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  1. The space-ship rattles and grunts as she crosses time and space, cutting though the strings of everything and discrediting Einstein in a big way. A horse with no name sounds on the hallways of the ship, filling every corner of it with those fancy tunes of a time lost gone... Or... Well, it depends in what time-line you are and what time you surf. “Damn... This 70´s guys did really knew how to make traveling music!” Exclaimed the eccentric captain of this particular group. A guy dressed in commander uniform, wearing many, many badges and decorations, and a patch that made him look like some kind of government pirate.

    “Kawabunga!” A velociraptor with a fancy red hawaiian shirt, with a floral decoration, jumps in his skate while carrying a plate full of raw pork chops in his hand. A tough guy, just chilling while sitting on top of a ludicrously big gun chuckles and places his hands on his over-weighted belly. “This is very funny!” Exclaimed him in that thick Russian accent of his. “Enough lollygagging, lads! Let's have a super-team meeting!” Exclaimed the pirate-like captain though the deafening speaker system of the ship. “So everyone move ye' fancy butts to the bridge! A new name for the team must be argued before the next mission! Super-team is cool and all... But I think is not catchy enough.” Said the captain.
  2. "Now, ve alvays have these meetings over ze name of ze ship!" Scoffed a lion with sunglasses and a cavart. "Ve know how tis vill end!" He said lowering his glasses to eye the others. He then claps in sheer excitement "Pork chops! I cant, I just!" With little to no warning he runs over excitedly to the Velociraptor grinning.

    "Everyone! I have a major announcement!" A scrawny soot covered man said as he walked into the room. "I...Uhm...nevermind!" He shouted, everyone knew the maintaince guy was crazy and should just nod at what he says, but aside from that he sure knew how to the ship going and working as she should.
  3. As the two animals chased each other for the pork chop dominance, the reduced crew joined once more to discuss matters of utmost importance. “Well, I've been thinking... Super-Force is neat and all... But I don't know... It lacks some space-time to it, don't you think?” Wondered the eccentric commander. “I like Piñata-Force!” Exclaimed the tough guy. The commander let out a sigh and face-palmed. “I already explained it to you, Rembo. There is no Space-time in Piñata!” Said the commander. The Tough guy simply crossed his arms and let out a huff.

    At the same time, the voice of the A.I. of the ship giggled a little bit before speaking. “I always liked The Time-Traveling Muffins.” Said her in her sweet voice and overly-female manners. “Nein! That won¡t work either! We are a super badass band of super-bros who time travel and do things and stuff, not a time-bending bakery!” Replied The commander. “Are you sure, commander?” Replied the female voice. Then the oven of the ship emmited a mild 'ding' and sweet muffins were baked. “I love you, lady-voice!” Exclaimed the tough guy, getting up and running towards the oven.

    The commander sighed and face-palmed once more. “Alright, then Super-Force it stays... But I will come up with a better name! You'll see!” Exclaimed him. “In any event, we must focus on our next quest now! Our badassery fame won't rise itself!” Exclaimed him as he walked towards a holographic panel on the bridge of the ship and ran his hands over it. “I actually have no idea what am I doing! Lady-babe, Show us badass stuff to do!” Ordered the commander.

    Then, some images appeared on a huge holographic screen, showing some time-lines that could be played with. “Sure!” Replied the A.I. voice, giggling, of course. “We could go back in history and meet the Lord... Maybe change history by saving him from the Romans?” Wondered the voice. “Oh, and here I have a rad time-line with dragons and other fantasy videogame-like stuff that's eager to be brawled with.” Said the lady. “Oh, and what about this one! Seems like a cheap re-boot of that post-apocalypse movie; Mad-Max!” Exclaimed the voice in excitement. “So many choices! Team! Stop that food-chewing non-sense and gather! At once!” Exclaimed the commander. Then he looked at the screen in a really dramatic way. “A quest must be chosen!”
  4. The lion who had managed to corner the velociraptor sighed, he was so close to those tasty slabs of meat. The Austrian accented lion huffed and dragged his paws to the commander "Vhy don't ve go back in time and stop that horrid making of ze Mario Brothers movie? Ve all know it sucked." He said waving his paw near his face.

    "Jus think of all ze movie that vill be made based off of popular video games, that movie shall be the gatevay of great movies!" He added.

    Maintenance guy stumbled over to the others his eyes flashing over the screen before pointing to a small spot on the screen "Save the rainbow Afro trend!" He shouts.

    "You fool why waste our fuel on such things, we should save president Lincoln! Or back and keep slavery from happening." This came from the crews lone female dressed as a Hula Girl, she crossed her arms and looked to the Commander "Don't you agree?"

    The lion rolled his eyes behind the shades he wore "Hula Girl, ve alvays do vhat you vant."
  5. The commander scratched his chin, pondering the many ideas and possibilities in front of them. “The slavery thing is great and all... But it does sounds like a boring thing to do.” Said the commander. Then, out of nowhere, the odd velociraptor appeared jumping in his skate, chewing on a pork-chop and brandishing his 80's vocabulary. “Psyche!” Said him as he waved his hand on the screen and touched the first thing his claws found in the holographic screen.

    The girlish voice of the A.I. giggled, as if someone had tickled her. “Course set. Mission: Save multicolored afro trend.” Said her. Then the ship began to rattle and shake. “Hold on your fancy pants ya'all!” Said the A.I. before the piece of time-traveling junk jumped from time-line to time-line. The whole, space-bending thing usually takes just a few seconds, but the short trip feels like passing trough a 100 horse-power mincer. “Radical!” Exclaimed the velociraptor as he got up and went fetching his skateboard.

    Year: 197X
    Day: Your birthday
    Time: Hammer-time

    “Now, everybody out of the ship!” Exclaimed the commander as he teleported all the crew to Earth. “I don't like this!” Exclaimed the though guy as he got up and looked around. Of course he didn't like it, there where like a thousand robots around, checking on the citizens ID's and taking prisoners anyone with afro. Some of the robots, who seemed to be colored by difficulty (Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red.) noticed the Super-Force crew and began to fight them with their lasers and slow-moving bullets. “Geronimo!” Exclaimed the velociraptor as he began to jump arand and crush robots as he was some kind of super-mario thing.

    “Ahhhhrrrrrggggghhhh!!!!” The tough guy took his oversized gun and began to fire it as if he had unlimited ammo... Which in some sort of way, he had. “Die! Die, fun-colored robots!” Exclaimed him.
  6. The lion charged, his claws unsheathe as he lunged at a robot, his claws tore into the metal exposing circuits and wires which flashed like a multi-colored strobe light "Say good night, tacky robot human thing!" He roared ripping out it's wires and leapt off the bot. The bot stood up straight before doing a quick break dance move of backflippig, landing on its head and spun before exploding in a firework like fashion.

    "Vell that vas fun." The lion laughed before being body slammed to the ground by a robot with a toaster head. "How rude!" He snarls his claws scraping into the metal sending sparks. Hula Girl narrows her eyes as she pulled out her ukulele, she took a deep breath and sang;

    ♪ Ha`aheo ka ua i nâ pali Ke nihi a`ela i ka nahele E hahai (uhai) ana paha i ka liko Pua `âhihi lehua o uka♪

    The robots she was battling suddenly took up the hula dance stance and swayed their none existent hips and swayed slowly. HG smiled as she continued to sing her melodic song in Hawaiian.

    The mechanic shrieks as he swung his wrench madly at the robots as they flew in many directions exploding like fireworks after a quick dance session.

    All the robots that remained grouped together, one in the front as is eyes flashed "Ooh! Prepare Super Force Crew, for we are no ordinary robot force! We are our...the DDR!! Dancing Destructive Robot!"

    The robots then began to play an all familiar tune, as the leader shouted "DDR! THRILLER FORMATION!" the robots took their places and began to dance, each move in sync caused a burst of energy to fly forward towards the team.
  7. Everyone dodged as good as they could, but more or less everyone was hit by the rhythmically accurate DDR brigade. "Un-cool!" Exclaimed the punk dinosaur as he fell off his skate in mid-air and rolled over the floor. "We must stop dancing robots!" Exclaimed the big guy as he ducked behind a big vending machine. For a while there it seemed like there was no way out. No victory achievable against this new kind of prancing set of machines. But from the darkest alley of this lousy 80's setting, a group of afro-american men, all tall and stylish, appeared into the scene. "Stop!" Exclaimed one of them.

    Then there was a few seconds of silence. Sights were crossed, sweat drops were spilled and tumbleweeds were tumbled. "In the name of love!" And then all dancing-hell broke lose. "How could this happen!" Exclaimed the big guy as rainbow-afro colored men and machine battle-danced to death. "Cover your flanks! Do not let them Rick-roll you and keep your feet MC-Hammer-speed!" Exclaimed who seemed to be the leader of the human dancing part of the battle.

    The combat was rough, lawless and fierce, but in the end, hinges and grease was no match for muscle and bone. "Huraay! All praise the dancing-lord!" Exclaimed some of the combatants as the last sparks flew off the dead robot bodies. "Super slow-poke Force! Come out of your hide-holes! Your dancing-feet are safe!" Exclaimed the leader. "We require your future-like help to get rid of this afro-holocaust and our tend to use multiple-worded words." Said the leader.
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