Super Bowl - Patriots vs Seahawks

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  1. Who else is excited for the last ultimate game of the season?

    Who are you rooting for?

    I'm going for the Patriots.

    Not because I am obsessed with pretty boy Brady either.
  2. I would say the Patriots. But considering the massive amount of times when they've been accused of cheating in past seasons, it leaves the ground shaky.

    Wait. Why the fuck am I posting here? The Patriots and the Seahawks can go fornicate themselves with swordfish bills.

    Go Chiefs!
  3. People just hate on the team so much. Why so much hate?! :(
  4. Oh, not hate. The Patriots put on an excellent show and are an astounding team as they have proven time and time again. But the evidence piled against them dictates otherwise in some situations which doesn't help their image in the least.
  5. It should be the fuckin Packers vs Patriots >:[

    Fuckin Bostick...
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  6. Patriots just to piss off the Washingtonians that dare surround me.
    Than again, I also want the Seahawkss to win cause when I go down to CA, me and my family will completely wear all Seahawk things and not only piss off everyone down there but also my father.

    Either way, Win/Win for me xP
  7. Seahawks for the win!!!!!! Do you know the thrill I got when a freaking turtle said they were going to win last year? All throughout the night Im just shouting YES INTERCEPTION!!! SEA TURTLE KNOWS ALLL!!!!!
  8. *Holds up a Seahawk sign*
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  9. Seahawks.

    Why? Because fuck the Patriots. That's why. I've never liked them. Plus Brady just looks like a douche.

    Also, Seahawks have green in their uniforms and I like green.

    (Would have much rather have seen the Steelers in the Superbowl, but you can't always have what you want.)
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  10. Seahawks were lucky to win against the Packers. Pure freaking luck.
  11. Luck or not, they did. Honestly, if Greenbay would have won, I would be rooting for them (old highschool colors, and my second favorite team). I just do not like the Patriots at all.
  12. Seachickens are up there with the same disdain I hold for Raider fans.

    So... yea. Go Patriots.
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  13. Seahawks gon kick some patriots arse.
  14. I'm still wearing my Huston Oilers Jersey on the off chance that they manage to pull one out.
  15. I'm so sick of Packers' fans crying. Shut up already...

    Last year, the NFL came out and said a penalty call was missed during a FG attempt in the Chiefs/Chargers game [last reg. season game]. The penalty occurred on the last play of the game and could've changed the winner of that game. It also would've affected seeding and wild card teams. Bottom line: it's football; shit happens.

    Go Seahawks!

    Pete Carroll is a genius and the Legion of Boom are gonna handle the Pats. Seahawks by 5.
  16. Go Bruins! I hope you clear the bases against The Celtics and it's a clean game with no penalty kicks.
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    Also, I'm a Cowboys fan. So, I stopped caring long ago.
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  18. I think Seattle wins.

    Wish I could watch the game, but it's Monday morning here and I'm at work.
  19. Seahawks are gonna win in a clutch finale, just like with the Packers.

    But damn, it's gonna be one hell of a game.
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