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  1. Yo. I'm Kestrel, long-time roleplayer and evil GM. Been roleplaying play by post for seven years or so, pre-dominantly on roleplayerguild. I signed up for this site because I felt it was time to try and branch out a bit, try out a new community, experiment with different set-up's, etc. So yeah, we'll see how that goes. Good times.

    I'm pretty flexible in terms of RP's and have roleplayed a whole different bunch of things, going from sci-fi to fantasy and back. I like to vary my characters (hell, I played a hipster put in an octo-dog body), though I do have a weak spot for flamboyant rogues and femmes fatale. Chaotic neutral is kinda my game. Like mentioned before, I have a good chunk of GM'ing experience under my belt, which I'm probably going to put to the test at one point or another over here.

    Now since you guys got it stickied and all, I probably best fill out the survey;

    What do you prefer to be called?
    Kestrel, but you may flatter me otherwise.

    Boy, girl, or a mystery?
    I'd like to say mystery, but my beard gives it away.

    How old are you?
    Quarter a century. I'm guessing about fifteen years away from my mid-life crisis.

    Are you new to the site but not to roleplaying?
    That's right. Long gone, fallen to the dark side, etc. I've come to raise yet another army to assist me in my conquest for interstellar domination. We don't have dental and you'll share a bunker, but if you enlist today, the survival rate of your loved ones in a Kestrel-ruled universe will be upped to a whopping thirty percent!

    Do you like group Roleplays or just a single partner?

    While I'm far, far more experienced with group roleplay, I don't mind a 1x1 every now and then.

    Do you like running through grassy meadows or sitting under the cherry blossoms?
    Depends on the weather, but I do enjoy sitting while making people run for me.

    SING IT OUT LOUD! What song is tormenting your mind?
    And now it's tormenting yours...

    Other than that, well, I'm Dutch (so will be either ecstatic or depressed depending on the results versus Costa Rica later today) but I am also an avid traveller and pretty determined to see the better part of the world. I game, I cook, I read, I pretend to know things about science and outside of what the survey may suggest, I actually enjoy a good bit of music with tastes ranging from jazz to metal and classic to deep house. So yeah there's that.

    Well, enough about me. Tell me about the community here. What's it like? What kind of roleplays do you like? What is your greatest and most exploitable weakness? Let's hear it.
  2. Hello.
    I welcome you to the world of Iwaku.
    For now, this place has it all.
    All types of role playing as they are divided in categories.
    As I am sure you find out already.

    They are some really GOOD role players around here.
    Others are just Beginning, mostly in the end becoming better, I suppose ^^

    However, as for myself, I like the other side of the fence for now.
    Along with the Zombie Apocalypse, Mature Area trying to survive this damn world.

    Overall, everyone is nice around here, plenty stuff to do and many Interesting plots.

    Enjoy your stay, check the Horror section and the Jump in Area for a quick look, maybe something stirs your interest.

    Disappears into the library, munching marshmallows.

    Tiger Power! Raaawrr ~
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  3. Hellooo~

    Welcome to Iwaku!

    Personally, I'm a big fan of Mysteries, Romance, Fantasy, and action.
    I've yet to meet anyone rude here, and I'm hoping it stays that way. For you as well!

    Enjoy your stay! c:
  4. Cheers for the welcoming messages.
    Hah, so I see. I've not done a lot of zombie apocalypse games, well, besides a parody one. I called it Love, Taxes and How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse. I'm still not sure how I feel about that. I blame Shaun of the Dead. If you're into the zombie-genre and haven't seen it yet, it might give you a good laugh.

    I'll admit jump-in isn't for me. I'm a bit too laidback in my posting frequency to function in those kinda RP's properly ;p I gather the horror section is pretty new?

    Hah, right there with you. Also is that Shingeki no Kyojin (I actually typed that right on my first try!) I spy in your signature? It's pretty sad there hasn't been an announcement for a second season yet, though it would be a hell of a ride if I'm to believe the manga.
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  5. First time I saw Shaun of the Dead made me laugh badly. It was my very first zombie movie and since then I just really like zombie movies. Fallowed by The Walking dead now.;)

    So, enjoy your stay.^^
  6. Greeting Kestrel, It's wonderful to meet you. Iwaku has many things to offer you.

    We have a Blog section where members mostly like to archive their Posts or characters of share some of their daily feelings.

    We have Chat rooms to role play in and in the cbox just to hang out and meet some of our friendly members.

    We have a General Chat Forum where members come together to debate, discuss, take random quizzes, or share random internet finds, some days this forum can prove rather fun and educational and laid back.

    We also provide special features to help practice the skills of writing and some of our member are even traditional or digital artists, You can check out some resources in the Roleplay Institute, practice your creative skills in the Creative Challenges forum, Practice developing worlds for your characters in the Worldbuilding Guild, or come and share your writing or art work with us in the Writing & Art Musuem that now features The character portait shop and the W.A.M Society thread.
    If you are having a rough day and need to vent a little we also have a Counseling forum for those rougher days when we need a boost or tiny release of words.
    Board games to play with other members of Iwaku.

    if you need any help with the site or finding your way around, feel free to start a conversation or drop a message on the profiles of any one of our Staff Members.

    Thank you and again, Welcome to the community!

    Fijo <3[/URL]
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  7. Oh! P.S. here is our BB codes for when you want to pretty up your posts ^_^
  8. Hah, yeah, I found that when I was looking to see what options I had. Though the wysiwyg editor as a default is a bit off-putting, having tables, spoilers, image-alignment and plain text gets you an approval stamp in my book!
  9. Hi there Kestral, welcome to the site! >:3

    I will never tell you my greatest weakness! O_O Never! Vay already exploits it everyday!
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  10. That just bought you some time. Oh well. Lessee if this Vay person responds well to bribes...

    Cheers for the welcome though. Not hard feelings, right? ;)
  11. ANOTHER POTENTIALLY AWESOME DUTCHMAN!!!!! GOD DAMMIT I NEED TO PUT MY LAZY NORSK ARSE TO WORK >.< the languages are pretty similar... but... effort...

    *sobs despondently*

    Ahem. I'm very excited to see you around as fantasy and sci-fi are both popular genres on the Hel List.

    I, however, am definitely more of a horror aficionado (don't even know if I used that word in the correct context), but I can't turn down a good plot when I see one. Either way, I'm probably going to see you around you I would highly encourage you to prepare for anus for a blast of crazy coming from yours truly :)
  12. Friend of mine says North Germanic languages are like speaking Frisian (pretty much a provincial dialect at this point) with a mouthful of yoghurt. If that accounts for anything, I think it's difficult for the both of us :P

    If you're looking for something that combines sci-fi and fantasy, check out the link in my sig. I'm trying to start an RP based in a virtual reality video-game that features a bunch of exploration and IC world-building (your actions will help create the world we all play in). If that's your thing, consider me prepared for your 'blast of crazy' :D [/shameless advertisement]
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