all working and flowing again, but now it may be too late. She jumps up and stares at the door. Five precise but impactful knocks hit her room door. She silently opens the door to see her roommie with a shocked face, campus police, and her parents. Her heart dropped.
Gardenia Cross: "Sweetie are you okay??"
Samson Cross: "I took off of work to check on you we both did, apparently you blacked out and ran out of an ambulance? The police were looking for you but everyone chalked it up to you being scared.."
Samson looks at his daughter with eyes suggesting that his story was the best route to go in case legal matters ensue. Carmella looks down in embarrassment as she literally chokes up at what to say next. Her heart was pounding and she didn't know what to do. Her mother held her as they moved to the couch, her roommate Eliza making her some water.
Jet U Police: "Ma'am we have a Jet PD car wanting to take you down to the station for a few questions, now seeing as nobody got hurt and you were in shock you're okay, I promise it's not about anything criminal okay? They just want a statement."
Gardenia: "She can ride with us."
Eliza: "Hey Mel, you need me to go to? I don't have class until 1 PM."
"It's okay....I'll fill you in when I get back."
Samson helps Carmella up as he puts his arm around her and exchanges a look with Gardenia. Mel still had everything on from overnight, down to the shoes. They all go outside and down to the dorm parking lot where the squad car lights up and Samson runs down to explain Carmella's riding with them. The cop obliges to escort as they hop in their cars. Carmella chooses to ride with her mother, with the cop and father in tow.
Gardenia: "What happened?"
"I really don't know. I was going to class, next thing I know my head is pounding and I fall down in pain. I come to and I'm in an ambulance. I wake up and...."
Gardenia: "And?"
"...I was in shock, so I think I ran. All the way back to campus."
She knew it was a lie. She remembers what happened. What the world looked like, the people, slow moving and even completely still. Carmella continues to starte out of the window as the buildings swoosh by, zipping by as blurs of structure. Her heart races, what if it happens again? swoosh after swoosh, blur after blur, her mom's voice going on about her saftety. A tickle begins in her brain, a nudging. Carmella scrunches her brows with a look of disdain.
Gardenia: "We need to know if-- wait, what's wrong?"
"Nothing just feel light headed is all."
Gardenia: "We're taking you to the doctor..."
"I'm fine..."
She looks back out the window for a nanosecond, her brain processing a glimpse of a building not zipping by like the others, this one was slower. She couldn't even gasp before everything resumed and buildings zoomed by again.
Gardenia: "You're going and that's that."
They pull into the Jet Police Department and hop out, walking into the building without waiting on Samson or the other cop. They walk up to the front booth as Gardenia explains their visit. After a few moments the officer walks in with Samson, instructing them all to come to the back and sit down in the lobby area. Carmella was on edge. She was nervous, unstable, yet peacefully composed in the current circumstances. The officer walks back out with a clipboard and a file of statement for Carmella, who feels like she's as good as a criminal now about to be in the system. This side of the law made her jittery, she much prefers the litigation side like her father.
Cop: "Okay Ms. Cross if you'll just--"
?: "That won't be necessary Officer Taggart."
Ofc. Taggart: "?...Mr. York?"
Benjamin York: "Hey how are you, you must be Mr. and Mrs. Cross, pleasure. I am--"
Samson: "Benjamin York. Who doesn't know who you are, pleasure to meet you sir."
York: "It seems that Ms. Cross here has had an incident of shock yesterday yes? I'm glad no one was harmed, especially you Carmella. I've been following your work for a while, your thesis on the synaptic-stimuli reflex was....well, riveting."
"You...follow my work??"
York: "Indeed I do, which is why I'm here. I think we can dismiss any statements and paperwork for Ms. Cross, save the city and press some hassle right? Seeing as how she's my new intern..."
York: "Carmella, I would love to have your research and ambition at my company, we're working on technology that could change the world, we want to introduce a program using a neuro-bio recognition system for applications like medicine, stimulants, and even robotic replacement for soldiers with lost limbs, or people with deformities. I know your record. AB student, 3.9 GPA...and we'll keep the Quantum Science thing quiet heheh. I could've gotten a professional expert on the field but really...people in that age group hardly even text, am I right?"
Half the precinct looks defunct at the sight of York, a CEO personally driven down to a police station to meet with a rather unassuming young woman. Gardenia gasps with joy as a huge smile strikes her face locking expressions with a surprised Carmella. Samson holds his pride in, more showing his skepticsm. The cop sets the clipboard down and looks at Carmella with a newfound light, respecting her credentials.
York: "Here's my card, call me if you're interested. Good pay, better resume experience...you're special Carmella. I want to be a part of that if you'll have us. You have a destiny, and I want to help you find it."
Carmella looks down at the card as York emits a deep smile, will and drive behind his eyes. Who could turn down an opportunity like that? Carmella looks on at the card, unaware of the future that was about to unfold for her. For a moment she forgot about her 'incident', but quickly remembered as her heart dropped at the thought of it again.
"Mr. York.....I-- "
Present Day
Current Alignment: Lawful Neutral

"Okay try it now....hey...hey! Are you listening? Try it now."
Carmella looks through a one-way mirror into a R&D lab room where one of York's private military men steps into a full body suit using recognition patterns to activate upon a certain member's brain pattern. One whole year of 'interning' for York and she's only minimally closer to understanding who she is and what she can do. That between classes, volleyball, and trying to spend time with the very little friends and family she has here...she was starting to become stressed and isolated. The troop steps into the suit, as the brain prones connect to his temple and begin scanning. Within a few seconds the suit wraps around him and locks in as all functions and diagnostics looks good.

Troop: "It worked...it's working!"
His voice was robotic behind the suit. He begin to wiggle his finger joints and stretch his limbs in the suit, before disengaging and stepping out of the suit. Carmella walks into the room with saftey goggles and a lab coat, approaching the suit and sticking a prone to her temple really quickly before letting it go and moving away just in time for the suit to respond 'ACCESS DENIED' and deliver a incapacitating shock through the suit.
"Well...I think beta stage is complete. It recognizes your brain pattern which gives you access to the suit, but when it scans mine it knows that it isn't the right pattern and thus.."
Troop: "Zap."
Carmella looks up to the holoscreen TV being played over the room, currently on the news channel talking about 'The Theory of The Special Ones'. Apparently someone wrote a book on the alleged existence of people that were different, people that had gifts...or curses. People like Carmella. She was glad York kept it a secret between him and her, easily he could've told his troops and even made a containment/contingency for her (which Carmella was sure he did, he's not a dummy). Right now to the world, it was as taboo as talking about UFO's and the Chupacabra, but she knew the truth, and York did too. She started to wonder how much else did York know....
Troop: "You think they're out there? The specials I mean...York seems convinced."
"No way to know for sure until you know, ya know?"
Troop: "As long as I keep getting paid like this, it could be the New Jersey Devil for all I care."
The news report switches to the increased crime in Jet City's underground markets. The number of kidnappings has slightly increased, narcotics and drugs are starting to leak onto the streets, and of course the gang wars that go on in the night still haven't been solved by the JetPD. Carmella shakes her head at the tragic news of Jet's decaying streets. If there are other specials out there then what are they really doing to help? Carmella knew she was being a hypocrite, not doing anything herself. Her reasons though were to protect herself and others, she didn't want to do anything rash and get someone killed...namely herself. She's gotten better control over the 12 months, her teleportation pretty much adept at this point. Her time dilation however still has bursts of random instances, having to move slow herself just to appear at normal pace in the time stream. It sucks. York's secretary, Ms. Salt walks in the lab and summons Mel.
Salt: "York would like to see you."
Carmella nods, discarding her lab coat and goggles and steps on the elevator with Salt. They ride up to the top penthouse floor where Benjamin waited.
Salt: "How are you today?"
"I'm okay, just ready to leave. Sleepy."
Salt: "Be glad you're not having to deal with York all day...."
Elevator PA: "I heard that"

York's voice can be heard from the speaker over head. Figures that he would have monitoring on all elevators and probably everything else. He must have just gotten it installed Carmella figured, because she didn't have knowledge of it being there before. The neon blue lit elevator opens up to a heavily guarded top floor, with Salt and Carmella walking directly to the double titanium doors leading into York's office.
York: "Thank you Salt, you can leave us. So, Carmella, how's the Synapse Recognition System going?"
"I think beta is ready, the prototype responds well to Troop's brain wiring, but if anyone else tries then...zap."
York: "You know, when I first found out what you could do, I was ready to study you, make you useful in your skills, but then I saw your academic record and well....listen I know I haven't always been the most straightforward man, and I know you're probably getting skeptical of my real having you here over the past year. But I want you to know that while it was your abilities that made me want you, it's your other skills that made me want to keep you here. This WILL pay off, I promise you. You are bigger than your obstacles, but YOU have to embrace them. As a matter of fact...."
York tosses a folder onto the desk in front of him, obliging Carmella to pick it up. She picks up the folder to see a picture of a man that looked familiar to her. An elderly very well dressed man. She looks at the name on the file and sees that he is Levant Torre. Carmella knows that name....
York: "The Torre crime syndacate. We have an asset with the company that got this intel that he's a pretty big deal on the Torre hierarchy. Where? We don't know, but if it's viable then this could stop a good bit of drug pushing and arms shipping in Jet City."
"Okay? Then let the police-- "
York: "You know as well as I do JetPD doesn't act on 'theory'. They need facts, and I would disperse my private guard but they're sworn only to this company and its assets and resources. But say, if a sweet charming girl were to have dinner at where he frequently eats, maybe use a little of that...what's it called? Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques that she's so trained at....maybe we get some information to use. You see? No powers used, no violence...this is for you Carmella, you have to learn to stop being afraid."
"You can't be serious....and what if I'm made? What if they start shooting or something??"
York: "You're not going alone. Besides, if you have to you could just escape with your abilities..you and your partner."
"Partner?? Wait this is just too much."
York: "Carmella, you will not progress by hiding in a lab on in your dorm all day. You go to class, even play volleyball, what if you don't have control then? This is what this task is for, for your nerves, your control. How about this, I'll sweeten the pot....if you do this, I'll give you a name. One name. I won't say anything about why I gave you this name except he knows about specials....and their existence."
Carmella's eyes went wide at York's revelelation. She looks down at the folder and studies the man's face. She reads and studies the information. He always eats at the same Italian place downtown, and it seems he's with at least four large men who she deduced to be his bodyguards, probably armed. She stopped mid analyzation and meditated on the fact Benjamin York, the technology icon was asking her to do something like this....the irony was NLP was used as psycho-therapuedic applications, yet she was the one that needed to get over this phobia and mind state.
"Why haven't you given it to me before?"
York: "You weren't ready yet, that and I was afraid you'd leave the R&D team after you got what you wanted...you do this, you can start to live free, and make a difference while doing it. None of these 'specials' are doing anything...but you can."
Carmella holds on to the folder as she quietly and repressively leaves the office, York's look burning into her soul. She looks back at him one last time before she leaves.
"Who's going with me....if I were to agree?"
York: "You've seen him around, a man with a skillset to ensure nothing goes wrong. His name is Martin Van Holten."
Moments after Carmella leaves the office, Salt walks in and fixes York some coffee.
Salt: "Taking the magnanimous route huh? What happens if she finds out?"
York: "She is a smart kid....but, I'm smarter. I'm taking precautions. Besides, I'll have Squall to make sure she doesn't get too close....or too distant."
Salt: "And if she does?"
York: "Then we make her understand."
Salt nods and fixes York's tie, before kissing him on the cheek and leaving the office. York kicks back with his feet on his desk and hands on his head. He sighs blissfully with a sinsiter smirk on his face.
York: "Ahhh....I'm the man. I would kiss myself if I could. The pawns are in place. Your move, world."
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Standing still many things began to go through Morgans mind. Sure, she had alot to look forward to in the future but she never expected any of the recent events to occur. But, many of the things that have happend had left her... dazed and confused to say the least. What exactly had landed her in the situation she was in? Was it the fact that she was on an off year of touring and decided to get daring... perhaps that was the best explanation for what she was doing. After all... she was a loving girl but she had a very daring side... one that not many people have seen outside of her band mates. Either way she was here preparing to do something she only dreamed of as a kid. After all.... she hated all forms of fighting but.. she had to fight in the past. So, what difference was the situation coming to those of the past? The answer was nothing and Morgan knew that was the case. The only thing she had to worry about was her refusal to kill.

Standing still she just stared at the ground for a few seconds before letting out a groan. She was bored and although excited.... was annoyed with waiting. She needed something to keep her busy and was getting ready to conjure her phone from the ground when a noise down the hall got her attention. Her eyes snapped out and she smiled wide before walking over. She followed the lady into room and waited around untill some others began to pour in. She was thinking about talking to them but was suddenly taken over by a girl who entered in a rather.... overly loud fashion. Of course she didn't think anything bad of it... but the girl seemed like she was really happy to be here..... like really happy to be here.

When she began to talk more and asked them about their powers Morgan just smiled. "Well.... I personally love nature and technology. Thats about all you will get out of me... not to sound mean or anything.. its just hard to explain through words... and I don't think they will like when their objects... technology and specificly doors for some reason stop functioning." Morgan said with a nod. Sure, she wanted to show them all her powers.... but she was right after all. Doors and their mechancial parts seem to be the first to go when she sweeps the area for materials. Considering how things normally went... people would get mad.. and likely get severely pissed if she were to strip the room to make something cool. "So.. yeah no powers right now... unless one of you want your eye color changed.." She said with a tilt of her head.
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Hope this is okay. ^_^

The roar of the crowd. The sensation of blood or sweat, sometimes both, dripping from his body. Seeing the now motionless heap of a man before him that was mere moments ago attempting to beat him into submission laying on the ground, bloodied. All these and more, continued to bring him back to this place. Standing in a large boxing ring surrounded by a thick linked cage.

"You saw it, people! Ladies and gentlemen, we have our winner! Martin Van Holten!"

The crowd cheered and raged all at the same time. A vortex of emotion all around him, being directed straight at him in the epicenter. A slight smile crossed his face as he wiped the stray line of blood from the corner of his mouth. It wasn't exactly a fair fight, but, taking a few hits to appease the crowd and build drama was worthwhile. After all, no one wanted to watch a slaughter.

Aiden made his way to the backroom and locker room, changing back into his civies, while a man approached him from behind.

"Mr. York sends his congratulations."

Aiden pulled his arms through the overshoot, glancing back at the tall and fairly military looking man behind him. The expression on his face likely reflected his irritation and doubt, as the man just chuckled.

"Seriously. Mr. York has enjoyed viewing your fights. It helps that you earn him money, but hey, it's the thought that counts, right?"

Aiden shook his head, chuckling briefly.

"Sure, sure. Does he need something? I have somewhere to be tonight."

The man pulled a folder out of his jacket, handing it to him. Aiden flipped through the folder, noting a few names, locations, directives, etc...

"Strange, he hadn't bothered to mention anything about this assignment."

"It only just came up. It seems that the promising young woman is finally ready to get her hands dirty. York seems awfully proud of that one."

Aiden raised a brow before seeing the young woman he mentioned, a picture of her next to a name. A few Stats as well. She was apparently quite the brainiac. A scientist, a lot of technical and medical knowledge. No wonder she was of interest to York. Plus, she was apparently a special.

"Carmella Cross? Very well, I'm afraid I have somewhere to be today, though. Afterward, I'll stop by the office."

The messenger just shrugged, walking away. Aiden glanced at the folder again, then tucked it into his backpack. From here, he had to have a meeting with a well known individual of a different sort.

"Carl Lancaster..."

Being lined up against a wall like this next to strangers, or at least, partial strangers was interesting. It reminded Aiden of school in the old days. Yet, this was nothing of the sort. These people, most, if not all of them were specials, and as such, possessed abilities. Potentially powerful ones at that.

One of his comrades was speaking, sounding rather excitable and very much like a teenage girl at a party. She was asking them all what their abilities were. When one of the others responded he suppressed a chuckle, a slight smirk.

"I don't have Powers at all."

Aiden glanced over at them, his smirk turning into a confident grin, as if to say he just didn't need them. The still rather thick British accent sounding through his quiet response.​
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Lacey stood without a hint of emotion, staring at each person around her intently. She surmised their level of threat, as well as their possible power, within seconds. Of course, it was only a guess. When the ostentatious and very nonthreatening girl spoke up, inquiring about their powers, Lacey only continued to stand without expression and without a single word. Like hell she would tell people her power, especially when she didn't even know their names. Besides, her power wasn't something to be proud of. It was something to be feared. Completely and totally feared--at least in her mind.

One man spoke up that caught her interest, saying he didn't have any powers to speak of. She watched him for a few moments, finally deducing that he spoke the truth. But what he might lack in "supernatural" prowess, he obviously made up for in other ways. She could tell by the look on his face and also how his body was built similar to hers. He had at least average skill in gymnastics, if not far better. Besides that, she knew nothing. Her calculating stare could only guess what people were like and what they had hidden up their sleeves. While she was generally accurate, the finer details were impossible to know without some sort of familiarity.

"Darkness is my power, and you would do well stay away from it." She had originally decided to say nothing, but she changed her mind. It was best that these people knew that she was a danger. If even for a second her emotions got out of control, she could inadvertently kill all of them. Of course, every power had some sort of danger attached to it. Lacey's was just far more...destructive. And she hated herself for it, as though it was somehow her fault that she was a "mutant freak."

At least, that's the real question, isn't it? Is it possible she's not even human at all? Or is she really just a poor soul cursed with these powers because of "evolution"? She might never know the answer, but "mutant freak" is still better than "alien freak."
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