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  1. Yo yo, it's been a bit since I have last roleplayed on Iwaku so I'm trying to start back up.

    Step 1: Get new friends! (That's you)
    Step 2: Start to Roleplay again (Again that's you)
    Step 3: Roleplay (I guess that means you)

    Roleplay Ideas:

    Sci-fi/Mystery: Two crewmates are left upon The Astral have found themselves without anyone on the ship but themselves. They delve into a mystery trying to uncover what has become of their crewmates.

    Fantasy: The king has hired two assassins to spy on and kill the ruler of another kingdom that is threatening war if he doesn't accept to a treaty, which would give him half the income of the kingdom. Being greedy, the king said no, but hasn't sent the message to the other kingdom.

    Romance/Modern: Jacob Anderson, owner of Anderson enterprises has recently died. In his will he left everything to two people. ( Insert name), the young and aspiring man who now owns the company strives to be better than Anderson. (Insert other name here) is his daughter who thinks she should have everything and wishes to not split it. Who will get the better end of this?

    I am open to other ideas from you as well as a collaboration about another idea. I don't care what type of character I play, male or female, either way I'm here to have fun!

  2. I'm interested in your romance/modern plot.
  3. Thanks for replying! Just write up a character, either the guy or the girl, and then I will make my character in the IC.

    Hope to continue talking.
  4. Took the liberty of starting a thread here
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.