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  1. Im the mad hater. im a 16 year old that loves zombes !!!!! ;):drunk::bananaman::bsmile:
  2. Hey Taty its Sean :P
  3. Hi there Hatter, welcome to the site! :D
  4. So many new members @_@. This is a good thing.. Welcome! If you have any questions feel free to ask me.
  5. Shush you Hope
  6. Shush? u_u; .. What did I do? >_>;
  7. I'm just kidding
  8. Ah okay! :)
  9. ^W^ hello welcome you can see you are some lively fock by thoughs last two posts and hope we can rp some time
  10. i want to start a story.
  11. Sean can you help me with it cuz i want to make you a talking robot bear.:glassesrose::bsmile:
  12. We'll see but im actually studying right now o3o
  13. Sean
    This is a guy that is one of a kind and that if you have the opportunity, you should snatch him up. He's had a past that is both long and hard but he makes the best out of what he has. He's funny and he speaks his mind. This means he can piss people off easily but he always has them laughing ten seconds later about the same thing. He's loving and affectionate though he tries not to show it. Even though he says being romantic is too much effort, he is a romantic type of guy. He keeps his emotions to himself until you get to really know him, though he doesn't like people really getting to know him. He's not a god send and he's not perfect but he's close in his own way. He's someone that you don't know you've fallen for until you already have. He's one of the best things you'll ever have and keeping him is what you should do if you ever get him.