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  1. So after watching this video ,this brings up a alarming matter. Superbugs, as you know, can become dangerous while single antibiotic resistant bacteria aren't that much of a threat once the correct meds are given. However, with superbugs on the rise, I'm asking the idiotic brilliant mass of people on Iwaku what ideas might work to help stem this rise.

    I do have one suggestion. Quit fucking giving livestock antibiotics. Yes, meat is cheap, but is it really worth it to have a superbug that is resistant to so many types of medicines that it kills people before the proper one is found? Nope.

    Anyways, people of Iwaku, what ideas might help out?
  2. Soylent Grün ist der Mensch Fleisch
  3. *Translation*

    Soylent Green is man meat

    I have no clue what you mean.
  4. And this is how the zombie apocalypse starts. Good job!
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  5. Pretty sure the Fungus is going to do that first. Have fun trying to deal with that.
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  6. Who needs antibiotic cattle when we can just start eating people? :D
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  7. ...

    I hope you enjoy brain parasites then and other various diseases.
  8. I, for one, welcome our new zombie overlords.
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  9. Purge the Human race and they can't get sick.

    On a more serious note though:
    1. Finding a way to stop the anti-vaccine movement could help. The more immune the human race is, the less often we need to provide the anti-biotic's to start with.
    2. More GMO's. If put more necessary vitamins to food, people are more healthy and less likely to get sick to begin with.
    3. More Wii-Like video games. I'm serious, we're the generation where the "Go play sports!" mentality is dying and being replaced with Video games and Social media. If people find more engaging ways to make physical video games fun, it can also contribute to make people more healthy and as a result naturally more resistant.
    Not quite yet. There's a reason they get those anti-biotic's, without we'd have a serious disease and food poisoning problem on our hands. What we need to do is make it so animals are in better conditions so them taking such anti-biotic's won't be necessary.
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  10. Don't be a kiss ass. They don't understand that. Just chop off some fingers and toes to toss to them. That they can comprehend.
  11. Can I have some of yours, then? I need mine.
  12. I would very much like to be a sexy badass zombie in leather. Just saying.
  13. Sorry. You'll have to use your own. I plan on being one of the zombie overlords.
  14. God dammit, China.

    AND THIS IS WHY IF ANY OF YOUR FRIENDS TAKE ANTIBIOTICS, THEY SHOULD DO STRICTLY AND EXACTLY AS THE DOCTOR ORDERS! "But I feel better--" NO! Keep taking those damn antibiotics until the doctor says to stop! You clueless, vaccine denying fools!
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