Super Dangan Ronpa: All-Stars!!

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  1. Hi all! What I basically had in mind here was an AU Dangan Ronpa RP. It's an idea that's been on my mind for awhile. I was thinking about making an RP that includes both characters from SDR1, and SDR2. This would be in a completely new, unique environment, which I've decided will most likely be a small lake with cabins, and a tiny bit of forest land around it.

    I just basically want to know if anyone is interested in this RP idea. ^^
  2. I would :) Sounds amazing
  3. Hello! It's nice to meet you! I was hoping to list a character claim section soon. ^^
  4. Hello its nice to meet you too and I'll be looking forward toward it
  5. *wave my arm* I'm really interested
  6. Hi! I'm planning to start it soon. The only issue is I have no idea on how to plan out the murders and class trials. @.@ I'd need a co-GM.
  7. Yay Someone else who is interested *hands over a oreo or bacon 030 *

    I'll see if i can try and find someone that good in that field to help you Taguel
  8. Thank you so much!! ^o^
  9. No problem

    *disappear leave running to go search*
  10. CO GM I would LOVE T.... wait I never done it so T^T
  11. If you can help me plan out murders and class trials, I'll definitely make you co-GM. o:
  12. This sounds interesting :)
  13. Hello! If this many people are interested, I'll make the OOC as soon as I get a co-GM.
  14. Omg, I was about to try and find a dangan ronpa rp too! I would LOVE to be in this! Though I havent played two I'm currently waiting till I can afford it so no spoilers on that one D:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.