INTEREST CHECK Super Hero Roleplay

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  1. Anyone up for a roleplay about superheroes. It can be in either Marvel or DC I don't care. Take your pick and I will start it.

    If you have any feedback post here!
  2. I'd be up for a Heroes style RP, but would prefer original content to cannon-jacking either DC or Marvel.
  3. It doesn't matter to me. I usually use a mix of cannon/noncannon things. In DC it's really easy since they express the idea of the multiverse, but it is doable with Marvel. I have an idea for both but it's up to how ever many people show up. My basic thoughts are that there are going to be some made up characters and a couple actual characters within either story. If I don't get enough people I would make it into a one x one.
  4. I'm interested in Super Hero/Villain roleplays, but I don't know a lot of lore and stuff. If I were to do one of these with you, I'd be a lot more comfortable with original characters and settings, or at least the option to play an OC.
  5. Well both universes take place in real life places. I'm fine with making up a new plotline and such it will just take time. Again this can either be villains or heroes, so it doesn't matter to me on your opinions.
  6. Gonna throw in another vote for original content here. I'd love a superhero RP, but it'd be cool if it was new heroes in a new city (a la Gotham City?). My inclination is to play a shapeshifter, and not an especially hero-y one at that.
  7. Alright I'll write up an original story with original characters. I will set parameters when I get a couple more people. If you have an specific requests, such as no magical powers only scientific based (say heat vision for example) just say so. Once I get enough people I will set up the OOC and then the IC once all of the applications are in.
  8. Well I'm definitely on board. I can make the shapeshifting work within the confines of science, magic or general mutant-ness and I can definitely make sure it's not too overpowered. I just know my character is likely to be sorta... morally grey. Not a complete villain, but far from a hero.
  9. Basically an Anti-Hero. People use this classification for people like Deadpool who fall far from "hero" but are still good.
  10. Neutral characters are my favorites, more specifically mercenaries. If I get in on this, which I very well intend to, I'll likely play a renegade or super-powered hero of fortune.
  11. Understandable, I have talked to a couple others willing to join so I should have an IC put up by tomorrow.
  12. Jeez, looks like the black sheep in this family might be an ACTUAL hero. Keep me pinned, Eternalfire, I look forward to this one. :D
  13. So, is there an OOC page already? I'm eager to start writing up a character, but I should probably know where this takes place and what current events are like in this roleplay.