Super Detailed Anime RP? (Interest Check, but mostly Group Plotting)

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  1. So, in regards to this roleplay idea,


    But that's why this is mostly group plotting! I do have a foundation of how I imagine it to be set up/the system of it, so here it is:

    Basically, by super detailed, I'm talking Main Characters, Side Characters, Protagonists and Antagonists, and the whole shebang. We'd have a plot set up, and have pre-picked roles (that are subject to change, by the way). For example, an Antagonist can become a Protagonist over the course of time. Also, there would be side plots from the main plot that could change the flow of the roleplay.

    That's pretty much a summary of what I had in my mind regarding the system, but I'll definitely go more into detail for anyone who asks.

    Other than that, interested in the system? Wanna create a plot for it?
  2. This sounds like something I can get into. A question though, are you looking for this to become an RP community (15+ people) playing more than 1 or 2 characters?

    And while I'm at it what about a general genre bases? That'd be a good start to get ideas rolling.
  3. Ah, that is a good question. Well, not really? I don't expect that much to join, but I'll accept it with open arms if it happens! Possibly, once a plot is made, I can add an amount that I expect?

    But really I don't expect that much.

    In regards to genre, there will be a lot, obviously. But the main ones I'm leaning toward is...Action and Adventure, along with Modern. (Maybe a sprinkle of Fantasy, but I'm still iffy on this.)

    An idea that just came to me that I will throw out: We can build around this, but I thought of a roleplay centered around a Main Character being thrown into a world that was always apart of them, but they never knew it existed. That part of their life was locked away until now.

    Pretty cliché, but I thought it'd be quite fun to roleplay c:
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  4. I agree that having a lot of members would be cool, easy way to keep things vibrant but in my experience people tend to flake easier. Maybe because there's a higher amount of RPers that'd it'd be pretty easy to just drop out without notice. But that's just me being pessimistic.

    The one good thing about vague cliches are that their easy to play around with. For example since you're leaning towards something modern are there any places in real life you'd like to incorporate into the RP? Maybe it doesn't even need to necessarily exist but something based on a place that does. (i.e. San Fransokyo from Big Hero 6)
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  5. I agree with you on that. I tend to be flaky myself at times.

    Sans Fransokyo, you say? That sounds pretty cool. I think a mix of two, or three, big cities would be quite nice. Maybe a bit of European, Asian, and American? Is that too much?
  6. Nothing is too much for a rough outline don't quote me on that. And same. I just either don't have the time to keep up with the RP or my interest starts dying far too quickly. Trying to work on it though but there haven't been that many RP's that have interested me on here lately (that or I spend way too much time in the interest thread and not on the actual genre boards.)

    Alright so we've got Europe, Asia, and America. Three very big contenders, pun very much intended, and needs to be narrowed down just a bit. For now keeping it to just the layout, architecture, what buildings and houses look like would be good. Culture and other stuff like that later since it'll get messy real quick if those two are done together (unless you're going for the bare minimum but since this is going to be a high detailed RP might as well go all the way).

    Europe - Usually associated with old classical buildings. Stuff you'd see in old Victorian movies or those fancy mansions that cost more than your yearly wages by 3 life times. Pavements instead of sidewalks random british joke. (Anime Ex: Kuroshitsuji)

    Asia - An image of a temple comes to mind. Modern summer festivals with paper lanterns and food booths. I for one personally see a more Americanized version of it since places like China Town exist. But that's really more in the past than the present now with all the high skyscrapers and neon lights in the fashion district of the always busy Harajuku district in Japan. (Anime Ex: So many examples. TOO MANY EXAMPLES. I mean if you watch anime this is already a given.)

    America - Big lights, big city, and very big skyscrapers. Surprisingly the first thing most people think of isn't Washington D.C. when you bring up America but New York or Hollywood, Los Angeles. One being the broadway dream stream and the other popping out viral one hit wonders every few weeks. (Anime Ex: ...Monster? Pretty sure that did not take place in America but you know.)

    To be honest I have no idea how to put those three together without completely neglecting the other but nothing is unworkable. Hopefully this inspired more than it confused.
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  7. Architecture. Right.

    And, if all else fails, we can always take one out???

    Soo....I kind of see the buildings and such being Americanized/Asian? Big skyscrapers, busy streets (even at night), etc. Basic city life, you know? But, like, our characters live in a certain part that turns into the European style? Does that make sense, or is that clashing too much?
  8. Actually that makes sense. Since mansions that look like they belong in a Jane Austin Novel already exist near the city or even a few 'small' ones in places like Beverly Hills it's really not much of a stretch.

    But to fit it a bit better with a city background, I'm guessing that the neighborhood would resemble a London townhouse street. But ultimately it would depend on the RPer where they'll end up living I'm guessing (a modernized pad a top one of those monolithic N.Y.C.-esque complexes, or standard clustered apartments, etc.)
  9. I like the London townhouse street look. It goes nice with the city background. But, like you said, it'd be up to the RPer on where there character shall reside.
  10. Okay now that that's done (not really but it's detailed enough to let others imagine the rest without boxing everything in) the culture kind of speaks for itself at this point right? Mix between American and Asian which is easy to replicate considering Disney already out did it in Big Hero 6.

    As for the cliche, you wanted to try something that played along the lines of a 'hidden world' right? It doesn't necessarily have to be fantasy oriented as it could easily slip into the 'unknown society' scenario. Adding an air of mystery but I have to point out that it's very hard to keep an RP like this moving. Having to come up with a plot that fits while at the same time vague as to not give everything away is already a task when writing a novel but having people actively putting in their own little scenarios is a challenge of challenges (at least for me anyways).

    But since Fantasy is a bit on the unsure side you could just incorporate enough peculiarities to suggest that it's there but not in your face 'oh look I can breath fire' scenes. Maybe simply finding a book that mysteriously has blank pages one day and full written stories the next could be an example.

    Another option is going full on magical. Creatures hidden in plain sight, more popularly supernatural ones. This is one of those things that also speaks for itself and can be easily turned into something great if handled with a really open mind and touches of originality.


    You could go the sci-fi//magic route. I don't know what to call Accel World but I think it's purely sci-fi since it has a lot more to do with the brain and programming. This shouldn't be a stretch considering technological advances must be booming in a tokyo//american city.
  11. I've never seen Big Hero 6, but I'll worry about that later on.

    As for the cliché, I think I'd like to add Fantasy, but not full on, like you stated. At least, not in the beginning? The Main Character starts to notice things, and is slowly brought into the world of fantasy, if possible. About keeping the RP alive, while the "hidden world" is apart of the plot, I was thinking that could be a lead into an even bigger one? Maybe the MC (Main Character) is destined to defeat the Main Villian, who's been causing terror since...forever, I don't know. Or destined to do something else.
  12. AH


    Instead of the MC defeats MV and becomes the ultimate hero/heroine, what if they defeated the MV and became the newest one? Somewhere down the line (or maybe from the very beginning), their intentions were malevolent and they just began to pretend to keep on doing it for the people, but it was really all for themselves. (Or vice versa: MC destined for evilness, but turns out to be good.)
  13. Well if you go along the lines of accell world and have a main villain controlling a world that can change the way a real life worked the villain could be using the secret world to help take control of the real world and would give the hero a reason to stop him and possibly become the necessary evil to defeat a worst evil.
  14. Hmm, I've never seen Accel World. So many references that I don't get ;n;
  15. Oh dang I was going to say if you base some story off Accell world I would definitely be in.
  16. Here are some ideas:

    Dump magic here
    The usage of cool familiars

    But yeah, how about different clans that use different kinds of magic? Maybe there could be four main elemental ones
    Then the 'Solomon Tribe' where each of the 72 main members has a powerful demonic familiar to draw power from.


    We could have something involving Faeries.
  17. I'm sorry ;n;


    I'll keep these in mind.

    I also have this idea that is totally modern involving spies/assassins >.>
  18. Well I'm still interested in this and shall continue to watch and offer small ideas here and there.
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  19. Your small ideas shall be greatly appreciated! ^^
  20. I heard the term "antagonists", and I came rushing in here as fast as I can. :D
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