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  1. The SUPA Defense Agency, A secret organization that protects the world from Supernatural and Paranormal threats such as Demonic, Mythical and other strange and unnatural things. SUPA has member that came from all over the world. SUPA employees men and women who talents or powers can assist the Agency. You are now being offered the chance to join them, Will you fight to defend humanity or let evil prey on us.

    SUPA Defense Agency


    This place is only able to be seen by people that know that it is there. Most people just naturally avoid the place. The Agency has labs dedicated to researching creatures and development of tools to help agents fight. Agent do more then just mindlessly fight but also gather information when needed by doing recon or even going undercover. The Agency has a cafeteria hall, Gym, Sparing room and more. The Agency tries it's best to accommodate it's Agents.

    1. All Iwaku Rules Apply
    2. No out of control Fighting in chat.
    3. Swearing and all that good old Adult stuff allowed but cut to black at sex scenes.
    4. No killing another players character without permission.
    5. 1 paragraph minimum
    6. No one liners.
    7. And of course no GMing.
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  2. Notes


    Full Blood Humans - Field agents have the ability to use chi and is able to increase there physical abilities. They can use all types of weapons.

    Cambions - Are vastly stronger then full blood humans that aren't utilizing Chi. Cambions can't use Holy weapons and are weak against them. They are free to utilize any other weapon. Demon weapons take the least toll on them.

    Nephilim - They like Cambions are stronger then a normal humans. Being the opposite of a Cambion they can't use Demonic weapons and are very effective against them. They are free to use any other weapon.

    Half-Blood Monster - These Half-Bloods depend on race they are mixed with. They tend to be a diluted version of there monster bloodline. These people can't use Holy and demonic weapons. They are free to use any other weapon.

    Mages - Mages are normally not physically strong but can use magic. They are able to use two-three types of magic. If a mage uses Life, Darkness or Light magic then they are only able to use 2 types Mages either use Staff, Wand or jewelry(Normally Rings) to conduct there mana and use magic.

    Mana and it's applications

    Mana - Mana is a special energy that allows the people who utilize it to create, Summon and Manipulate things. Overuse of mana can cause fatigue.

    Chi - Chi is the natural energy in living things which is Mana but the technique itself is called Chi. It can be use to increase the physical abilities of the body and sense things around them by expanding there Aura. It can even be use to hard things by coating it with Chi. Overuse of Chi will cause fatigue.

    Magic - Most magic is related to a element such as Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Lighting, Sound, Light, Darkness, Life and Special. Special is a strange fusion of magics like Necromancy that fuses Life and Darkness. The greater the magic there more mana used like maintaining a Summon.

    Magic Elements and Summon

    Fire -The power to control or create Fire and it's properties. More complex the magic the more mana used.

    Water - The power to control or create Water and it's properties. More complex the magic the more mana used.

    Wind - The power to control or create Wind and it's properties. More complex the magic the more mana used.

    Earth - The power to control or create earth and it's properties. More complex the magic the more mana used.

    Lighting - The power to control or create lighting and it's properties. More complex the magic the more mana used.

    Light - The power to control or create light and it's properties. More complex the magic the more mana used.

    Life - The power to control or create Life and it properties. More complex the magic the more mana used. Life can heal, control animals and plants. Expert in Life magic can create a creature but like summoning magic mana is use to sustain it.

    Darkness - The power to control or create Darkness and it's properties. More complex the magic the more mana used.

    Special - Special is the fusion of magic and can create special magic like Necromancy, Magnetism, Lava, Etc.


    Enchanted Weapon - This weapon uses magic and able to use one element except Light, Darkness and Life. A Weapon that uses special can have a strange abilities. This weapon drain mana slowly. Special enchanted weapons drain mana quicker.

    Holy Weapon - They are effective against Demons and evil creatures like vampires. Holy weapons uses a holy version of all magic except Darkness and Special. Holy weapons drain mana quicker then enchanted weapons but are stronger.

    Demon Weapon - Demon weapons are effective against Angelic beings and are extremely powerful. They can use a dark type of magic of all elements except life and light. Demon weapons drain not only mana but even life force. Overuse will kill you.

    Weapons: I should have to explain what a normal weapon without magic can do.

    Character Sheet





    Race: (Full-blood Human, Cambion, Nephilim, Half-blood Monster, Mage)

    Years with Agency:

    Personality: (5 descriptive words)

    History: (At least 2 paragraphs)

    Weapon or Magic: (Enchanted Weapon, Holy Weapon Demonic Weapon, Magic, Normal Weapon)

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  3. Hello! I hope this is alright ^^

    Emilia Rosalind Willis

    "You could just call me Em, most people do."

    Emilia has layered brown hair that reaches just above her shoulders. She doesn't have bangs but at times, the shorter strands of her hair would fall onto her face, covering her hazel colored eyes. She's petite, standing only at the height of 5'3 with a slim physique. She isn't muscled or toned, but she's fit due to her daily morning jogs. Her favorite attire is a white blouse underneath a cardigan that a mixture of red, black and grey. She's rarely seen in a skirt or shorts, often opting to wear jeans with her favorite black combat boots.

    "I was born on a dark and stormy night last December 1st 1993. Just kidding. About the dark and stormy night thing, but the date is the real deal."

    "I'm a girl. Isn't it obvious enough? I will smack you if you say no."


    "I'm a half-blood monster, apparently. It might've been cool, if it didn't freak me out the first time."

    Years with Agency:
    "Been here for about seven months. It's a pretty cool job."

    Emilia is viewed by many as having a bubbly personality and an optimistic mindset. Once she sets her mind onto doing something, she will dedicate time and effort to achieving her goal. "Nothing's impossible with a little bit of determination." When she meets new people, it's as if she's walking on egg shells despite her easy going smile. She's careful in what she says and prefers to observe before deciding which part of her personality to show. Showing only what people would want to see and saying what they would want to hear has become a habit for her, having done so ever since she was a child. She's playful, childish and sometimes, flirtatious - especially if she knows it'll make them embarrassed, but only to a select few whom she feels comfortable being just herself. Her level of confidence in her own abilities is low, and she rarely ever trusts herself to make the right decisions - hence her indecisiveness - especially when it includes others. Letting others down and failing is a greater fear than losing her life.

    "But of course I won't say that out loud. 'Cause people'll just comfort me with lies, and I've had just about enough of those." In her mind, comforting words and compliments are just things people will say out of friendliness. Besides that, she dislikes attention. She uses sarcasm and playful teasing in order to hide away her insecurities and emotions. There are times when she snaps at people, revealing her anger and emotions, but then she'll play it off as a joke. Sometimes, it's difficult to tell if she's being honest or not. Even if she does her best to help others, she accept nor ask for help when she has troubles, preferring to solve them on her own. "How'll others rely on my help, if I can't even help myself?"

    "We were the image of a perfect family. But an image is just an image, it's a far cry from the truth."

    Emilia's family consisted of four, her parents and an older brother. Her father was a wealthy businessman with companies all over the globe. Meanwhile her mother was a housewife. Their family was what many would strive to have. First, a beautiful and loving woman, wife to a man with a heart of gold that cared for his son and daughter, despite the fact that she was not his. Second, two children, Emilia and Elijah, who were often at the top of their class. Emilia had a talent for sports, especially track, and Elijah was musically inclined. They lived in a large home in the wealthy side of town and whenever people would see them whether in person or magazines and whatnot, they would see the four of them smiling as if it was the best day of their lives.

    "Life is like reading fairy tales and believing in a happy ending when in reality, it doesn't exist."

    Despite what many thought, the Wilis family was the opposite of perfect. The first misconception was the loving relationship between husband and wife. Her father would often arrive home early morning, and at first Emilia thought it was due to work but as she grew older, she pieced it together as her father having an affair. Her mother's drinking habits were her first hint and her second was when she was at his office and saw how close he was with one of his staff. When she asked her mother about it, her mother simply answered that it was alright because he still provided for them and she was in no position to question the man especially after her own supposed affair with a look alike of James Wilis, her husband. Unfortunately, her brother learned from their father's ideals and treated their mother with a lack of respect. Her relationship with Elijah was often shaky, there were times when he insulted her while there were times when they civil.

    "It was stupid of me to think that I could have my father's love if I succeeded. I was just deluding myself."

    The second misconception was that Mr. Wilis loved Emilia. Ever since she was a child, she was constantly told how she was supposed to act. She followed what her father told her, thinking it would make him happy and perhaps, spend more time with her. She did her best to achieve good grades, and one time, she even got better grades than her brother. But that didn't make her father proud but rather, just angry. Ever since then, she still did her best but made sure she was never greater than her brother. She grew up unsure of herself and alongside stress from school as well as her father's constant harsh words, she ended learning from her mother on how to cope.

    "She was right, nothing like good drink to drown everything out. Temporary, but better than nothing."

    It started out as a few drinks but as life progressed, so did her drinking habits. In a rush to get to college and leave her home - without ruining her father's 'good dad' reputation - she rushed her way through school. She graduated high school a year earlier than most and went to the farthest college possible. During her college years, a friend often brought her to a shooting range. It was a great way to release stress and she found herself practicing how to shoot during her free time, whether she was alone or with her friend. During college, she also worked part time in a bar and got a full time job once she graduated.

    "I don't contact my family anymore. But being a bartender, I hear things."

    It wasn't a job that her father agreed with but then again, her father never agreed with anything she does. As someone who started drinking when she was young, as well as someone who's an expert at giving out smiles, customers often came to talk to her. There was an overload of new information every night, although she never really cared about the topic since she never found a reason to other than use it to talk. It was until eight months ago that she accidentally found out she could shape shift.

    "It was some really freaky stuff. I mean, one second I'm me and then poof, I'm not me. Well, I am, but I don't look like myself. Does that even make sense?"

    It was when she was on her way back to her apartment eight months ago that she bumped into a beautiful young woman who had long beautiful blond hair who seemed quite happy. As Emilia walked away, she couldn't help but think for a moment on how she wished she could look as happy as the girl. Unbeknownst to her that she changed and actually looked like the girl, not in expression but in her whole body. She didn't notice it on her walk home due to fatigue but when she got home, she saw her reflection on the mirror and was quite shocked. Well, shocked isn't really enough to cover what she felt. The first thought that came to mind was that she was imagining things considering that when she woke the next morning, she appeared as herself again, the usual brown hair and whatnot.

    "I thought I was imagining things but then it happened two more times and yeah, I thought I was crazy but then this person approached me and told me about an organization, magical creatures and stuff like that. Asked me if I wanted to join and I thought, sure why not? Not like I have much in my future plans."

    Weapon or Magic:
    "Just a normal weapon. Usually a gun. Wouldn't want to use an enchanted weapon and accidentally turn myself into a frog. Not that it does that, I think?"


  4. Just wondering, could I play one of the researchers talked about in the overview?
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