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  1. This is a RP whereas you've died, horribly and slowly, and due to your so-called 'wishes', the world around you was completely rebuilt to what you wished it to be. However, something seems to have gone wrong in the process, causing quite a large ball of confusion to swell within your throbbing head.

    The aim is to find out where you are exactly, and to find anyone who knows anything about what has happened. There's a gut feeling which suggests you'll be journeying for a long while...

    CS will be basic, this is for both your and my pleasure. Allow us to step into an unknown world with a largely unknown character, aside from say, appearance and age. My characters will be the ones you're interacting with, there can be anywhere from one PC and several NPCs to the inverse and everything in between. Let's work it out as we go. For the beginning however, you'll be largely alone, hence the first reply of yours may have to be lengthy. I'll provide information as to where the nearest towns and the like are, and perhaps I could set up some interesting scenarios. Watch this space...

    Nationality; (this is based on Earthen nationalities; you were once a resident there, at least for this RP. Feel free to pick whatever you like.)
    Accent; (this either goes with the above field or it can just be some random stuff, I don't really mind.)
    Appearance: (either in a textual format, a picture, or preferably, both. This will help speed things along, as you can simply try to simplify your character's appearance description within your first reply to the IC thread, when it's created of course.)

    No rules other than well, common sense and decency, and communicating any problems you may have with either the initial post or anything at all, including myself. Always obey Iwaku's rules, too, but you knew that already.

    Most of all, do have fun. With the writing, thinking about what to write, or even just reading this stuff over, it's a pleasure to be able to impact someone--in small and big ways--who isn't physically next to me. It's such a honour, I promise.
    Also, to make sure you read this, all of this hopefully, press enter twice in whatever reply you may come up with and put the words "I am awesome" there. I've seen this used around the place and it's honestly a good system.


    The rough picture of the world and the description of the areas and places will be edited into this initial post. Unfortunately I do not have enough wifi to post even a mere drawing at this point in time. I also haven't done the descriptions yet but there you go! Have some anticipation, reader.


    The initial story is, well, forced upon you. I'm sorry, but I feel this is the way to begin proceedings. It'll be under a spoiler bb code thing as the first reply to this thread. Thanks for understanding.
    Add "I am awesome [2]" to the end of your reply, reading check, once again. :P



    The World - Central Continent of Xenervia (open)
    Xenervia, the Continent of Ages
    Age: 23,261,274
    Population: 138,993,274
    Description: A continent which covers millions of square miles, it is a place where life seems to prosper. Sometime during its history, the lands became awfully barren, to the point where all life had become extinct. Luckily, those on another continent travelled there to repopulate the lands, wishing to make sure that it's vast landscapes were seen and lived within by the people. There are many areas which make up Xenervia, the most major one being the desert to the east. Here lays many ruins, carved into the sands as if timeless capsules to entice those within the present day. The village of K'velajej is the main settlement, with three 'sister' settlements dotted north along the eastern coastline, which is a vital point for trading. Despite the lack of ports, the eastern coastline is alive with people wishing to trade materials and goods for the exotic foods which grow within the desert to the wonderful art produced by the K'velajej people.

    Within the centre there lies the lake, an oasis which kisses the desert, the Central Forest and even some of the usually barren landscape leading toward the Luxurious City of Efuscha. This lake is said to hold spirits of the ancients, and a small tomb is said to reside beneath the waters which are drinkable. Regardless, none had the technology to press on at the moment, and the tomb would only be seen from above.

    The Central Forest makes up most of central Xenervia, filled with exotic fauna and flora to keep the trained eye entertained. There is, however, a scarce tribe that lives within the northern parts of the forest who are known for cannibalism and murder, and as such, are generally avoided unless one does not know of their legend. It is said that they gain the strength of those they eat, and that they're beyond human. A plausible case, if any.

    Toward the south lies the Great City of Loric, the most modern city in the current time. It is home to a range of assorted flavours, a city which prides itself on it's cooking and it's presentation. Said to look at least fifteen years into the future than other human settlements, Loric was named after a great musician whose voice was more divine than those of the angels.

    North leads one to Efuscha, the gambling capital of Xenervia. Many criminals and cutthroats can be found here, but it is likely that one would find a nice guy every once in a while thanks to the fifty eight million population. Nonetheless, it is a walled city which has three entrances, one which leads south to the Central Forest, one which leads east toward the northeastern part of the continent, and one which leads west which ends at the beginning of a frozen, underground forest, the only way to traverse toward the northwestern city of Pierette.

    In the southwest lies two towns, one which is the Simple Town of Yuurtsdale, a town which prides itself on tradition and farming, and the other known as Ijsha, only accessible by going under the mountain caves or by taking a ship towards the most dangerous ocean in the world.

    In the southeast lies the fishing village of Horra, a tiny settlement which can be accessed by foot, only if one is prepared to travel for days across shallows. This settlement is home to the rarest metal in Xenervia, Ultium, and they hoard it keenly as their walls would suggest.

    Pink - City of Loric (open)
    Pink - South - The Great City of Loric
    Age: 317
    Population: 34,985,222
    Main culture: The main culture within the Great City is something along the lines of advancement through culinary excellence. Loric was once the home of a great nomadic hero, whose cooking was said to be far beyond his skill with a blade and bow. Cooking was his passion, and it was on that which built the Great City as it stands today, a literal monument within the starkly barren lands which it rests.
    Description: Loric is the largest city in the world in terms of size, but it does not hold the most people in a single city, even though it would take a good day or so to walk from north to south of it's perimeter. It seems fairly ahead of the current time, which can be related to that of the 19th century on Earth. The Great City was the only city to use the roads with automobiles, which every other city and town aside from Efuscha to the north declined against using. Loric is also home to currency, whereas trading doesn't seem to exist unless it is refunded into Lorican currency.
    Wildlife: Loric is home to some unique wildlife in the way that it also holds one of the only sewer systems in the world. These lifeforms are most common near the ends of the drains, and in the worst case scenario, within the large waterways which are flushed everyday into the ocean. The wildlife isn't exactly harmful, but they do tend to be of the slime variety, sometimes enveloping people unknowingly; as they lack any form of conscience.
    My character:

    Age: 950 years
    Race: Undine

    Having lived within the same pond for a majority of her life, Saranda was said to be the one who would only come out at night and perform spectacular feats which were deemed sorcery. She was cast into a small urn, with only enough water to survive at the bare minimum.

    The urn was passed down over many decades, until one day she found herself within a lake, said to be filled with the Fae, who blessed her with the ability to think beyond that of a normal water elemental. Now with some form of intelligence, the Undine was able to form a body which looked identical to a human's, though it weighed significantly more and would often ruin clothing which was essential to surviving within human society. Many years would pass, though never did she interact - always being far too shy to do so, in fear of being cast into a small urn again.

    She was able to get around this by wearing a swimsuit which would prevent her water from dampening the clothing. The suit, while very good for her clothing situation, was seen as odd by those who had ever sighted her. Often, she would slink within the shadows and become a bundle of clothes, managing to not be seen for more than a century.

    In this day and age, she could be any odd pile of clothes and puddle of water anywhere. There is no limit as to how small or how large she could be. All that was known is, her extremely fair complexion was a dead giveaway as to what she was.

    Saranda now resides within Loric, as the only wildlife capable of being called 'tame'. She disregards this, having learned to speak, write and effectively communicate with the human race she used to fear utterly.
    Height: Varies, can be as short as a small puddle or as large as a tidal wave, the latter requiring a larger source of water to actually manifest. In a more human disguise, Saranda stands at roughly 5'9.
    Weight: Also varies, can weigh next to nothing or can be heavy enough to crush many things, the latter requiring water and a way to condense it. In a more human disguise, Saranda weighs roughly 180lbs.
    Weapons: Herself*, Adept at using rocks and stones, either thrown or used in melee.
    Attire: Saranda wears a swimsuit under all of her clothing to prevent it from dampening, though it can still occur. She usually wears longer clothing, though it is down to the season and weather which determines what she wears. She'd prefer not to wear anything.
    *Saranda can also envelope a target, much like a slime would, though she would not consume them. They'd most likely suffocate or be crushed.

    Yellow - Town of Yuurtsdale (open)
    Yellow - West - The Simple Town of Yuurtsdale
    Age: 778
    Population: 12,437
    Main culture: One of the major farming communities in the world, Yuurtsdale is said to be the hardest, toughest place to live, especially since even the plants must rest upon infertile soil. They were modified to allow them to get any and all nutrients they needed from the sun itself, a remarkable feat in science though it does hamper the taste of the crop quite a lot, resulting in the need for many flavour enhancements which are shipped from Loric.
    Description: Yuurtsdale is the smallest community on the western side of the continent, though they are among some of the toughest people out there. It can be said thatt they work around the clock to get the job done, whereas the crops grow fast enough to be ready to pick in three weeks, an astonishing timeframe which is monitored by the owner of the town, Grenelda Nagi. He is the only person who can do the entire farming process by himself, and it is said that he is over one hundred years old. He has a daughter, Anna, who takes after him quite a bit, up until the point of her physical appearance. Looking almost identical to her mother, Anna was the most sought after girl in the town. Regardless, any and all visitors were required to work to be able to stay within the town inn, and they'd usually be around for one whole crop cycle.
    Wildlife: The wildlife consists of great cats and giant dogs which tend to attack often, but since the invention of the air rifle, many of the once frightening beasts were culled simply to allow the farmlands to expand and grow into a large trading business.
    My character:

    Anna Nagi
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 105lbs
    Hair colour: Auburn
    Eye colour: Blue

    Anna is the daughter of the major, Grenelda, and is one of the most sought after girls in the entire town. She holds an air which seems unfitting to a girl who seems to act like the average girl within the town. Her manners and etiquette seem second to none, and it can be said that she likes to have a drink. All in all, Anna is a woman who, despite her age, could be the neew mayor if her father dies.

    She is able to use the air rifles with surprising accuracy, being the one to teach newcomers on how to use the weapon incase the wildlife rears its back on those unfortunate.

    Red (open)
    Red - North - The Luxurious City of Efuscha
    Age: 92
    Population: 58,273,833
    Main culture:
    My character:

    Purple (open)
    Purple - East - The Humble Village of K'velajej(KV for short)
    Age: 1033
    Population: 4,235
    Main culture:
    My character:
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  2. The Beginning of the Story (open)
    The lights drew low, and the pain in your chest faded slowly, surely, as the last moments of your pitiful life end. Such a somber note to end but a humble life, perhaps old age took you, perhaps something far sinister took this life from you.

    All is not lost, however.

    There's a sudden burst of light, light you've seen before. This light seemed to be something along the lines of a Big Bang, a major event in the history of the universe. The light soon fades, and everything in your vision is simply masses of matter compounding and smashing into each other, like a storm full of debris. You swear you flinched as it arrived at your position, somewhere beyond the epicentre of the light. Could it be that you are... Beyond, this universe? It definitely didn't make sense, but suddenly your vision looks to the side; there's people, many many people, numbering in the millions, at least that's what you thought.

    The soul; a concept argued over many centuries, but now, here... You discover the truth of it. There's no one ahead of you, everyone is either beside you or behind you. The face of your mother is directly beside you, and she shoots a smile to your ethereal form. Your hand goes to touch her face, but it phases through, instead her hand grasps yours and she grasps it tightly. "Child," the voice boomed in your head. "You are one of many, you are not alone, not at all. You are... Well, you exist. This is enough to make me smile. Now, go, live once more. There is a means to everything, and your wish, your desperate wish to live has been granted, at the cost of ending everything ever known. I can only hold so much information, but I created a place for you, my child, to live once more. All you have to do, is head toward the light; lest you find solace in the darkness that is here, which is still a humble choice. Your hand will craft the next human world, you'd best make it count." Her voice fades, as your vision then looks back ahead. Stairs, golden stairs seem to starkly entice you into stepping upon them. One touch, and you'd be upon the world idealised within you. Though... There was at least one thing Mother did not mention...

    You couldn't move. The darkness, here, it kept you bound in this place. In order to embrace the light, you had to make sure you had enough momentum to break free from these chains, the ones you placed upon yourself for so long. These chains are what haunt you at night, chains upon your form seem to be a recurring dream in a way. All in all, it was the chains which got you to the other side.

    "Now, I ask..." A deep male voice spoke, as if directly by your ear. "Will you acknowledge the Father, and proceed into the world of your creation?" Unable to move still, you cannot form a response, but at least... You had thought. You had a mind, a brilliant mind which allowed this all to happen. Thinking to yourself, you say...

    'Yes, I acknowledge you, Father. I shall proceed into the world of my creation.' This was enough to cause the light to suddenly surround you, the warmth as familiar as the sun burning your skin. This warmth was the same kind of warmth which you felt when your mother spoke to you, in her astoundingly potent voice. As you revel in this feeling, your vision fades to black.

    Time seems irrelevant. Space doesn't seem to exist. Existence, in essence, seemed to be suspended, nothing but a pitch blackness surround you. All you can see in your mind are the chains, and these chains suddenly grasp at your arms, then your legs and your torso. They grasp so tightly that you could've sworn your body was ready to be sliced apart. But alas, your eyes shoot open.

    Your throat is the first thing you notice. It burns, as if acid had been poured down it to incinerate your innards. Your eyes seem to burn also, as well as your nostrils. Things don't look too good for you, my friend.

    You go to sit up, and you succeed, only to feel the immense pain within your chest. It is something that feels strangely familiar, but nonetheless, it hurts like hell unleashed it's fire upon your body alone, the potency beyond your comprehension.

    "Easy now..." A soft female voice coos, as a gentle hand seems to numb the pain-- completely. Astounded, you gasp, but a terrible cough almost takes your breath away. "I'm so sorry, I didn't expect you to wake up so soon. Because you're now here, I suppose, I should introduce myself. My name... Is Instigator. I am the one who crafted the world you so desperately wished for. Though... There's something about this place which I don't get. Why did you wish for a world where being outside could literally be the end of your life? I don't understand at all..." As you gaze toward Instigator, your vision clarifying, you notice that half of her face seems to hold burns, they're as noticeable as a bright yellow vest at night. Despite this, her feminine features seem to entice you, regardless of what you were before this trickery. "But alas, welcome home, dear. I've built this entire place myself, and I do hope you like it... It'd be a shame for all of this to be for nothing..." Her voice trails, and sudden a shock goes through your system.

    "Instigator," You splurt out, voice crackly and crisp yet you continue on. "What you're describing isn't the world I... I wished for..." She agrees, nodding in your general direction.
    "I know. That's why I made it at least liveable. You should thank me, I could've left it entirely original, no life but you." Her eyes drop to her left side, as she seems to have a hard time saying the words she's just spoken. You could almost swear she had a hint of sadness upon her tone of voice. "I'm sorry, but I'll have to put you to sleep again. Not being impressed by my work... I can't believe you." Opening your mouth to respond yet being the slower one, your body suddenly shuts down; completely, the darkness consuming every inch of your being. The chains return, and suddenly it's like you've just died again.

    Time seems irrelevant. Space doesn't seem to exist. Existence, in essence, seemed to be suspended, nothing but a pitch blackness surround you. All you can see in your mind are the chains, and these chains suddenly grasp at your arms, then your legs and your torso. They grasp so tightly that you could've sworn your body was ready to be sliced apart. But alas, your eyes shoot open.

    A bright light strikes your eyes, and the scent of flowers is strong enough to pick up even after waking. The soft breeze seems to flick some of your hair over your face, which you quickly brush away with a stray hand. It's here where you scream.

    A large, bold chain pierces through the back of your hand, splitting into five smaller chains which pierce through your fingers. The chain retreats into your forearm, which then seems to run a few loops around the bone (you can feel this as you move the arm carefully) and it then pops out to enter your bicep. The pain of such a thing must've been enormous, but you can find no such pain as you continue to be awake. The pain was long gone.

    The sound of birds flying away frantically due to your scream earlier causes you to sit up, but this time, the pain in your chest is gone. The room you were within with Instigator was gone. Instigator seemed to be gone as well. Your clothing was messy, but it was enough to cover areas that needed to be covered; at least to you, you see.

    The chains seem isolated to your left arm; your naturally strong arm, from when you were alive last. These chains are pitch black, and don't seem to have any way of simply removing them with a pull or a tug. For now it seems, you've got a chained left arm which holds nothing but confusion in your mind. Moving the limb seems to tire you dearly, and it's energy you cannot afford to spend now. Sighing heavily, you begin to stand up a bit shaky upon legs which seem to have never moved for an age, but alas you find yourself walking, using the trees around you to navigate your way forwards, at least from where you sat up. Surely, there had to be another source of life out here. Surely, you'd not be alone in this crisis...
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  3. And honestly? I don't mind doing this in a small group, but perhaps separate routes will do the job also. I'm super excited, SQUEE~~
  4. CS
    Name; Daniel Marx
    Age; 22
    Gender; male
    Height; 6'2
    Nationality; Irish American.
    Accent; Very slight Irish accent.

    I am awesome
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Dark brown eyes, dark hair, tall and well built, not super muscular but muscles are defined. Beard as well and a few tattoos, one on his shoulder, one on his ribs and another on the back of his calf.

    [I am awesome [2]]
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  5. Thank you~ I'll have to start a conversation with you sometime within the next 8-16 hours; I am about to log off for the time being and I've got school. There's a few details we ought to discuss before proceeding.
    Thanks for taking the time to even read this. ^_^
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  6. No problem! I really like the idea. Talk to you later then.
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