Super Hero Training Summer Camp

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  1. This is a revival of an old one but it was cool while it lasted.It's a summer camp that's on an old military base with appropriate facilities to train and of course act as well....a summer camp. Place has it's fair share of secrets. As for the Heroes themselves, powers aren't all might, can be mystic, mutant or techie. Too much use of powers can be quite a strain on them. Have prospective villains: An academy, something in the ruins on the base, up to you guys.
  2. Alright. Let's roll.
  3. I'm interested.
  4. Interesting!
  5. Ah sweet three already. wonder if we can get any more.
  6. Interested.
  7. Yeah I'm also interested
  8. Okay I think we can work this. may take a bit though.
  9. I hope we're still rolling.
  10. yeah sorry been sidetracked.