Sūpāanimaru Ishō: Tales of Harmony

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Please enjoy this Mix of Ayumi while you read and write here! (Still works when Spoiler is Closed)

While this story is still in it's developing stages, I would like to hear everyone's added ideas to help make this story come true!

Basic Plot
A limited selection of children and teenagers were chosen due to their vivid imagination, a trait that
most people lack as they grow up into adulthood. Either they be previous friends or new people joining their lives, they now have one thing in common; Restoring Harmony to their Village while promoting Imagination.
Goddess Ayako is a hidden woman in the village in the guise of a Seamstress, who ends up visiting the children or teenagers asking them one simple question of; "If you could be any animal..." Upon answering, Ayako gifts the children a costume based on their answer. However when the children wear the costume, they see a world of light and beauty which is becoming faded due to darkness. On top of their new world hidden within their own, the children become their animal in some way with new strengths and weaknesses. The must work together to restore the Harmony of both worlds and help their village that suffers from the lack of imagination, gain it once more.

What do you guys think?

I'll release more information as questions are asked.

Game Play Features
-There will be limited spots for the characters.
-A whole village, school etc to explore.
-Possible Story Addition of World Travelling.
-Freedom to the Players to Create with Little to None Restrictions.

I will be editing this post as the day goes on.

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Imagination Hero
Dark Ones


Goddess Ayako is a Goddess hidden away in the mortal realm, located in Asuka Village, Nara, Japan. While she has lost her purest of forms, she still contains her unique beauty and the kindest of hearts. She has been under the guise of a Lonely Seamstress since elder's could remember, however none seem to notice how she never ages. Like a photo frozen in time. Goddess Ayako has the ability to craft any sort of clothing requested by the wearer and is claimed, that her handwork is blessed. When not sowing fabric together, she enjoys tending to a garden where an odd duck seem to reside. She is considered the Goddess of Imagination and Creativity and is sometimes known as "The Child of Color". Ayako desperately seeks the aid of those with vivid imaginations to help her restore Harmony of Asuka and let others relive the period of Imagination.

The "Darkness" is the simple term used to describe the spreading problem of Asuka and world wide. This epidemic has no true name as of yet, and can only be seen when the players have their costumes on. To anyone who does not have these special costumes, are unable to see the darkness unless it grows too powerful. The darkness is generally controlled by teenagers or young adults, who has little to know imagination and a very dull outlook on life. Asuka has specifically three of these dull thinking characters controlling the darkness that is taking over Asuka.

(No name given to them as of yet.)

The Dark Ones are the characters that have lost their sense of imagination and see things in the darkest, cruelest of ways. These characters can only be seen in their true forms when the hero(s) have their costumes on. When the costume is not on, these can appear as ordinary people living an 'ordinary' life or cannot be seen at all depending on their severity. Looking into the world of light that has been hidden in the mortal world, these characters can only be seen as black and white figures.

Dark Ones of Asuka

Lady of Sorrow
This dark one is based on the idea that life is an eternal sorrow. They can seem overly depressed or have no desire to live. How the player creates this character is up to them.

Man Without a Heart
This dark one is based on the idea that every lover is nothing more than a game. Family is just a curse and no care could be given to the things around them. The can seem aggressive, a loner, or a straight up A*Hole. How the player create this character is up to them.

One of Madness
This dark one is based on the idea that everything comes with a price, and their life was that price. How the player create this character is up to them.
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