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  1. Name: Lucy Lineger
    Human: 19
    Wolf: http://windycity.wdfiles.com/local--...Wolf-Brown.jpg

    Lucy wandered through the forest, hunting was normally good considering the Humans didn't really leave their cities anymore, well what was left of them anyways. She had aught a rabbit earlier, but because she was so good at what she did, hunting that is, she normally had too hunt for the rest of the clan, or at least part of it. She had been tracking a deer for some time, but there was something different about this deer, it was running..away from something. She knew that no other wolf had gone out hunting, but yet, humans never entered the forest. Lucy being a part human had occasionally went into the cities, when she needed a "Time out" but not for long, seeing as the humans were so bizarre to her, she could barely walk on her own too feet in the city, but humans did it all the time. Lucy felt pity for the humans though, they had practically killed themselves off, they had no one to depend on but themselves, and at that they were failing. Lucy shook her head to get her thoughts back together. 'Stop thinking about bull shit and hunt.' Lucy thought as she sniffed the air, smelled something dying, from the cold, perhaps. 'a kills a kill' Lucy forgot about the deer she had been tracking and soon found him, the boy that would change her life, lying there practically dead, cold and alone. Lucy felt her heart melt. she approached with cation and sniffed him, he smelled sick. Lucy licked his check softly to try to wake him.

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    I hope you don't mind if I use a drawn picture instead of a real human one. I don't have very many good ones as of now. Oh and the length was just fine, I am not a Nazi on anything like that. More than one sentence is appreciated though so I am glad you did that!

    Name: Amon Copperfield
    Age: 24
    Appearance: http://imgur.com/z7aFN

    Amon knew from the moment he had left his home settlement that it was a bad decision. If the fierce winter cold didn’t cause his death the lack of food and direction would. But he had no other choice but to leave or be hung for a crime he didn’t commit by a tyrant who ruled with an iron fist. But this was the way of life that humans had been degraded into ever since the Great War. So Amon dressed in his warmest clothes and armed with only an old Mosin Nagant shouldered his pack and headed off into the dreary snow with no destination in mind.

    It wasn’t long until Amon had finished off the last of his meager food supply. He had hoped to be able to find and kill an animal but it seemed that none were around long enough for him to get an accurate shot. The thought of starvation took a backseat in his mind when he began to come down with an illness something that he wasn’t prepared for and without the ability to stay warm from the cold he was looking at a slow but sure death. Soon the thought of hunger and death began to fade from his mind as he began to fall asleep in the snow, he almost felt warm again. That’s when he felt an odd sensation on his cheek, something wet and warm. It was something unnatural and it caused Amon back to the world around him startled to find a large wolf standing over him.

    Is this how it ends for me? Being eaten by a wolf? Amon thought to himself drearily as he quickly tried to think of a way to escape from the current situation. His rifle was too far away and he wouldn’t be fast enough, and a knife wouldn’t be enough to kill the wolf. Why hasn’t it killed me yet? Amon wondered confused. He had heard stories of the wolves beyond the walls; they were like dogs except larger and more ferocious with no mercy. But this one seemed almost friendly…

    “Well? What are you waiting for?”
    Amon attempted to sound gruff and threatening but due to his sick and weakened stat it came out quite meekly.
  3. Lucy was taken aback when the human spook, it was almost shocking how the human didn't run or try to stab her, not the stab would do anything but make her shift to human form and pull it out, she would heal quickly its the pain she would have to cope with. Lucy looked at the human, she didn't really want to scare him so she decided to speak to him through mental conversation...which would also scare him but, she didn't mean to kill him, her pack leader and killed a human once and brought it back, she tried it, she didn't care much for the favor, it tasted like dirt and blood really. "Listen human." Lucy said as she stepped back and sat down in the snow. "I have no reason to kill I was seeing if you were simply alive, I have no need for human meat, when the forest is full of better things, me question is." Lucy said as she stood back up and approached the human again and sniffed his face. "Why are you here?" Lucy didn't have much left to ask, at the moment, humans were known to avoid the woods, because of wolves, in the past year their size had doubled and so had their strength, so Lucy was quite abnormally large, considering she was also part human.
  4. As Amon lay in the snow waiting for the end with a thousand thoughts running through his mind one stood out from the rest. It was different, something he had never heard before. “Listen human. I have no reason to kill I was seeing if you were simply alive, I have no need for human meat, when the forest is full of better things.” At the same time as he heard the voice the large wolf stepped backwards and sat down looking at him. He didn’t understand what was going on. Was the hypothermia, lack of food and sickness causing him to hear voices now? It couldn’t possibly be the wolf that was talking to him because that would just be pure madness.
    Then the wolf stood and approached him again sniffing his face and then he heard the voice again. “Why are you here?” Amon began to question whether he was still alive or not, because this turn of events was so outlandish he had no other explanation for the current situation. Shifting uncomfortably in the snow Amon decided that if he was already dead then the afterlife wasn’t so bad.

    “I-I don’t know.” Amon answered timidly as he wasn’t sure if he was insane to be talking to a wild animal that appeared to be speaking to him in his mind.

    The truth was that Amon didn’t know what he was trying to do. He had almost lost the will to live in such a dreary world until this wolf gently tugged away from the edge of death, strengthening his will to live. “I’m trying to survive.” Amon responded his voice different this time. He sounded more powerful and sure of himself. He wasn’t about to give up now, and it was evident in his eyes as a fierce fire began to glow within them as he stared the wolf straight in her eyes.

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    Lucy backed away, feeling and sensing how scared he was. "Listen, your not dead so you don't have to think you are cause heaven is a lot better then this and hell is a lot worse. don't think people with think your crazy for talking to me, cause guess what, no one is here to see you, well us." Lucy backed away more and sat back down on the snow. "But I feel bad for you and I hear my pack " Off in the distance Lucy could hear her pack coming to look for her, Lucy and a place that she stayed at in the woods, a cabin of some sort, she figured she could take the human there until he was back to full health. "So get on my back and I'll take you some where were u wont die" Lucy turned her side towards the human and looked at him waiting...
  6. Amon looked off into the distance as he too heard what sounded like wolves calling for each other, and he doubted that he would be able to defend himself if anymore appeared. Relenting to the will of the wolf before him he slowly got to his feet. Slightly shaking from the cold and fatigue he moved towards the wolf and slowly mounted her. “I didn’t know that wolves could talk.” Amon said still unconvinced that he wasn’t insane. “I have heard stories about the dangers from beyond the wall. Why are you doing this? What do I call you? Why didn’t you just kill me?” Amon had dozens of questions just ready to flood out but he tried to restrain himself. He finished adjusting himself and then leaned forward resting his head against the back of the she wolfs neck as he wrapped his arms around the front of her neck. The warmth emanating from her body was a wondrous feeling. “So warm…” Amon trailed off as he rested.
  7. Lucy grunted as she was mounted. She had an urge to throw him off but resisted. "We can talk, I am doing this because I pity you, call me Lucy and for the same reason I am doing this. Now shut up and rest." Lucy left his mind and continued running towards the cabin which she occasionally lived in. Once they had arrived Lucy walked up the stairs and through the small door that was big enough only for her as a wolf to open, he turned the knob with her teeth. Rolling the boy off her back as she got too her couch, the fire was already lite form this morning s he should warm up. Lucy changed into a human and walked in her room to dress herself, seeing as she was currently naked, the boy was asleep so he would not see anything she got dressed and went back out by the fire. The boy would most likely be hungry when he awoke, sadly Lucy had no idea how to cook raw meat, so he would have to find food himself, she had some yes, but it all was raw. Instead she returned too her room and laid in her bed, falling asleep shortly after.
  8. A few hours later Amon woke with a start as he glanced around at his new surroundings. The last thing he remembered was talking to a wolf and then mounting her before passing out. “Was that all just one weird dream?” He questioned to himself as he moved upright on the couch. He still didn’t know exactly where he was and that made him curious to figure out where and why he was. The cabin was not extremely large and Amon had explored the entire place save for a bedroom. Gradually he opened the door and peaked inside. To his Surprise Amon found a woman laying on the bed. Did this woman save me? He wondered. “Excuse me, Miss?” Amon spoke gently not wanting to shake her roughly from her sleep. It had not even occurred to him that this woman was the wolf, Lucy. Slightly frustrated that the woman hadn’t stirred from her sleep Amon moved closer to the bed and laid a hand upon Lucys shoulder and softly shook her. “Hello? Where am I? Who are you?” He asked as he tried to wake her still using a gentle voice. Unfortunately his stomach had other plans as it let loose a sound like an atom bomb going off. With a look of shame on his face Amon realized how hungry he was.
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  9. Lucy laid asleep for to her what seemed like hours, when she heard the mans voice she ignored it, forgetting that he had only know her as a wolf, once she had been shaken, she slightly opened her eyes. she looked up at him and groaned. "You ask too many questions." Lucy swung ut of bed and yawned,like a dog,stretched and stood up, she was quite short compared to how tall people would think she was if they saw her in wolf form and knew she was also human. "You already know who I am, Lucy, and your at my cabin." Lucy walked out into the kitchen after hearing the mans stomach growl. "What is your name?" Lucy pulled out some met and set it on a plate, then walked over to the fire place and set it on the ground. "Whatever you want to eat, you can eat it, I don't care. But I am gonna warn you,I don't have any special cooking stuff so you are gonna have to find a way to cook it." Her kitchen was a normal one yes, it had a stove, a fridge and some cupboards, but a pan,spatula and forks a knives were no where to be found. Lucy waited for him to turn his back and the changed into a wolf again, her clothes fell off of her as she did, laying down in front of the fire place and begging to chew on her piece of meat.
  10. Amon wasn’t quite sure what he was hearing, it was hard for him to understand that this woman was claiming to be Lucy. Who also happened to have been a large wolf that found him in the middle of nowhere and then brought him to safety in her cabin. Lost in his thoughts he almost forgot to respond to her. “Oh, my name is Amon.” He replied as he watched her bring a piece of raw meat to the ground near the fire place. He was hungry enough that he was tempted to eat the meat even though it was raw.

    "Whatever you want to eat, you can eat it, I don't care. But I am gonna warn you,I don't have any special cooking stuff so you are gonna have to find a way to cook it."

    As soon as she mentioned that he could eat food Amon went to work trying to find something to eat. Searching through the cupboards he found most of them were empty and all he managed to acquire was a plate. He was not deterred though and began to search for something to eat, unfortunately all he could find was raw meat and more raw meat. Coming up from his search he questioned “Do you not ha-“, but stopped mid-sentence as he noticed a large wolf sitting in the living room and no trace of Lucy. That’s when he noticed that this wolf looked particularly familiar.

    “Lucy?” He queried curiously as he stared at the wolf. His fear was minimal this time as he felt as if he had a bond with the wolf, but it was something he wouldn't have been able to describe in words.
  11. Lucy continued to chew on the meat, until she hear her name, with a piece of eat slightly hanging out of her mouth she looked up at Amon. "what?" Lucy lifted her head quickly as too get the rest of the meat in her mouth, then licking her chops she tilted her head. "I told you, I don't have a way to cook it, there is raw meat in the fridge and if you really want a vegetable or whatever..I can go out and get you one....now stop looking at me like that. you acting like you have never heard the stories of werewolves before..." Lucy put her mouth back down on the meat and continued to pull apart and chew at the meat.
  12. "I have heard stories before but I figured that they were just fairy tales." Amon replied as he began to search for some type of metal stake and luckily he managed to find one and then proceeded to stab it through a large piece of meat. It was going to be his make shift way of cooking it over the fire. As he walked over towards Lucy he sat down next to her and positioned the metal stake over the fire so that it would begin to cook, unlike a wolf he preferred his food to be cooked at least a little. With the promise of food taken care of his focus shifted back to Lucy who he was sitting next to on the floor. He had never seen a live wolf before and the only thing he could compare them to would be dogs, but Lucy easily put any dog compared against her to shame. Her fur was a magnificent shade, and it had been very soft and warm. Even her eyes were brilliant compared against any living thing Amon could think of. "Why did you save me?" He asked her as ventured a hand near to her shoulders and then slowly placed it upon her brushing the fur with his palm. Lucy seemed friendly, but Amon was cautious as he didn't want to upset her.
  13. "well they are deffinatley NOT fairy tales." Lucy stopped chewing on her meat as she watched Amon stab his meat with a metal stake. Returning to chew on her meat which was almost gone, as Amon sat near her by the fire. She jumped slightly;y when she felt his touch, it sends electricity down her back, she had an urge to roll over, but resisted. "I saved you because nobody else would have, and I felt bad for you..." Lucy swallowed her last bite of meat and then moved the plate away from her with her nose. Unable to resist the urge anymore, Lucy rolled over onto her back. "I may be part human but my wolf instincts are still there." Lucy looked up at him and the way she was laying made it look like she was smiling. "why are you not afraid of me?" Smelling the meat begging to cook Lucy felt her mouth begin to water, but her brain said yuck.
  14. Amon slightly hunched over let out a sigh as he let his hands fall into his lap. He sat there staring at the meat for a while until he finally responded. “I am afraid of you. Though I feel as if you wouldn’t do all this to kill me later, but like you say you are part wild and wild animals are not predictable.” Letting out a small grunt Amon leaned forward and grasped the metal rod and pulled the meat from the flames. It wasn’t fully cooked but he was hungry from not eating for days. A silence fell over the cabin as Amon spent the next few minutes tearing at the meat and devouring it as quickly as he could work his mouth. Finished with his meal he tossed the metal stake back into the fire to let it burn itself clean. Already feeling as if he had over stayed his welcome he didn’t wish to be a burden upon anyone, let alone someone who deigned to save him. “I think you for saving me Lucy, but I don’t want to burden you any longer.” Amon bowed in gratitude, “If you could only direct me on a path to the nearest settlement I would be in your debt.” Amon knew deep down that if he left now he likely wouldn’t survive but his pride had finally healed itself and was shining through.
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    Lucy rolled back over , and watched as Amon ate his meat, what gross site. as he stood ready to leave Lucy couldn't help but chuckle on the inside. returning to her room and changing into her human self, and into clothing, she stepped out and smirked at Amon. "Listen, I know you think that you have to leave, but you don't, so calm your pride, I live her by myself and its not a bother, but if you insist to leave then leave, but I don;t know were the nearest settlement is considering how deep we are in the woods. If you do try to find your home however, you will die, out there, and quite quickly considering you just ate. us wolves can smell that kinda thing." Lucy chuckled, she did in fact know where the nearest settlement was, but Amon would have no clue how to get there, considering how easily you can get turned around in the woods. She also knew that her pack would be waiting for him, considering they could smell the food, just as well as she could, this was nto the first time that she had saved a human, and her pack usually let it slide, considering most of them left anyways and became a meal for the pack.
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    Hey don't worry about it! Glad you are okay and unharmed though.

    Also I was thinking that when we do get into contact with the wolf pack that perhaps we could each play an additional secondary temporary character? I was thinking perhaps the alpha male and then another female. Where the alpha male would want to kill Amon and the other female (Likely one that was equally as just slightly less powerful than Lucy) would want to take Amon as her own. Kind of as if both the alpha male and the other female wolf was jealous of the bond that was developing between the two?

    Amon abandoned his ideals of trekking off into the woods after he heard that Lucy didn’t know where the nearest human settlement was. He may have been prideful but he wouldn’t let it end his life.
    Amon moved away and sat down on the nearby couch, “Well then I guess I will just stay here with you for now.” He wasn’t sure how long he could stay with Lucy though, after all she wasn’t entirely human and he expected she would rather be with her own kind over a lost, lonely human. Looking up from the couch at Lucy he spoke “Wait, earlier you said I would die quickly because you wolves could smell the food. Does that mean they would kill me?” The thought of wolves killing and eating him brought a bit of fear and uncertainty back into the front of his mind. What if Lucy was actually just keeping him so she can eat him later? She said she wasn’t going to hurt him, but could he ever be sure?

    “What do you plan to do with me if I can never leave then Lucy?” Amon knew he couldn’t stay here forever. He wanted to be with people again, he craved it no matter how much he may try to appear to be okay as a loaner. Though being with Lucy seemed to lessen his anxiety, he felt almost as if she was all he might need to be happy.
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    Lucy couldnt help but laugh. "eat you! lets just say your not my type, yoo scrawny, you be used more as a chew toy then a meal, and if they were to find us then yes, so we might want to leave." Lucy trotted over a low hanger and pulled a deer skin cloak down and tossed it to Amon. "wear this, I dont know how long it ill take to return and that will keep you warm. Dont mind the smell, its mine." Lucy pawed the door open and walked out. "Stay here for a second." Lucy walked out and looked around sniffing the air for her pack, they knew of her humanness and they didnt mind it due to her rank and hunting skills. She retuned shortly and wagged her tail at Amon. "Come on, killer." Lucy chcukled and started walking toward the scent of humans.
  18. Tahvo recoiled a little bit when Lucy declared that he wouldn’t be anything more than a chew toy. The image conjured in his mind caused some fear to roil up inside of him before he shook it away. “Won’t they catch us though?” He trusted in her, but he couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if they were caught. As she tossed the cloak at him he took a curious sniff, it smelled a little musky but it had a kind of feminine smell and it brought a rush of blood to his face making him blush as he put it on.

    Waiting patiently he stood within her home. Wearing her clothing and he felt almost at home with her, the thought confused him. How could he live with a werewolf? Looking up at her as she called him a killer and told him to come with he walked towards her looking at his feet slightly. “You smell nice.” He complimented as he stepped outside with her. He didn’t know where she was going to lead him, or if she was even truly helping him. But deep down he felt as if she was someone truly special.